Why you should choose Android Messenger and not Allo

This is why i left Allo and found a better Google messenger app I like more. Things i like and dislike of Allo and what I think needs to get done to fix Allo. Let me know in the comments if you agree or not and please like and subscribe


Dovafinn says:

it sends via pre-paid credit nit WiFi si still ALLO IS BETTER

Eduardo Rx12 says:

Can i use the new android messenger with wifi or do i need an active network

cmonson80 says:

Does this messaging app still compress photo’s when sending to someone?

e3saron says:

i have been using allo, and i agree but ur friends dont have to download allo to reply back to u, unless they are out of ur country. i like allo but mainly because its like a instant messenger if they do have the app. also it is cool you can give someone ur personal allo 6 digit number if you dont want them to really have ur real phone number.

i think they should drop all the apps and yes just make one app with everything, line, whatsapp, and facebook messenger is killing the game with all the things u can do in them. like messaging, texting (sms), calling, video calling, and more

Saurav Rajeev says:

There is GIF bro! All you need to do is type @lucky and water GIF you want and then press enter. that’s all.

Ouellette Liliane says:


Mr1234shay says:

android is so dope..hes recording this from his phone using DU recorder lol

JavozREKZ / REKZboss says:

I found your comment on hangouts.What is an AR Picture

Epicplex says:

631 is my area too lol

muzikmon2267 says:

There’s one that’s better than this made by Verizon but can be used anywhere called message plus just as good as iMessages if not better and it’s like Google messages where the other person doesn’t have to download it the app but if they do of course they get better performance, and you can send high quality video and audio only if you both download the same app because then MMS and SMS won’t get in the way

muzikmon2267 says:



it’s from Verizon anybody can use it on Android or Apple, if both phones download the same app then you have more features like iMessages or even better. But if the other person doesn’t download it you can still use it and they will get their messages just fine through MMS or SMS It’s the Best of Both Worlds and I think it’s better than iMessages with more features and way more fun!!

Coming to you as a certified computer network engineer with 30 years electronic experience. In my own computer and phone repair shop!


Emmanuel Abijo says:

I dont know If this could spark a lawsuit but Google should rename duo as “HangTime” (a spinoff their hangouts base).
It sounds alot cooler to invite friends to join or call you on. like “Hangtime me when you get a chance” or “Hit me on Ht” .

muzikmon2267 says:

You have to understand though the whole point of these messenger apps the reason why they work so good including iMessages is because they’re not MMS and SMS there like Facebook Messenger there a messenger app..

So if both people do not download the same app then you’re not going to get the performance that you should.

Not to mention apps like I messages, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger all the same type of apps they use your data not MMS and SMS even though it can take messages through there

Peaceful One says:

Thanks for sharing this info. I love the sticker feature. However, my unlocked device won’t send the stickers. I’m using an off-brand. Any suggestions?

Jay K. says:

Google should drop all other apps and build off of messenger and duo. Also make them the standard on every new Android so the masses will have it and not have to find it and download it. make it like iOS!

Carmine S says:

Android messages suck!
1) NO end to end encryption like IMessages
2) poor decision to adopt RCS as it relies on carrier support. esp US carriers they squabble about everything
3) development and critical features take a very long to to implement ( google is poor and slow in polishing their apps )
4) USE Textra. much more polished app and has much better feature set.

had an oppertunity to make Allo great! They failed with lack of default
of end to end encryption over their stupid AI which nobody cares about!
They care about messaging!

Textra, Telegram and Signal are the choices I use.
Encryption and security are the thing, RCS does not do that!

Samantha Davies says:

Can you elaborate a little more on the stickers? My sure I got it all…

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