Overlay Your Text Messages with Floating Texts — Android App Review

There are a bunch of reports out there that say the more people text than call anymore. Go anywhere in public and you will see everyone staring at their phones. We spend a lot of time consuming media on our devices and sometimes we would like to be able to read and reply to our messages without leaving our Netflix-Hulu-HBOGo time suck.

XDA Forum Member manuja95 offers a new messaging option that will float your text over your current window. In this video XDA Developer TV Producer TK reviews Floating Text. TK shows off the application, its use, functionality and talks about his thoughts of the application. So check out this app review.

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TK’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/tkdsl8655
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AdrianMobil says:

Show us what do you use for your screensaver on S4, i like the “XDA” rolling on your phone screen

mauriciobentz says:

Love your choice of apps, love the reviews, thanks keep up the good work!

TK Bay says:

you are correct, the theme needs work, but the main thing is that the dev is working on making look better. when I started to the do the video the holo colors were just added 10 minutes before I started. So hope he takes note of the comments here and makes it even better. thank you

TK Bay says:

no it does not stop the video, you can respond and the video plays in the background.

TK Bay says:

you can try ninja sms, they have a free version on the play store.

NedTheDread says:

A whole lot of people do, look anywhere around you in a public place…

Fvu31 says:

I use Ninja SMS…

Daniel Lo Nigro says:

SMS Popup does the exact same thing and looks nicer.

tupacpsp says:

Who uses txt messages anymore?

Nice video,

Butch Parkes says:

Is there another option than this app because go SMS always stops my videos

TK Bay says:

do you have any other third party text messaging apps ? and is floating texts turned on ?

Nolan Seibel says:

Good functionality, assuming you aren’t on any of the major custom roms. The major custom roms have quick reply built into the text notifications of the stock messaging app which allow you to open the reply window at your own discretion.

P.s. The app looks like crap.

Johnny Carmona says:

I would love an app like this that works with receiving texts through google voice

Andrew Velez says:

It’s not working on my S4. I sent myself a message via TEXTRA and I do not receive any pop ups from FLOATING TEXTS.
What’s going wrong?

Vipul Jain says:

That XDA screensaver on the phone on the desk.. XD

Frans says:

yeah great idea! maybe I can tweak around the app then ask permission to the devs.

Tou Yang says:

holo dark side, you must go….

randie kie says:

Highly recommend checking out glowfly. Loads of customization options with additional extensions & very intuitive. Ninja SMS is also a nice alternative for the floating feature.

Sour Shin says:

Works pretty darn ok

MrVankog says:

hm, Go SMS does this since…. ever? 😉

Marvin Klein says:

great app, but if i had the choice i would choose HALO from AOSPA for notifications and messages as a floating app kind of thing because you get the full application just in a smaller window. for me kinda useless but great for everyone who hasn’t got HALO 🙂

Devon Farley says:

Sweet! Xposed!

Dawn Pakundo says:

Thank you I’ll try this now.

Joe Joo says:

Paranoid Android – Halo?

NedTheDread says:

My only question is, does it pause a youtube video?
I have used a bunch of pop-up overlay style SMS apps, and they all pause the video, which can be annoying if you want it to continue playing and not respond to the messages.

soup06 says:

I just use handcent.

bahrta sai says:

sliding messaging has a popup that shows multiple threads. when you click on it it shows a window windowed version of the app like halo but without root.

Javier Benites says:

More of these videos 🙂

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