This Text Will CRASH & BREAK ANY iPhone Messages App!

This Text Message Hack Will CRASH & BREAK ANY iPhone Messages App. Don�۪t Text This To Anyone! This is NOT a Funny Prank.

Hack Download: (MUST HAVE iCloud Drive Installed)
Hack Fix:


Video Crash:


Primis says:

Yo. I can’t do it to myself. Can someone do it to me? My number is (619)799-0046

Lukes Exploits says:

im doing it to my teacher 5 times in a row

Epic dude Yo says:

I’m on ios 11

Austin Dovenbarger says:

dose it work on all phones

yolosquad 673 says:

Gonna send this to my so call friend which he lies alot so he deserves it

Michael Talamo says:

If someone does a “hard reset” can the malware be removed, or would someone have to do a factory reset?

Thetra says:

My phone didn’t crash because I have İOS 8

Dinglehopper Mcstiffen says:


Sufi S says:

can you tell me how to do it for any Android device…pllzzzzzzzssszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxxzzzzzzzzzz

Gammer Boy says:

So the hack fix is a porn site

Hayden Spoelstra says:

1. Randomly gets sent contact
2. Spends hours trying to fix messages app
3. Finally gets back into messages
4. Still curious as to why someone sent them a random contact
5. Clicks on it again
6. Repeat from step 2

Brandon Lazcano says:

Let me send this to my sister really quick

Peyton Caldwell says:

I love your videos

Zeke Polaris says:

Can’t use this at all. o.O

Veronica Avelino says:

Can someone do that to a friend that cheated on me and that almost killed me (949)842-2615


347 857 0771 my step pop rapped my sister send it to him

Noreen Dillon says:

this will crash any iPhone #httpswwwertycom

CMR LPS says:

Doing this to bullys

Dexter Wezzie says:

My brother broke his iPhone because I send him this.. Guys please I request you don’t try to prank people with this.

ITZ AFK says:

1:15 watch how he gets out the photos app it’s fake and a waste of time

theReaper934 th says:

I’m gonna send this to my what’s app group of 250 people let the fun begin hello broken phones

Ahmed Albayar says:

Most enable imessage ? And for what version ios 10 Working for? does it work for last version And Thanks

Aasis Bista says:

iphone sucks…so use samsung instend

Jay Hess says:

Will this work with android phones. Will it work sending thru facebook messenger.

Justine Dela Cruz says:

can i send it on facebook messenger

????? le ???? says:


Michael Talamo says:

I’m going to send this to my Ex GF who kept all of our text messages in case she ever needs them (even though she cheated on me)

Zeke Polaris says:

Also this is a contact card… Not a text and not a video..

Mine Xbox says:

lucky I use android not ios

ŠümŚtęãmpūńk Çhîćk says:

@EverythingApplePro if I send it to someone will I get it too?

Dank_lord Meme says:

Wow \(^o^)/

DeViv0 says:

When I do it to someone and when they open it is a black page but at the top it says no card can someone please help me so I can fix it and prank this studio guy it will be funny

Elie Tannous says:

Is there a message to delete all photos !!??

Blaze Dragonsword says:

sms:&recipent=Me:&body=E2%C2 spam it to one of your friends and they’ll keep accidentally clicking it.

Mustafa Salah says:

At 0.00 I found some Arabic letters

Sukha Warring says:

if it works send me this msg to my contact +918239494531

Mikkioo Paista says:

does it work on samsung

Lance TheDivine says:

My teachers ex sent him this, i know cause he used our phones to talk to her after the text, he was fuming!

Mr__Beast says:

How to prevent bullying

Kobe Hernandez says:

Idk where tou find that

Plenti X says:

Someone help I can’t fix this and I actidentally sent my friend it how do of ix

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