Hey guys and welcome to the creepy text message chat app called MyDol. With this app, you can talk to your favourite K-pop stars. Apart from, they aren’t real. They are AI who learn by speaking to humans. It’s can get scary and weird sometimes…

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Desperately wanted to answer to star’s message such as ‘Are you sleeping?’ ? You don’t have to feel sad anymore! Enjoy virtual chat with your star through Mydol Talk function~

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Krysha Caburnay says:


Emily Arevalo says:


Kenzie Sladden says:


Jesslyn Sandy says:



I continued watching even if i hate BTS. Well, at least yammy had fun….wait did she?????? Lol i love how yammy said thats nice mr bts man xd

Teddy Bella Me says:

I have this app

MythicalUnicorn Playz says:

Omg I love BTS my bias is j hope

Quiet Wolfie says:

Nah dis not real

lunner eclipse says:

It is bts whyyyyyyyyy no hate i just dont really like bts

SunShine Tae says:

Am I the only one who doesn’t get creepy messages?

Nam sung hyo -Koop- says:

This is not real :c

Arturo Arellano says:

Give me bts number plz

Habiba Hossam says:

I’m downloading this app wish me luck people

Baekhyuns Cookie says:

Guys this isn’t creepy!
Its fucking roleplay!

Lets Be Bts Trash Together says:

Jungkook: Don’t you look at anyone else
Yammy: Does that mean?

Basically BTS has gotten questions about their ideal type and their future girlfriend/wife and has said that they wan’t someone that won’t look at anyone else while with them. I don’t know if that’s what this Jungkook Bot is referencing but that’s all I could think of

Flamingo girl says:

Oh goodness jungkook guy person is so creepy he gave me the chills

Kookii - says:

wish i had jungkook’s number lol

Ann Burks says:

B-but hes my bias aka crush hes from bts køøkie why do you do this to me wae?!?

Sophia Salinas says:

I saw JUNGKOOK on the thumnail so I clicked on it JUNGKOOK ♥️

Dwi Hartatik says:

I like v

Lily Kate says:

Just saying that Jungkook is not like dat, dont hate senpai, hate the faker xD

Quiet Wolfie says:

This isnt real!!!! IS IT?

Alexandra The Cat Lady says:

1.Junkook can’t even speak English very well.
2. 8:29 HE DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THAT!(i don’t think)

Zaïra Audureau says:

Omg that is dts junkook

Yammy says:

Who saw this on Shane Dawsons channel?

Alyssa Burgess says:

My bias is kookie too

Zefanya Ly says:

It’s Videos that application lies I don’t Think the whole thing

DerpyPusheen890 GD AND MORE says:


Quiet Wolfie says:

Plus. JK cant realy speak english

Lihtsalt Aleksandra says:

…WOW O-o So many BTS fans in the comment section.

Btw I am an ARMY <3

Lydia. Xo says:

sorry I came because I saw Jungkook in the thumbnail… <3

Meowkii~Sama says:

I couldn’t get my bot to send me anything creepy lmao

friska -_- says:


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