Verizon Messages SMS Text Messaging App with Tablet PC Sync – Review and Demo

Verizon Messages SMS Text Messaging App with Tablet PC Sync – Review and Demo

Only for Verizon Customers, but this is a great app if you fall into that category. It’s an SMS Messaging App that allows a ton of customization for colors, icons, bubble formats – everything! It also has a great pop-up feature for quick read and reply or call back. Aside from all of this put the app on your tablet and PC and you can send and receive text from anywhere!!! Also, you can send and receive text messages via WiFi even if your phone is powered off or your phone doesn’t have a cell signal. Plus it allows additional feature like recording a voice message to send via text or sending a postcard or editing pics before sending. Overall a full featured text messaging app that works great if you’re with Verizon.

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Michael Lloyd says:

can you print text streams from the Verizon messages app?

Jason Pritchard says:

My wifi text isn’t working on this and its very annoying 🙁 what do I do. It was working at one time, then I switched phones and switched back and now it wont work

Lindsey Atkins says:

How do I get fb pics for contact with this app? It automatically does it with the default texting app.

Silvester Zamora says:

my messages won’t download when my friend texts me

kn7gez says:

Wish could remove slide show from bottom of a picture message. Annoying.

hollywoodfrodo says:

+Matthew Sauvain – To delete multiple messages, while in the message thread with that person, you press the top left menu button, then choose delete messages – this will take you back into the thread and check boxes will show up beside each message.  Check the ones you want to delete then press delete at the bottom.

AK33M says:

@15:33 the app has a picture in the background that was last sent to you. How do you change that????

I hate it.

Roberto Quezada says:

what do you use copy for?

Angelics Castiilo says:

How do you log out

Kevin Smith says:

Hello, good video as usual. I also use my Samsung Tab s 10.5 tablet for everything in my car. Do you know of a way to initiate a SMS text message from verizon message app via google now?

Steve Florez says:

So I guess you live in LA county with all those 562 numbers lol

Kathy DiOrio says:

Okay that is very cool but I can’t get mine to work! Have no idea how to use it it does’t show any option to even add a contact or phone number or start a text. I don’t k now where to begin .. I Just got the galaxy J7 and this app is already installed for Verizon and i wish someone would show a video on exactly how to get started It is making me crazy not being able to figure out what to do with it so i can add all my contacts and use it. I had to actually disable it and install another messaging app just so i could text people but i really want to use this one if i can figure it out! HELP! i don’t want to go stand in those long lines at the Verizon store !

Gina Wagner says:

I have this app and have no idea how to delete a draft message in my text messages

Em T says:

How do I block a contact from texting me on my Verizon Message+ app on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?

Lyla Dupuy says:

Eric, I don’t see an option to send a text as urgent priority. Am I just missing it?

Fallen Squad says:

My message+ app is not letting me send my texts. It says sending under the text for about 5 minutes and then it will say my message can’t be sent. Do you know how to fix this issue. I have an LG G4 cell phone

Kopiouss Fourtwenty says:

I don’t know if Verizon had a update since you made this video but i am on AT&T and Verizon Message+ is my default

Adolfo Arteaga says:

When I delete my thread will it also delete from PC/tablet?? Or will they only delete from phone and pc/tablet??

Roberto Quezada says:

what does copy do?

Javed Weller says:

how can I setup Verizon from Jamaica

Sherry White says:

How do you get yours to look like that. Mine isn’t anything like that.

Noah Jones says:

how do you.hide the content on the app and say new message instead of what they sent

Alexandre Legrand says:

I downloaded the app on my phone running under Android 4.0.4. Besides, the software is also installed on my Windows computer.
However, when I launch the software, it tells me first “Get started” and then “You Device’s Name”. Till there, everything is ok, but right after, I need to write down a “Verizon Wireless Number”! What’s that? My phone number or something like that??
I’m stuck there and it would REALLY GREAT if anyone could help me ’cause it’s been such a long time I’ve been looking for this kind of app…!!

sattar rana says:

i am from Pakistan.i updated my S6 android but now having message sending failed problem in verizon message app.before updating there was no problem i am facing after updating my device.Now i am using simple message app & that is working but verizon message app is not supporting whereas message incoming is okay but unable to send text. i have also reset my cell phone 2 to three times,please guide me how to fix this problem.thanks

Roberto Quezada says:

I noticed it popped up as another option when you pushed the contact button

hollywoodfrodo says:

@Roberto Quezada – that was just another app I had on my phone that “copies” your contacts so you can use it to access your contacts as well (instead of the built in contacts). That would only show up if you have multiple “contacts” apps and haven’t selected one as a default.

hollywoodfrodo says:

+Chelsie La Nore That I’m not sure about. Do your linked Facebook Contact pictures show up in your Contacts on your phone and just not in this app?  If they don’t show up in your Contacts they definitley won’t in this app, but if they do in your contacts then they SHOULD in this app and if they aren’t there’s obviously an issue.  I can only recommend hitting up Verizon Support about it and see if they have a suggestion.

Kidd Gee says:

can anyone help me with a question i have on this? id like to use verizon messages app on another device i am using as a tablet, my note 4. my macbook automatically sent and recieved messages as if it was from my original phone and number as it should, but theres no log in or that type of certification for the app to recognize id like it to integrate with my verizon phone and number. my laptop somehow automatically knew and worked out of box per say. But id like to send and recieve messages from my note 4 devices with the app but its not recognizing me as the other device did. what can i do?

Madison Cooper says:


jrlv62 says:

My son has straight talk but I was still able to send him a video.

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