Crash Bandicoot Mobile Games Review – Square Eyed Jak

Ever wanted to play Crash Bandicoot on your portable cell phone device? Well now you can! You just need a tiny, brick phone from the early 2000’s and you’re good to go… but I wouldn’t bother honestly.

Download these games: –

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Game Trailers says:

XD BTW i love you jak <3

Valentin Zumberi says:

Why make this video?

MlgYoloGamerMcOldSchool Da says:

There on to us Brits

gamer guy says:

7:16 the dragon says: Nope Im getting outta this %#÷×+ game!

King Harkinian says:

Now I almost want to try to get one of those java phone emulator things to give Crash of the Titans and Mutant Island a go.

mini smash says:

y is the et plush tag moving ???????

Crash's Underwear says:

Snake on mobile. God, that takes me back.

Equestrian Idiot says:

Mind if I take a clip from this for my History of Crash Bandicoot AMV?
I can’t find any other footage of Crash Racing.

DragonFireRants says:

That outro gave me cancer ; Seen its so many times

gamer guy says:

N-Gage = cash grab gold for cheap parents!

Ram777Ment says:

Just took a look at ur channel, guess I’m subscribing. I like the content related to PlayStation and platformers

JungleKing says:

he reminds me of the angry video game nerd.

TheMasterRiolu15 says:

Oh brother, Not another tutorial!

Amber_pops133 lee says:

square eyed jack fav video game series

Spooky Skeleton says:

Hey Jak, im planning on a review on some of these games. It,ll be my first video, so maybe i wont upload it. So anyway can i use some of this footage? you dont have to say yes

Tylore Rogers says:

I think that there is a version of Skylanders Imaginators for PS3 that comes with Crash. If it’s true then I would love to see Jak review it on one condition. You have to play as Crash. Unless you try out the gimmick of the game in which case that’s fine. Or your holding off on this just because you may have plans to do the Skylanders games. If not then at least it could be nice for you to look at what I call The Rebirth of Crash Bandicoot.

J Frye says:

this game steaming pile of goat shit heap crash boom bang. is nothing but a heap of shit.

SpyroYT says:

How did you record this? Did you use an emulator?

Clashman The Third says:

13:45 Ripper Roo is supposed to look like a mental patient?

Mega Wolf8us says:

I remember freaking out at the sight of my comment. (I’m ultimate wolfdude, by the way)

Jono Zygorodimos says:

are you gonna review bayonetta

A T says:

Play ratchet 1 2 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Danintendo says:

Still waiting for an actual nitro kart 2 or team racing 2…

Michael Dunlap says:

just review the Ratchet & Clank games already I’m tired of you not doing it

Game Trailers says:

most funny part 01:23

Jaxer says:

I remember playing two versions of Crash of The Titans, the only major difference was that the other version was like two times shorter. I don’t remember seeing Dimbo though.

gamer guy says:

snake gets INFINITIE/10! Right jack?

TheBoltMaster says:

Why do these games not have 3D graphics! Phones are close to having ps4 graphics and these games have gba graphics!

Jennifer Syrsa says:

you can play Nokia’s snake on your IPHONE

HeroboxReal phone omg says:

This guy is retarded

Bastard Child says:

Great, but you forgot the McDonalds game machine toys …………………. or just forget it.

theresa cruz says:


Super Zach 2005 says:

I’m British

Mr Rieper says:


Plagues says:

10:27 I played it back in the day. It’s true, in the UK version, that guy’s in it.

D-man the captain says:

13:46 But… Isn’t that what he is?

gamer guy says:

like this if your watching on a mobile phone

Crash's Underwear says:

Can I just say that I fucking LOVE that artwork of you at the controls of Mecha Bandicoot, Jak. Did you make that or was it done by a fan?

Alex Kenny says:

Could you review the internet crash bandicoot games?

Tom Baggott says:

Lol are your parents cousins

Voutsi says:

12:44 I had this game when I was younger. I really liked it, although it was too hard to unlock all characters.

Jeremy Priban says:

my aunt had a phone that was the jolly green giant so my cousin and I thought it wasn’t a real phone and we called the police (it was real lol and we were 8)

J M says:

How did Sonic’s ass get aleast 1 mobile game?

paoto says:

For unknown reasons dimbo was in the U.K. version not the US

420blazedmations says:

well… my crash marathon is over. these videos are gems jak

Zusse says:

Bless your soul for having to go through this

Planetorg says:

avgn ripoff

PowerKirbyBomber says:

Sorry, squareeyedjak for the late response. I didn’t realize that you responded to my comment. How can I PM you the Game?

MZD The Guy says:

dont talk shit bout yaya

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