The Creepiest Chat History

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In this episode I looked at a very interesting chat story app called Yarn. This app has chat conversation via text messages between two people, in this particular case I decided to read the popular “Mystery Dog” on the Yarn app. I really enjoyed it and I hope you guys do too!

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millie talks says:

Your such a scaredy cat

Green and blue pixels says:


SxgarXOXO MSP says:

I’ve played this text story

Roxy Loxy says:

I wasnt singed it and I watched this…So I came to join you all…..But after I read this I started thinking about my dog……I was scared 0-0

millie talks says:


Frappuccino Rosé says:

My name is julia ‘-‘ ……my dogs are scaring me now

Savannah Graham says:


Razeen Ahmed says:


TifØlb1t The Fox says:

Did anyone else hide in the comments other that me?

Alexis Mohammed says:


Heba Mamdouh says:

officially I don’t get scared of these things cuz after when I watch something creepy I watch another thing creepy then the third thing is appreciated something happy so yeah

Kale Schrauth says:

Oh no! Comment section guard tower we got a tyelpathic dog incoming! I reapeat a tyelpathic dog on the loose.

Joaquin Mallari says:

I dont know what to say ahh

Saba Japaridze says:

Annie 69

Heath puppies says:


Saba Japaridze says:

Annie 96 is typing

ྲྀ Golden State နiဒ adꀧdaહ ྲྀ says:

well it is house she would not knock.

Xxunicorn_gamerXx Gaming says:

Welcome To The Notification Squad And Comment Section YOUR SAFE HERE!

Haylee Godfrey says:

I’m going full screen pray for me

Skye Shaw says:

I like how Tal makes the chat story funny ..
Btw relax if you’re reading this 🙂

courtney geddert says:


Lim Zhixuan says:

I am notscared

Rosily Thomas says:

Roses are red violets are blue,
Im hiding in the comment section,
so are you

Aeris Hernandez says:


SxgarXOXO MSP says:

Oh and I am hiding here xD

the funny turtle says:

I think I read this one

Kyan 1106 says:

I can’t tell what scarier
Him or the stories

Canko Urukov says:

LOL. Julia is so stupid


Watching this at night

Roxy Loxy says:

Watched this*

Angie Pridemore says:

I know what the dog is iv read this my self it’s a human in a dog

Archie Riley says:

How did it end?

enfall ella says:

Who else is hiding in the comments like me? ;-;

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