Top 5 SMS Replacement Apps On Android (Best Text Messaging Apps)

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Ng John says:

Whatsapp not included?

Angel_Peguero says:

whats yout laptop dock

Astound Magazine says:

At 00:40 Seconds his conversation is hilarious.

Joseph De La Torre says:

sup with the finger nails? lol cut those things

larry lobstree says:

I am finding unique Short message spying which may look at other number too..
Sad to find out my ex lover message after expose it through this app

Trevon Provost says:

what’s the apps called again

Kayla Dumas says:

How do you stop the automatic mark your message read, when you dismiss it from the notification bar?

Tsuper Tsunami says:

Evolvesms: 0:00
Textra: 3:33
HelloSMS: 5:06
Google Messenger: 7:21
Hangouts: 9:37

Amber Brain says:

can you hit my facebook

Alberto Guadalupe says:

Right now
the one I use, and the one I consider the best

Is FB messenger. You can connect to your phone and use it as a regular messeging app. And it is well as if u were talking in messenger with the chatbubles and all.

Jaspool Kassel says:

Hey, is one oft those messengers encrypted and open source? I would be happy to know you opinion about “Signal”. It’s a secure messenger integrated in a pragmatic SMS messenger. I’m looking forward to hear or see form your testing and estimation about it 😉

Nurburgring00 says:

good video. thanks!

Adil Malik says:

Most of such videos focus on the look and feel of the apps. Spam blocker and scheduled messages are the two very useful features that most of the SMS apps are lacking.

Rahul Sharma says:

Nice video nigga 😀 …. jk 🙂

Leo lee says:

Thanks for actually good journalism.But CoverMe is also great private text messaing app.

Plitzs Fashion says:

Great Video…My question is – How did you get your signature to default appear in Google Messenger? I can’t figure out how to do that. Thanks for any information you can provide me.

Taylor Brown says:

what’s your camera got to do with if it’s the phone you use or not?

Daniel Pierce says:

Good foe you utilizing Google surveys, I’ve been doing those for 3 years and am at $33.71, what r you at? I need to start using it!!

anton nasser says:

you should add : Clean Messaging : i think that’s the best sms replacement apps 🙂 it’s light, material design, and it’s also block sms spam and ads. thats what i call best of the best 😀

T Joy says:

However, Textra doesn’t notify me of a new text if I am in the chat window.

Sheline Shejust says:

for me mood is the best messaging app

Awkward says:

Hangouts sadly doesn’t allow sms anymore 🙁

azh ajju says:

bruv, seriously 13mins for 5 apps

Juan José Monasterios says:

Mood messenger sms

Mitsos Vorris says:

What rom are you on, m8?

Duston S says:

What happened to the Hello sms app? I can’t find it on google play at all. All links seem to be broken

sayain34546 says:

Nigga wtf ant u white bitch

Vibe Tuber says:

keep on the good work☺

keepwatch nPray98 says:

I can only find the hello sms plus!?

Ms Kei says:

Can you mute group messages on evolve or textra?

Gabriel Valente Ferrão says:


Brajan Głowicki says:

Hejka zzzzzzzzz tej strony brajan

Lars C says:

My keyboard overlap the send button a little in Textra – but this is a HTC sen. XL – i get a galaxy s7 and the standard app in there is not good – the text dont flow in vertical mode and theres no angle symbol for received messages

RobloxSpree says:

why is thre damn there are so many white asian girls up here? on 0:50?

Jamielyn Estanislao says:

what is the first up you click ?

Fabian ROTTA says:

OMG Those nails

David Oh says:

Srsly? 59,775 views and 258 likes but no subscribers? How does that even happen

Will Willsky says:

I want to tell you about best app ever. Try SpytoMibile ! Now I can see anyones all the phone’s messages and calls. It’s perfect.

skeletonblade_ says:

I want to have the time in the middle like in the video. How did you do it ?

Joe Deezy says:

Out of all of these evolve is definitely the best but the one feature I really want is to see when they read the text and when they’re typing


Is your laptop the xps 15?

Burke Fox says:

Did not appreciate some of the messages shown on your screen shots.

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