TextNow App Review – Text Now Free Texting App Reviewed

TextNow App Review – Text Now Free Texting App Reviewed

This review is of the TextNow App that has free texting capabilities, as well as free phone calls. You get an unlimited dedicated phone number to use. Free UNLIMITED calling and UNLIMITED SMS text messages to USA & Canadian phone numbers.

contact TextNow: textnow.android.feedback@enflick.com
their site: http://www.TextNow.com


Hippie Mindz says:

i have had textnow for 2 years and its good and the phones they provide are great as well. n they are cheap. which is even better. i have bought a s3 this month (march) n i love it. it was only 59.99 and in this area one of those is 80 n up on craigslist..service is good here in orlando florida. i get service at my job too and others with iphones dont inside. so i enjoy this service its been good and it does what i need it to do. its LTE n goes down to 3g when out of data.

Onar Osman says:

O got a text now app phone number I used that phone number for what’s app then I got the same account as someone else someone explain



Almighty_jelly12x * says:

How do you change peoples name

Shreekara BV says:

How to read text messages received by text now number

Redbug 3 says:

Good info!

* irawraw27 says:

how to change the numbers profile pic

oOAchillesOo says:

what is the code in Philippines

Motiongroovecom says:

yeah TextNow is an awesome texting app.

Rose Breighann Swearingen says:

do i have to use my area code or do i need a canadian one to text canada

Jesus Diedforyou says:

I’m trying to switch over to this app for my phone & text service, but it won’t send a text. But I’m technologically challenged, so I don’t know if it’s me, the app, or the phone. Good video though… 🙂

Annierey volg says:

Which code …I don’t get it… code place

Scott McClure McClure says:

How do you receive calls on text now when the app isn’t open

xpixiexjs says:

I am trying this app.. it says you can earn or buy credits but I have made several calls and on my app it still says “5 credits” by my phone number. Aren’t those suppose to cound a 5 free minutes? I have used way over that amount. So do we not really have to buy credits? I am confused..

MtRich says:

“mason4” use my code when signing up for textnow and we both get $20!!

Alejandra Morales says:

Can someone tell me how u add a picture in the little circle on your like friends number or add a name instead of the phone number

Nadeem Ahmad mughal says:

an error occurd pls solve

Matthew Wray says:

can i get this on my ipod

SplatTab says:

can I use this for vertifacation

James Casady says:

How do I put  on phone with no server

shannon riley says:

phone number worked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gdmorninkisses says:


Wild Beast says:

Search up fake email generators and press the first link create a email. And keep making accounts it’s fast and the earn credit feature doesn’t work anymore that’s a way to get free 10 credits just keep making new accounts

Josh Robison says:

How do u send pics

Priority says:

hi, how long time i can use that number? or that number has an expirate date

Acordeonistain805 says:

How do you delete account when logged in with fb

Austin Steele says:

Call me (360) 774-5492

frosty penguin says:

I have text now ha

Ancile Mpfukamensabe says:

you to pey money this yes or no

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