Dragalia Lost Mobile First Impressions Review! THIS GAME LOOKS AWESOME AND IT HAS DRAGONS!!!

Welcome to a brand new video on my channel! Today I’m going to be showcasing a brand new mobile game made by Nintendo and Cygames called Dragalia Lost! This game looks amazing from what I seen in the Nintendo Mobile Direct! Well anyways I hope you guys enjoy my late night rambles on this game and maybe in the future I’ll make some videos on this 🙂

Thanks Brad for sharing this to me!

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StardustNobody says:

Honestly really excited for this game!

Kayvon The Great says:

Background music is so peaceful

Hi Am Disturbia says:

Coincidence lol, i also tested 2 games yesterday. Well guess another one does some testing here. Nice to see that kind of content from you sir

Miguelangel Ramirez says:

Looks like a bunch of lolies to me wat XD

wat007 says:

Pre Register now so that we can get 1,500 Wyrmite right away!!!

Watch the Original Nintendo Direct first!

ItsBradazHD says:

Was honestly surprised at how good this looked. Been looking for a new mobile JRPG to dive in to

Anime Impact says:

Oh shit did not realize you did this video too 🙂 LMAO!

Farr_ says:

This is great!

Good Upload Schedule!

Jorge Avelar says:

Go for it. Do you want!

Nerd Factor says:

Hey remember me the smash yugitube Guy? Well i made a new meme and youre a big part of it so please check it Out

Spike Duel Links says:

im still waiting for mario kart mobile – when that drops, im gonna hit kog there =D

Cristopher DeJesus says:

Cygames = RIP my wallet
Hope they do a Granblue fantasy crossover

Ghostrick YT says:

I am early

Chaos says:

Dragons and waifus? What more could a man ask for?

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