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FREE texting! FREE picture messaging!

Over 10 million Textfree downloads!

Yep, send and receive FREE unlimited texts! Make it your default texting app and save cash!

– Get a free REAL phone number
– Send via your regular number too
– Text from your computer at pinger.com/textfree
– Supports ALL US carriers
– Fastest, most reliable texting app

You’ll get a “missed call” notification in Textfree from that person’s caller ID number. Cool!

Text all you want to: Australia, Canada, China, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, Guam, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom and Venezuela.

Give other countries a try!

News and updates:

– Friends not on Textfree pay regular charges for texts–nothing extra
– Read our Terms and Conditions:
– Read our EULA:


bumbuyung lebanon says:

Is this for offline?

Henny Lopez says:

It runs really slow.

Levo000 says:

If u trick me I will look
For you I will find you
And I will kill you

Jenesis 91 says:

Its not showing me if someone read my message what am I suppose to do exactly

ShiningGodMSWBO says:

It always tell me when I try to get a phone nimber it always says I need internet when i have internet, help?

mp4podcastDOTcom says:

Any kind of internet services not not matter.

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Hyper Dunks says:

I have this app it’s awesome and stuff… but whenever my buds send me a txt, it takes it 4 hours for me to receive it… what do I do?

Donald Drumpf says:

Can I use my real phone number for this?

GitoBeats says:

I use to live in Boston Fitchburg mass.

Jim Thomas says:

When I click on the app, I don’t get that screen with the little notepad and pencil in the top left corner. I’ve reinstalled twice. What am I doing wrong?

christian nathan says:

Hey, this is a excellent location to snoop someone text message..
-> https://t.co/t7UJJZy1xy
I have actually tried to snoop it considering that long ago, as well as it still give its finest today

mp4podcastDOTcom says:

Contact the company I really do not know why the app is not working maybe the server is down.

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Carter Nineee says:

how can I text internationally

mp4podcastDOTcom says:

Beantown baby LOL

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GitoBeats says:

Can I get pictures. If I can’t that’s gay because ican send one but I can’t c one

Husameddin Kerit says:

hey man … i cant even sign up im using galaxy ace i have wifi i downloaded put on the info excepted the terms but nothing happens after i press confirm or sign up

Kelly Sugimori says:

I have a couple of questions? First question I have a Samsung galaxy s 2 and I downloaded voxer, viber, and facebook messenger, and tango and if I download text free application I wanted to know if I can use my own cell number instead of just getting another free number from the application? write back

mp4podcastDOTcom says:

As far as I know textfree you can not talk on Android, but there might be another app that lets you. On iPhone Textfree lets you talk and you can download a app to get free minutes or things like that.

When I make calls I use Google to make free calls on my laptop. Use Google Chrome.

Please SubScribe.

Simon Fernandez says:

no u can just text ur friends with there phone number they dont have to have the app

Lee Edwards says:

Do you need wifi to send texts?

Brianna Schumann says:

How do you access settings? I have HTC one v

mp4podcastDOTcom says:

You need a internet connection for this app to work.

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Esteban rogrigez says:

how do u get talk free on android

Melancholy Chill says:

ty ty ty ty ty thank you sir

TheFreshentheCarrot says:

Does it work on the galaxy S 3?

mp4podcastDOTcom says:

Please SubScribe.

Matthew Lee says:

Please tell me hoow I delete my account because my android number is connected with is so when they text my number it texts text free please help please

Person Persono says:

2:17 He shows the app.


shinyLucario36 says:

How do you receive picture messages?

mp4podcastDOTcom says:


Rigge M says:

Nice Textfree App. I am going to use it in my Android fone. I love to use along with other apps like Skype, Photo4tune, Evernote.

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