SMS Backup+ Android App Review

Widely regarded as the best way to backup and restore your text messages.

WhatsApp backup seems to have broken since they change the encryption on their message archive in March. This app can convert it and enable backup again –


TechLoverSam says:

Hey your video is good..
I’m selling my android phone and I want all my messages in my new phone…
Can this app work to get my all messages????
Plz tell..

Clara Assheton-Blair says:


I don’t know why, but the app doesn’t connect to my Gmail account. When I press connect, it asks me if I want to connect to my account, so i press on my email account, but then nothing happens and it goes back to the app’s homepage…

AndroidAndyUK says:

As I said, for me it will just be the last 100 or so, as there might be some info in there I still need to reference. Maybe me and some friends are arranging a meetup at the weekend and details have been text to me.

Also, as they are stored in Gmail, they are easilt searched, so sometimes you need to get info from a few months back,

mygalmo says:

Andy, this was fantastic and worked just fine as far as backing everything up to Gmail. However, I would like to know if there is a desktop app for android. It would be nice to have something like that as it would be more personal, easier to access, and private as well. Would also be nice if we could just access the actual DB file via USB and copy/transfer to newer phones. Any thoughts? Thanks again!

Michael Payton says:

Excellent app my friend. I don’t recommend lots of software unless I use it and abuse it. And this has certainly worked flawlessly on my Galaxy S II. Many thanks!

xoWhitneyyxo says:

Worked nicely, until I got a Samsung Galaxy S3 today.. for some odd reason the text messages are also being added to my call log. Any idea how to fix this? thanks for your help 🙂

xoWhitneyyxo says:

not sure what the problem is but for some reason with this new update my call logs are not registering at all >.<

eddiefara says:

Interesting app! Why do you want to keep your messages?

Andrew Boknecht says:
AndroidAndyUK says:

What would you need a desktop app for? You can access your messages through a browser in Gmail. Also, this app allows you to backup all messages and then restore them to a new phone. That’s kinda the point 🙂

hi808ih says:

This app isn’t working for me 🙁 Or maybe I’m not using it properly. After I backup my texts, I don’t get an email. What gives? Samsung Galaxy S4. I’ve searched through my labels for “SMS” but still nothing.

nonua bisnus says:

i don’t want to backup my messages to gmail, i want to backup to my sd card, because i like installing new operating systems on my phone when they come out, I’m sorry, but it’s not 100% necessary for an android device to have a gmail account, unlike iphones and iTunes, man i hate iPhone.

LucklessCope says:

Great! I was looking for some way to transfer logs/sms from my old Galaxy S2 to HTC One

AndroidAndyUK says:

Sorry, I don’t know what that would be. The SMS+ app is asking for a city, or something else in the phone is, now that sync is working?

Michael Payton says:

I get tons of text messages from my customers and unfortunately I have a Rom flashing addiction well. This makes perfect sense to add them to your Gmail account which is 10GB of data and plenty of room for them. With your app I can easily restore them after a new rom flash like AOKP 4.2.1 update.

AndroidAndyUK says:

Yes, kind of. It puts an ‘SMS’ label on them and can skip the inbox, so they’re effectively just stored in a searchable folder

Casey S says:

Great video and helpful. Do you happen to know if i switch to a new android phone will it restore my texts to the new phone?

Mats Westholm says:

Very good app and a nice presentation of how to use it 🙂

AndroidAndyUK says:

Yes. That’s what this app does 🙂

Loyalty Over Royalty says:

I love this app very much

Abraham says:

Why does it do 100 messages per thread? Like it doesn’t put all my messages in 1 thread when I back it up to my Gmail

Vicente Jiménez says:

Very good app, thanks

AndroidAndyUK says:

Have you double checked in the apps settings that it is to use SMS as the label? What does the app do when you press to backup? Does it look like it’s working? Does it say messages are backed up?

abc def says:

it has backup my sms but not im not receciving my call log….i have reinstallied it but still no luck

AndroidAndyUK says:

Try either uninstalling and installing again, or going in to App manager and clear data and cache and try again.

Andrew Boknecht says:

I love. you

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