The Best Messaging Apps on Android Still Can’t Top iMessage

Messaging on Android is a mess. Here are the messaging apps we recommend:
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isanchez64 says:

Did Apple pay you guys to make this video in their desperate needs to maintain their shareholders? Apple is not what they once were. 4 years of same design and chassis on iPhone 6,6S,7,8. Then they design an ugly ass phone with iPhone X and it’s notch! They are killing themselves and digging their own grave. Makes iMessage worth leaving. They should focus on reviving Steve Jobs instead.

Stefan Imke Volleberg Hendrikx says:

Not sure about the US, but in Europe EVERYBODY is using Whatsapp. NOBODY is using iMessage or whatever it’s called. SMS is dead, so who cares.

Sarhatabaot says:

We use WhatsApp. That’s it, no-one uses SMS, some people use Telegram – but they will always use whatsapp as well.

Demetrius Prince says:

Samsung Messages works fine. No problem. Why is all this uproar about how you send a text message? Lol

“Ton of features” You type letters and press send…am I missing something?

hey you says:

I send a message and recieve a message. If it needs to be better than that count me out.
WTF you sending needs so much privacy?
BTW nothing is actually secure.

Daniel Hanson says:

I have no problem with Messages on Android!….I send and receive text messages all the time to people on Android and iPhones and have done so without any problems for years now.

Mr. OTZ says:

I’m guessing this dude isn’t aware of the Karma hack that allows the hacker to access an iphone by exploiting iMessage’s vulnerability lol! Look it up

That’s on top of icloud being hacked before and just recently facetime’s spying issue. So no, just like any other phone, iphone is far from being secure. Also, you’re a nobody…people wouldn’t spend time accessing your message. So most people should remove their tinfoil hat because you’re not as important as you might think

Mohamed Bryme says:

just the title’s total bullshit

LoveGod16 says:

Nobody uses iMessage anyway. Whatsapp ftw.

Alan Xu says:

Who the first still use text

Joel G. J says:

I would reccommend Telegram. X-platform & very fast messaging. Open Source.

Hoshi Inoue says:

That’s ridiculously one sided.

How do iPhone users send messages to Android users? They have to have a folder of apps too if the Android user does not like SMS.

This is terribly one sided. Who made iPhone users the standard? The iPhone SMS app is just an SMS app.

Android offers a ton of SMS apps to choose from instead of one that you are locked into.

The problem exists for iPhone users who just want to use iMessage for everything and have to make concession for their Android friends.

This is total BS.

Humberto Brandao says:


Luccas Franklin Martins says:

This is a very US-centric video. The rest of the world just… Uses whatsapp. (except for asia, they love LINE). Whatsapp is, sincerely, better than imessage in every way and noone even opens imessage here. We just collectively accepted sms is dead and whatsapp is the better option. You should do it too.

ASAP Mangos says:

I’m glad Signal messaging exist. It works well, on IOS, Android, and most desktops. Mac, windows and Linux.

Jason Quick says:

WhatsApp is the best

Victor T says:

How about Facetime being used to spy on you? Possibly iMessage too

Rūdolfs Helvigs says:

What a lifehack!

Janitra Erlangga says:

LINE, all day everyday

scott loving says:

Currently use Android messages for 85% of my messaging. Facebook messages, Snapchat, and Instagram direct take up the rest of us slack. I wouldn’t say any of these are my ideal solution. But like you said, you go where everyone is.

Naigi says:

Everyone in Europe uses WhatsApp (iPhone and Android), no one uses iMessage

Ken Gray says:

‘not jiff’…. HA… RTM my friend… RTM.

Bruh says:

Talks about lack of privacy for facebook messenger but has whatsapp under security apps

JasonVG - says:

I havent had a problem texting on Android since ive gotten my first phone when i was 12 years old.

Edit: I’m 23 now.

Daniel Polukhin says:

Telegram is the best hands down! And you didn’t even mention it.

David Learmonth says:

I like Hangouts

Tienie de Coning says:

I respect your opinion, but cannot share it. Here in SA everyone, even iPhone users use WhatsApp. Sending sms is still expensive, to the point where very few people use it. So where you stay things might be different, but WhatsApp is the first app iPhone users ask me to install when I set up a new phone for them (I work in cellular sales and support)

Kenric Dsouza says:

Talks about privacy… Does he know about the fappening lol

Eddy Alvarenga says:

Google Voice

aftab malvi says:

WhatsApp with this channel?

The Doctor says:

Imessage is another secuirty flawed Ios app. I’m completely fine with the stock message app on android

The Salami says:

Discord or Google Voice.

squalltheonly says:

WTF you on about? Facebook messenger is perfect, specially with chatheads. Idk if is the same on iOS. I love it. This channel is a joke

Cryptonomous says:

What complete codswallop.

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