Text messages of my STALKER! (Hooked) | Mystery Gaming

So scary!! Someone is trying to stalk me and kill me? And my Dad is absolutely NO HELP! Leave a comment for more games I should play!
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Gianna Moniz says:

this scares me me so much

Brawl with Andrew says:

It’s so hard to type with one hand

AsparaGoose says:

i’m at like 1/2 way thru and i think the monster is the dad lemme see if i’m rightj

Kinsley Scoma says:

I had milk and pizza while I was watching this so I wouldn’t get scared

Nicolette and LuLu Cuartas says:

Honestly I would be screaming like her

Aliitasi Talia says:

Your so loud

Sammy WolfGamer says:

This is like the dont look away video

CapitaL Daep says:

Sub time I will sub back with 5 accounts

TheDutchYoutubers TDY Games says:

Rip headphones users

I have really great Lower body for a 12 year old says:

Listen to me very carefully

hann and livo says:


James Luckett says:

Did you die?

vamp and wolf says:

I have 1 thought in my head slender man

Nehan Khan says:

the killer is slenderman

Porn says:


Anonymous QZ-998 says:

Love this because the app makes you pay and inturups constantly

Mr Fantastic yellow says:

Hooked sucks there I said it

Angie Senanes says:

Jesus I didn’t even get to watch more than 1:21… so annoying… you don’t have to be so loud.

midsizecookie 007 says:

1m subs guys

Chassity Russell says:

My name is chloe

Cayde 6 says:

Original video is called don’t look away.

The Cotton Candy says:

Her reactions are so fake omg lmao xD

Taylor Swift says:

It’s like slender man

Sparkle Unicorn Kitten says:

Stop yelling when you read it it’s really annoying

marissa christina says:

stop yelling wtf

Jenna Platt says:

Love your vids

Janna Chen says:

Your screaming let me scary

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