Does a Mobile Fire Emblem Game Work? (FE Heroes Review)

Here’s a review of Fire Emblem Heroes, the mobile game from Nintendo’s hit series, and well, it’s actually kinda great, accessible and fun!

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ZeroTheHeartlessKing says:

literally my first draw was male robin, ALL OF THE YES #_#

ZeN says:

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What? You thought I was a stupid bot?

Karsten Ngai-Natsuhara says:

I find the stamina system fairly lenient, as until you get to the later chapters, the stamina requirements aren’t that big. I find that pretty good myself.

Jacob K says:

I’d have to disagree on the “You only need to overpower them” statement; there have been several maps where I was swept asunder by the computer, but when I tried again and actually used a strategy other than “CHARGE AND ATTACK RAAAGHH!!” I actually managed to win without having to level grind first. Also, even if your characters are 4 or 5 levels higher then the enemy, if you bring all units that are weak to the enemy’s Weapons, you’re probably still going to lose, or at the very least just barely win with one unit left.

A K says:

Yes it does, clickbait over. Just saved you 4 minutes of self-masturbation.

cyncynshop says:

Heroes have redeemable stamina refills as well given free as login bonuses, Nintendo Account rewards, and given to you when you complete certain challenges.
Not hard to run out, actually.

Foreign Forces says:

I always lag of of the app

Hugh Mungus says:

Fire Emblem Rekka No Ken is my absolute favorite game of all time. I played it for the first time back in 2005 and I still continue to play it. Every 2-3 months I complete a run through of the game. I’ve probably beaten the game over 40 times.

Reflet Of The Finn Crusaders says:

Not radiant dawn/10

Ace64 Yes says:

While I do accept that the stamina system would be better to not have, they give you tons of stamina potions which give you an extra 50 stamina regardless of the limit, which softens the blow a lot more.

Wing Hong Wong says:

Not all mobile games use the stamina system. Shadowverse is a very good exception for example, and for being an amazing online CCG also. Granted, they are both different genre of games. You’re definitely right in saying that no one likes to wait X amount of time to play their favorite game.

Hect says:

Just give me the Black Knight and Ike, I’ll gladly throw my fucking wallet at you, Nintendo.

Obscure Media says:

Not this vid specifically but I love how the community constantly shits on mobile games, pukes at the thought of them, but the second Nintendo makes mobile games the community downloads in droves. Sounds a tad hypocritical

Have to say it looks like a game that you can hair waste a ton of time in and just have fun. The graphics aren’t incredible but crisp, colorful and the animation is really smooth. I’ll try it out eventually.

Vicente says:

The game was released 4 months ago and it still isn’t available in my country :c

Tariq Yasiin says:

Yes it does work, and I love it. And this maybe is pushing me to buying a 3DS.

FatalityPWN says:

The stamina system is really trash

Brian Garcia says:

I don’t want to say you’re completely wrong about the stamina system, but you are to an extent. Let me explain.

The game rewards you with stamina bottle refills. There’s a certain side achievement that gives you 10 stamina bottles and I’ve yet to use them all. There’s another achievement that gives you 3 stamina refills. Every single story mission gives you an orb. When you run out of stamina bottles, you can use 1 orb to refill all your stamina again. I’ve yet to put my phone down and wait for my stamina. I always have orbs and always have bottle refills and I play the game longer than I should so I’d say the average person won’t be running out of ways to refill their stamina.

I do wish we could pay for us to get double the orbs and also pay for double the stamina gauge.

GroovyVideoGames says:

I loved the GBA fire emblem games, and also path of radiance on gamecube. Not sure if I’d get into this one though, seems pretty dumbed down.

Gene Park says:

you make great content, dude

Shady Clash says:

Got Heroes and love it. The art of the characters is something that didn’t bother me too much, since it’s cool to see all these different artists doing their interpretation of a character.

Shadow The Blood Umbreon says:

I’m a bit upset that I can’t play for more than five seconds whenever I am in a chapter map or in the arena. So apparently, I’ll just wait until they fix the issues

Saxjon says:

Will you do a review on Pokemon Duel?

StairFacts says:

The reason the artstyle is “inconsistent” is because most of the artwork for characters is done by completely different artists, similarly to Fire Emblem Cipher, the ongoing Japanese Fire Emblem card game. It’s all for fanservice. Furthermore, the handouts they give players in regards to stamina potions, arena swords, orbs, etc., are so numerous that there is absolutely no reason that you would ever need to buy microtransactions unless you are awful at the game.

Crippled Snowman says:

i just love to collect the characters. the gameplay is okay.

Jelos Xenos says:

well the game just started. and as an f2p you can complete any event.

AlphaWolvesGamer says:

My only slight annoyance – Level 30 to level 40 is a BITCH to grind.
Also, you can only get + Levels by merging 2 of the same unit of the same level.
Can someone confirm whether or not promoting a unit removes + levels?

GoldenKite says:

sadly my lg tablet has Android 5.0 so the game constantly crashes. But one up side would be stamina isnt an issue

James Cornwell says:

Nothing Nintendo could do to change stamina etc. Get the fack out of here with that logic, and criticizing Mario run in one breath and saying you’d play this endlessly in the next. This is just more overpriced f2p trash with blues clues version of fire emblem chibi window dressing. Mario is steep at $10 but there could be a sale and it is a game even though the non levels are mediocre trash. This fire emblem does nothing for me it’s designed to juke you into getting your time and money wasted. Hard pass from me.

Ty shadowflame says:

I’m suprised you didn’t talk about the summoning system

Meat Sandals says:

they kept the art true to the game they came from…

Jacen D says:

Tbh this review isn’t great. Longevity is vital for mobile games, and so far Heroes is really lacking anything to keep people coming back. This is really just looking at the game at face value.
Though I guess this is the problem when you release a video basically the day it comes out before seeing how content updates will work.
Guess I’m being to critical of a youtuber who only reviewed this because it was a nintendo game.

Zachary Patten says:

The game is absolute garbage trash for one fucking reason… IT TAKES 20,000 FUCKING FEATHERS TO PROMOTE A SINGLE UNIT FROM 4* to 5* AND THERE ARE NO QUESTS THAT GIVE YOU FEATHERS!!!! WTF!?!?!?! So in order to get 20,000 fucking feathers you have to 1) send home at least 67 four star units or 2) compete in the arena for ~40 days. Yep… that is 40 days for ONE FUCKING UNIT!!!! AND YOU NEED MULTIPLE OF THE SAME 5* UNIT IN ORDER TO INCREASE THEIR STATS!!!! They have made unit promotion absolutely impossible, thus it is 100% pay to win in the off chance you will get a 5* unit from a summon. Fuck… You… Nintendo… You.. Money.. Fucking… Whores…

Sunlight Medal says:

Did you forget to mention the fact that there is no offline mode, it really sucks

Níquel says:

0:55 “A bit of strategy and careful thinking”
Places pegasus knight next to archer.

Jefferey Ashcraft says:

H o w T o G e t F R E E U N L I M I T E D F R E E O R B S H E R E
➜ ➜ ➜
C O M M E N T Y O U R U S E R N A M E I F G E T P R O B L E M ! I W I L L H E L P U ❤️

The Sword Art Online Dickriding Association says:

1:28 … accessible, *FREE*…”

That’s the onky reason I watched this video lol

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