Telegram secure instant messaging app review

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Ever since the NSA snooping on our every line of communication became known, a new breed of apps has emerged, focused on security and encryption. The Telegram instant messaging application is one cross-platform newcomer to this space, offering snoop-free communication with self-destructing messages, but also focusing on the speed of delivery…


Manaf -11 says:

انزين طيب طيب 

Wilson León Fernández says:

I don’t like his videos and his voice less. I prefer John 😉

Leo lee says:

Thanks for actually good journalism.But CoverMe private messaging has more feature for privacy.

Tona Miranda says:

Yeah … The emoticos are the same cause all images an emoticons are free !!!

Abel Guzman says:

Oh the sexting people can do with this

Fahem zoldyck says:

I wonder , What accent is that

Josh Powell says:

Best app. K?

sheek1982 says:

Looks like a “WHATSAPP” rip off. The user interface, emotes etc even looks the same.

Osama Dakhil says:

Yes it’s good … Actually the best and fastest messaging app I have ever experienced on android

Wildtwinviking says:

Looks like a good app, but tbh I don’t give even half a penny about self-destructing messages, nothing can be deleted once it is created, best thing to deletion is a very very very corrupted file, that shows next to nothing.

Mike Trieu says:

FFS, when will people realize that the whole “self-destructing messages” thing is totally futile?

Tona Miranda says:

Im using the app !!!
Lets make groups all around the world …
All content is safe !!

Able Simhalan says:

Its been 3 years. Telegram have been updated a lot since then. It even got End to end encrypted calls . Could you do another video on Telegram ?

Tona Miranda says:

Music … Movies !!!
Music .. Music ….!!!!

PsBoy96 says:

Pretty good review.

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