Top 5 FREE Messaging Apps for Android

Here are 5 of the Best Messaging Apps for your Android to replace your Stock SMS app.

1. Pulse SMS (FREE)

2. Textra SMS (FREE)


4. Mood Messenger (FREE)

5. Android Messages (FREE)
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Yener says:

here in europe no one is using SMS i dont know why the US is still using this olddated format!

tom mc says:

Sorry I havnt been on here for a while, was this android authority??

Raresch Oprea says:

Hy there to you all. I have a question about those app, if you could answer me.
I search for a messages app that can combine chat entries from the same contact in the same windows. So, if a contact in my list has more numbers and gives me a SMS from different numbers, I would like to see them in the same window and to have the whole conversation in the same place. Also, I would like to have the option to reply to a specific number, the last one or the one that I have select, and not use the feature of sending a message to all the numbers that contact has, but only to one of the numbers.
Do you know if any of those apps have this feature? Or any other app?
Thank you very much for the answer, and Happy Holidays!

Brian West says:

I been using Textra for years. This is the first video I’ve ever saw that said Textra wasn’t that customizable. Lol

Looods says:

Curious, why would anyone use SMS when there are tens of internet messengering apps like what’s app, telegram, Allo, and so many more??

Jeremy Soo says:

Said Gifs wrong, un-subbed.

Steven Zeh says:

Ever heard of Signal?

Brad Nerdy Nay says:

I go between Textra SMS, EvolveSMS, ChompSMS and Android Messages. Now, I’m going to download Yaata SMS to see what has changed!

Leo Y.M says:

Does Textra has the option to schedule a message when you buy the PRO version?

WailDiagram 23 says:

Chomp outrageous that good sms so chomp away dudes

RodimusPrime29 says:

Love using Textra….have been using it for a while & absolutely love it!

Himanshu Gupta says:

I used Pulse, really great app also I think “SMS Organizer” from MS must be added here, its also great app, what you think..

Andrew Griesmann says:

You could have stopped at Pulse. It’s the best.

Lues says:

SMS in 2017?! Wtf

ofthesic0133 says:

Coming from an ex iPhone user, messaging on Android is a fucking nightmare. Any media sent can’t be viewed unless it downloads and saves to your camera roll. What kind of shite is that? WhatsApp is a nightmare, you’ll have a folder filled with 1000 images in a week.

Shaun says:

thank you

Yassir Rossel says:

Make a top for the most useful mobile apps

Maxwell Weinbach says:

Stock Samsung messenger.

Alex Wong says:

But can any of these support group messaging?

BuilderBro9000 says:

0:15 I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here but the creator of “gif” does not reserve the right to alter the English language because nowhere is there a “j” or even a “j” sound in the words “Graphics Interchange Format” so people that say “jif” need to learn to say it properly

Douglas Smith says:

Messaging…Used Textra, but seemed to be overridden by the stock app on my LG G6 for some reason , even when I shut off the Lg app in settings…


Just started Yaata and so far it’s really good but all of the other options are good too. Shout out to the developer of Yaata for creating the app by himself. I upgraded to premium just to show love.

Rhey Lewis says:


Alexander Kot says:

Using SMS in 2k17? O_o

Nived Ullas says:

What widget ate you using


I used textra for years

Humaiz Azad says:

Best Gallery app?

Dany V says:

What’s an SMS?

Mathäus Wegert says:

I think Google’s approach is way too simple for my taste. I wish you could get better options on stock Messenger.

Rix Morales says:

For me, Android Messages is still the preferable one, though I would appreciate if it would allow sending text messages through Internet, and a web app

Jeremy C. says:

why you exposing your phone#

Riley Coleman says:

iMessage = Best

Raymond Erazo says:

Android messages….

Deepak Sharma says:

Try Microsoft’s SMS Organiser

Bryan Belew says:

Lost interest when you said “jifs.”

selw0nk says:

You are missing Signal Private Messenger

Yuval88fish says:

idk about other places, but in israel whatsapp is the go to messaging app. litteraly everybody is using it

CocainaBlaze says:

SMS is archaic AF.

Darwin Cruz says:

Textra because I bought it way way back. 🙂

Pyramid Head says:

I use Textra SMS for my SMS/MMS needs and with Windows 10 and Cortana on your Android device you can send and receive messages on your computer.

Tech4 Life says:

Paid video?

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