Textra SMS – Better Than Samsung Messages

Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. Stock Text messaging is okay, but many features are missing or got taken away. Textra SMS fixes those things and adds more abilities and customization.

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Glacier Don says:

Ten minutes into using textra and I can tell you that it is not better than ther android stock messenger nor the Verizon messenger. You can do more customization with those. For instance, you can set a background or theme fir your overall messenger as-well-as for each individual contact. Textra can’t do that. The native messenger also has live pictures that you can use as icons for each individual contact…..

Brian M says:

It’s a very nice app, but the only sms messages I get these days are my mobile phone bill, mobile phone security advice from the police, and generally administrative stuff. I never get sms or mms messages from real people any more! Lol. For me there’s no point in doubling up on the Samsung one, but I can see that this is a fantastic app for people who still use this service a lot. The design is really attractive and lots of great functionality too.

Chris Mas says:

Does Textra support RCS/Advanced Messaging?

Sterling Williams says:

Amazing! Thanks so much for this

Jedi Mojo Jojo says:

Could textra allow wallpaper? Also I use YAATA

Lloyd L says:

Nice job on this video. I’ve been using Mood Messenger by Caléa. It’s totally free and very customizable. It also has private mode and party mode. I’d like to know your opinion off this app. I use a Note 8.

John Gabriel says:

I paid for it years ago and totally love it. I also love google messenger sms and that one is free. They both do more than the stock sms.

Joshua Maldonado says:

iMessages is better lol

PawPaw says:

i switched to textra couple of years back…went for pro version to avoid ads etc…works great with gear S3

Marcus Young says:

I think Yaata has more features

Hottracks4 says:

Bro, dark doesn’t save battery, black does.

Marc Arthur says:

I Love It so for

Brian Crandall says:

I’ve used Textra for years and have the Pro version. I’ve tried others afterwards just to see if there’s something better, and Textra is by far the best app for SMS! You can send as many pics as you want in one message, which is my favorite feature of Textra.

Jimmy G says:

I’ve used it since getting my note 8. After switching services, I’ve had issues sending pictures out. I can’t figure it out.

Ssix says:

I just saw ur video am going to try it as well, to see how it goes. Because if I like enough to purchase. It would be good for my mom as well especially the part with the option of the delay, and the keyboard drop down after u text so it give ur phone a larger space i really like that, thank you for sending out this video so far looking good.

Alex Diaz says:

Big plus is searching for Gifs. Very user friendly vs Samsung app.
Using for 1 week and very happy.
Great review Jimmy!!

Egon Podobnik says:

It is really good, i already had textra on my huawei p10 plus, before now on my new galaxy s9 plus. iIt works fantastic!

Gilberto Mejia Jr says:

Jimmy is promo I’m using this right now and I love it just need to know how to make the notification sound shorter other than that it’s a great app great job

Natasha Niehoff says:

Hi Jimmy, my name is Natasha. My question is, with Textra, does the edge lighting not work?

Fawad Bilgrami says:

I used to use it on BlackBerry Keyone but Samsung one has a few features, like Stickers, RCS etc.

Ben Garcia says:

Love the video,I have 1 question,I’ve been using handscent app for years and 1 thing I loved was using unique notifications for certain people in my contacts via the Zedge app. Can I use the Zedge app to transfer notification sounds on this app?

Mountain Life says:

Wish Textra would send notifications to my S3 Frontier.

Carlos Torres says:

I’ve been using Textra for a couple of years and it’s the best sms app I’ve ever used. Haven’t had a single problem with it in all my years. One of the cooler features this app has is the ability to rename conversations. I’ve found this is particularly useful when dealing with several group sms texts. This way you know who exactly is in each group sms

Shatonna J says:

Yes it is.

Ron Domansky says:

Hi Jimmy, I installed it on my Note 8 a while back after asking you if there was any way to set different alert tones and have them repeat and you told me, at that point, you weren’t aware of any, but you were going to research it. After doing some checking, I found Textra and decided to try it. I Love It!!! The Ads after the trial period are not annoying to me at all. It is just a Banner at the top of your Text list, and if you click on it, it takes you to whoever the Ad is for. It is the same size as the Banners for each person. Definitely not a problem for me. You can also switch back and forth very easily from Textra to your Stock Messaging App, you don’t have to uninstall Textra to use your Stock App again. If you have Textra set as your default and click on your Stock App, it will ask you if you want to make it your Default Texting App. If you click No, it will take you into your Stock App and you can view all your Texts on that App also, even the ones you sent & received on Textra. So you can easily switch back and forth between the two, and still have all your messages on both. If you Click Yes to change the default, and you want to go back to sending from Textra, just click on Textra and say Yes to that one being the default. I have done this a few times and it works well. The amount of Customization in this App is Amazing. You just informed me about some of the features that I hadn’t found yet. Thanks for this Video.

rottimus prime says:

I’m gonna give it a try.

Drag Radial Media says:

I use to use Textra, but it does not import my sent messages from the conversations, all of the incoming texts import. That’s why I stopped using it. If there is a fix for this I’d love to hear it

Jim Nelson says:

only a few of my contacts came uop how do iget the rest

Daniel Gammon says:

My favorite part of Textra is group messaging. You can set groups in your contacts and then send a message to that whole group no matter how many people are in it. So much better than being limited to 20 like Messages+. That alone made it worth the money for me.

David Lewis says:

I have been using Textra for 4yrs now, and it’s the best sms messaging app out there period, with all the customization you can do with this app, puts it in a class by itself. I would recommend everyone to buy this app you won’t be disappointed..

Asim Jutt says:

Sir plz solve my problem i want to reply with popup every Text whats app etc but i don’t this plz tell me in my smasung s8 plus

MrBoriqua2000 says:

I can’t get edge lighting to work when receiving a message on the note 8. Any ideas?

jdsatyrify says:

have always used NextSMS

Jay Dee says:

Handsecent nextt sms is waaaaaaaaaaaay better…

AKrazy47 says:

Been using it for years, just wish they would change the icon

Jeewaka Dineth says:

I’ve been using Textra for years now. Absolutely love it. So customizable and minimalistic.

Azenix says:

3:05 you can always use any keyboard….

KKB1976 says:

I rarely use the Samsung Messages anyway

ronniemation says:

ive been using this for years. best messaging app

Matt Shaffer says:

Textra is the best texting app that I have ever used. Love the customization. To be honest I like the ad. The ad looks like one of your text threads and since I have the note 8 I don’t have to reach up as far to get to my first thread. I also downloaded floatifly so I can pull down and reply so my notifications don’t take up the whole screen when I reply and I can watch YouTube and reply to texts without YouTube stopping . There are 3 things I don’t like: 1. You can’t send your location to someone like you can in iMessage or the default Samsung app. 2. It’s Not compatible with the gear S2 or S3. You can reply to the message on the watch when you get s text . But if you leave your phone behind and wanna text someone from the watch you can’t do it. Not even on android wear . 3. All sms and mms are sent over the voice network . Where iMessage uses data and can sent full quality photos and videos (4K) to other iMessage users. I wish someone would come up with something like iMessage for Android ( be able to send high quality videos over the network or some other means of data ) I always go back and forth between my iPhone 8plus and note 8

Tom McDaniel says:

WOW this app definitely is completely customizable literally and I use FB messenger

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