THIS is why iMessage on iPhone X is awesome.

iMessage on the iPhone X is definitely an incredible messaging app. Especially with new features found on the iPhone X and ios 11. But is it good enough for iPhone users to avoid switching to Android just because of iMessage? Watch the video to find out.

iPhone X: 24 hours with an Android guy:

iPhone X vs Note 8 speed test here:

Check out my Note 8 review here:…

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squngy0 says:

We MSN now boys!

Carolyn Gilbert says:

I just like the simplicity of iPhones

Yue Sheng says:

The most important thing is that you can’t send iMessage to an android user

JustLogic_ says:

The 3D Touch effects is all over iOS 11 on iPad and iPhones

maisha cherry says:

I remember my first time as well. Great time to join Apple. Enjoy.

Theseeing Ginger says:

Let’s not forget you can text over wifi to other iPhone users. Oh and text around the world today other iPhone users for free.

Tavia Wilkes says:

how can you set no show field when I get a text I wont want anyone to see it?

Grumpi Gramp says:

It works, and no sms count from the carrier.

MrKgee84 says:

You do know the iMessage features came from an android app called Go sms

Hailey Daily 2 says:

You see

PromotingTheBeat says:

I just got mine today and, I always saw the Animoji’s as such a gimmick…until I actually used it.

It is freakin hilarious with the things you record and how on point it follows you lol.

Ania Burnett says:

holy bible

Hisan Rafaqat says:

Nobody uses messages anymore its for one time passwords and spam ads

Carlos Parra says:

I have iPhone 8 and I have know this for a long time. I had iPhone 6 and I found all this out on my own

RBearLion says:

Instead of adding fireworks to a text message, how about improving the cross between apple and Android? When I text my friends who have androids it takes way longer to send. The video quality sent over between the two devices looks like something out of a flip phone.

Circuit Breaker says:

I think these cool special effects in iMessage will not hold from switching to Android where you can get so much more. Simple things that come to mind are launchers, themes, icons, home screen layout, widgets on home screen, adding more screens including empty ones. I mean, any of these can easily put iMessage SFX in the shade and they are not available on iOS. People say “Oh, iOS is easier than Android, more intuitive.” This is bullshit, because you can customize Android to make it look minimalistic with only 4 apps on home screen or just a weather widget and nothing else, it’s your choice. What can be easier? And using Android actually is way more natural than using iOS for a new user and some iPhone users adapt to Android interface pretty fast and not looking back – back button, app switching button, home button, app menu, basic operations like tap, double-tap, tap-and-hold, swipe – that’s all you need to know. But everybody gets what they want, so it’s a matter of personal preference. From my experience Android became better than iOS when 5.0 with Material design was released and that’s when I switched.

Hippo Hat says:

Everything you showed can all be achieved on the 6S all the way up to the X. The only one you can do on the iPhone X that you cannot do on the 6S-7S(iPhone 8), is the anim-moji’s.

Carlos Corrales says:

I can’t wait for all the memes this is gonna provide us

asswolrd says:

i see why people disliked this. only a true iphone user would know that they can give 2 shits about all those dumb effects. the only thing we care about is multi-country texting with wifi and no charge at all. theres no limited text count, no weird fees to send someone a text, its just so simple and i dont understand how any other company cant fucking see this. love ya, imessage!

Tanvee Priyadarshan says:

Literally, ALL those effects can be accessed from iOS 10.3.3 devices and better. I use them on my 6s on the daily

deans6571 says:

Great vid however there is just FAR TOO MUCH wasted space on the iPhone X in iMessages. Look at all the grey empty space underneath the keyboard for example. That is NOT present on an iPhone 8 Plus…..

Consumer This says:

I bought the new iPhone X silver 256gb because I love iPhones AND to support capitalism 🙂 yes, liberals, if you own a iPhone you support what you hate therefore you are……

Hase says:

I get the feeling that someone doesn’t wanna talk to you

Cloud Phoenix says:

my iphone x is coming in decemeber 8th

Carlos Parra says:

If you type in Happy Birthday the balloons will also come up so do try that iPhone user.

D R says:

Will never switch to android, ever!!

Isaac Golden says:

You missed one feature which actually being able to put stickers on other messages just by pressing on the sticker and moving it to whatever message you want! That’s the main reason for the sticker packs

Marios2003 Christophorou says:

Exactly when you sent that slam effect message I received a message!

Mike Fury Tech says:

iMessage is really the only thing I miss on my Note 8.
Great video. (Although I couldn’t get my eyes off of the notch … my eyes get drawn to it … I know some people don’t notice it. I’m clearly not one of those people.)

Thanks for posting this.

Happy Face says:

This was awesome! I have been using using an iPhone for years. I didn’t know a lot if what you said. Thank you. I have both platforms and I still prefer iOS.

LaLaDreamLandLA says:

It’s just simply the best messaging app, that I rarely use because I’m a loner.

Dyemoun says:

you can do it on all phones….

John Nosuchthing says:

Ummmm you do know this was added in iOS 10. Watch wwdc


The old phones have that

SuperNovaHeights says:

Watching this on my iPhone X. The greatest phone ever!

podracer35 says:

The last iPhone I had was a 4s, so I didn’t get to see all these new feature of iMessage pop up. For me, they feel a bit like the S Pen features of the Note series: Some people get full use out of them, most stop using them after the initial hype wears off, and others ignore them completely.

Felipe Fujimori says:

I’m an iPhone user, and honestly dislike iMessage. It’s full of silly useless stuff, but it usually takes longer to send messages than other messaging apps.

Kassy Lover says:

1:31 you know that you can do that to any phone right ??!

Sleepytimegamer says:

No its not faggot

Legend YT says:

I think everyone knows this just saying

Imogen Prosperi says:

Can u tell me which app that was with the different yellow faces please ? Thanks

Rock’inRaplh around the Christmas tree says:

At 0:26 you have to many emails

charlesplane says:

They’re cool but I don’t even use any of them when I text.

Steven J. O'shields says:

You’re Soo wrong about the Haptic Feedback only being in the iPhone. My wife has the LG V10, and I have the Samsung S7 Edge, BOTH have the very same Haptic Feedback you’re talking about. And let’s not forget, before you try to PUMP up the iPhone, Samsung makes there screens, and there cameras. And a few of the internal components. So, basically, Samsung OWNS iPhone, and Samsung is THE king of Mobile devices, on the Android platform.

Pip, Willy, and Bob says:

I can do this with an iPhone 5

Zzukiyaki 75 says:

wow!! that is awesome!!! can anybody receive this when you send them? or only apple users? im really curious 🙂

Jaden Halstead says:

You are absolutely right about Taptic. Something you hardly notice but if you went back to a normal vibration, you wouldn’t like. Same with the True Tone display. I didn’t get the 8 for it, but once I realized the difference it makes, there’s no way I could go back.

khadij4h says:

Are these imessage features exclusive to iphone x or you can use these features (minus Animojis) on IOS 11 in general?

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