Awful Game Ads on Instagram

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Today we explore the beautiful and disturbing world of mobile game ads on instagram. Sure, some are awful and gross, but some are also bad and horrible.

If you’re actually reading this description comment “congrats on becoming a pumpkin!”

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iPoop says:

The ads of GoS are nothing like the actual game at all. Most players are even women.
The only thing you can slap is a barbarian. And you can not choose the “maids”, you only choose to upgrade which ones that attribute to their matching viziers, which has nothing to do with their looks. There’s also cool female viziers and characters based on real people. All the kids are cute, and unlike other games of this genre there’s even coloured characters.
Seriously, the ads are just to provoke people into checking out if the ridiculousness is real, which isn’t.

Daniel DeCostanzo says:

Plz download this game and make a review while playing

tito says:

congrats on being a pumpkin danny

Jamin Hardenbrook says:

Actually, big ben is the biggest bell in side the Elizabeth tower, not big ben, Elizabeth tower

Darius Pirvu says:

5:17 bipolarism in a nutshell

Late Night Reactor says:

Haha I play game of sultan what are u playing haha game looks nothing like that

Sara Jane says:

Who else got the Taylor Swift and Kanye reference Taylor Swift is my favorite singer next to jay jay ice fish

Admiral Sauce says:

your are now legally a pumpkin. and its now legally a meme

Child of Sass says:

As soon as I saw the first one
I started getting dizzy and everything looked dodgy
I think the ad is cursed!!

Little Nutcracker Guy says:

Hey Danny

Star_Gacha says:

I’m officially Greg.

FlamingosAreCool says:

I love Taylor Swift games

Galaxy Dragons says:

Please never say babygirl again.

Wattpad has tainted me

Dario Draws says:

When you where on the donoald duck one an ad came on of one of the games

I.D.K. says:

Lv 1 crook
Lv 5 boss
Lv 10 Molly Weasley
Lv 20 Shrek
Lv 50 Shaggy
Lv 100 Pumpkin

my pet banana died help says:

No you don’t understand

*its everywhere*

Jashashree Jena says:

After typing your name, the second on the search list is “DANNY PLAYING GAME OF SULTANS” play it!!!!! We’re waiting!!!

Edgy Nation says:

I’m legally a toaster :3

Akuma says:

Oof when he said oh shit

chubby cat says:

Please play the game

arthurwkm says:

Drew gooden why do you have two channels?

Erica T says:

I actually looked up the reviews for this game and one of them said that the game is nothing like the advertisements.

Sinovian says:

Yes you play as a sultan. Nope you never pick a maid. You sort of pick an empress, but not like that and not for that reason! There are six children models (three males and three girls) and only one baby model, none of them are super hideous. You don’t get to give up your kids. None of the wives ever abuse each other (you don’t get to be a queen). You never have social classes. You never have fat people in general, but you can’t make them gain or lose weight either. Actually I give up. Forget all the ads none of them actually show anything about the actual game 😀 😀

The game is about being a sultan. The premise is mostly to improve your viziers (advisers/army general type characters) to participate in events.

Aditi Jain says:

*_wHOops. oH, I sLipPed aNd Now I’M prEgNant_ * 11:32

Greg Castillo says:

How does he know my name is Greg?

Paste\e Bunn¡s says:

Dancing Line (the “zig zag” game) is actually a really good game.
And it has good music.

Victoria Rose Wait says:

Please play game of sultans. Please.

Theonetrueduck Duck says:

I stuck a carrot in a toaster

Hugo Schmitz says:

Big Ben isnt actually the tower… Its the big bell in it… The tower is actually called Elizabeth Tower

ice cube says:

Im *legally* skilled

aaronam0115 says:


I.D.K. says:

Being in top 2 in battle royale is the most stressful experience ever.

Luca MK says:

Lemme guess, you have that thing that let’s you not see yt ads

Nyla G says:

While I was watching, an ad for a puzzle game up, just like the ones he showed in the video. The caption read, “If you score (?) points, you’re legally allowed to leave. Beside it was Patrick (from Spongebob) with bloodshot eyes, screaming in terror.

Madeline Hering says:

*Jonny Jonny, do you miss me? Yes papa. Jonny Jonny, have you moved on yet? No papa*

Chocolate0chip says:

*you better play that game*

Jorden Lps World 666 says:

I guess i am legall pumpkin becausr i am on leval 7

Aditi Jain says:

*_wHerE’s DaNny?_* 5:25

ll MilkAndCookies ll says:

I got an ad during this for a drumming game that had the legally skilled caption

Sinasquares says:

1:10 I thought he was going to plug pewdiepies chair

Maria Reynolds says:

So lemme take this opportunity to show you what I’m made of
Burger King, you will always be my biggest hater
But these are real french fries, that’s just a burnt patatuh
You got a lot of nerve to be up here battling me
You are a snake, but you ain’t up in here rattling me
Take a good look at me, tell me what you see
The number one food chain, somethin’ you’ll never be

Okay ima stop but I wonder if anyone else here has watched that vid

Succ says:

This game is about sultans of course women get beat

Foxfiregirl_ 32 says:

When you have been watching David’s Vlogs for ages but only just realise it’s “Seat Geek” not “Zeekie”

Pidge musicals says:

I’m downloading game of sultans

Victoria Squyres says:

I guess I’m a pumpkin I’m over level 100

Theonetrueduck Duck says:


Theonetrueduck Duck says:


Boo Bop says:

Game of sultan’s isn’t as cringey as it looks. Like it’s boring as fuck but it’s just like ruling a kingdom.

Simona Serbanescu says:

Actually the game is pretty cool…it’s addictive!!!!

Greasy hair says:

Big Ben is actually the bell not the clock tower, therefor this ad is speeding falsehood.

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