Top 10 Best Text Messaging Apps #286

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If you are not getting your mms texts, make sure you go to the apps APN settings to configure your carrier T-mobile Sprint Verizon AT&T or others. These apps were each tested for 2 days or more. They received every text, not all mms texts came through from the other user on some but this does not necessarily mean that it will happen to you. I advise you to test sending pictures etc. with friends to be sure! Enjoy!!!

10. Hello sms 0:45
9 . Chomp SMS 2:33
8. Handcent SMS 4:23
7. Hangouts 6:17
6. Sliding Messaging Pro 7:56
5. HoverChat 9:27
4. Messenger 11:25
3. QKSMS 13:04
2. Textra SMS 14:46
1. EvolveSMS 16:52

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My real name is Alberto Torres and I was born on June 11th 1986 in Oregon, representing Hillsboro – Portland metro areas. I’m a Geek at day and a Freak at night. Started this Channel on Nov. 15th 2010! Been a T-mobile customer since 2004. If you haven’t noticed I been a Nexus Guy since the Nexus One days (things can change but only for the better) I root all my devices, love reviewing Products I buy because I believe my viewers would value too. Most of my videos are recorded in my room where I sleep haha. You may have noticed a random cute birdy show up in my past videos…well, I no longer have my companion, my loving Parrot “Magui” he passed away on June 22, 2014 (after 5 years of friendship, with no idea how he died, i wasn’t there to witness) I miss him too much but I’m moving forward and stronger! I may appear to be wealthy rich sometimes but I can only wish it were true. I’m here to entertain and help love this Revolutionary Digital World we are living in!!!

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Jason Ferguson says:

Thank you so much for making this video!

Samuel Warboy says:

hi gril suck my dick I am signing


where did you get your wallpaper? its beautiful!!

Bill Alicea says:

Thanks for this video, Im been using Textra for the time being.

YeBoi Vic says:

can you text ios with these apps?

Gee Spence says:

can u send videos on hello sms

Aves The Dancer says:

what ones let you do group messaging pls respond fast anyone!!

Ajit Pal Talwar says:

do you know some kind of this apps that supports dual sim

yayy353 says:

What about iOS messaging apps similar to the ones you mentioned in the video? And will I lose minutes if I chat offline ?

Jordan Weemes says:

his messages tho

Leyla Barnes says:

Do the people you text have to have the app too? Or does it just send to their phone 😮

Leilani Garcia says:

hey these don’t work

Savannah Jade says:

I just switched to the s7 edge from iPhone 6splus. how do I get the ios emojis with no root??

Angel_Peguero says:

they all good hard to choose just using chomp

mustapha cauley says:

Bless you for your video

Latest Launcher says:

#CooLoserTech what about privacy regarding all

Neko_demon says:

thx so much it works for me

Hansa Sadasasa says:


Mario MP says:

you need to try Mood Messenger is awesome.

Tomé Azevedo says:

Great video!
Using Textra here 🙂

ricky facundo says:

What keyboard you use

Dan Wills says:

I’ve tries HelloSMS, Chomp, Handcent, google messenger, QKSMS, Evolve, and I’m currently using Textra, love it, but I’m always changing it between Textra and Google messenger

carlo andrew says:

tnx to you buddy ive found my perfect sms app i try all but the very best is evolvesms its so smooth fast i love it more power to you buddy keep it up

Mistress Kitty says:

Can you please tell me how to be able to use yahoo messenger on my iphone?  I am so confused and can find no answers unless they are several years old.

honey badger says:

I love ur video man it’s fantastic

Christina Yoo says:

Thanks for the video!!!

Jon Blaze says:

New to this the video helped just needed lil more info

K. Pyle || Piano Videos says:

Textra always has failed MMS for some reason which really sucks since it’s my favorite on this list aside from that -_-

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