Dragon Project! New RPG Mobile Game & EPIC Bosses! Review, Gameplay and Giveaway

Here’s a new exciting game to play on, and this game is made by the same company that made Shironeko Project (Rune Story), Colopl & Published by goGame for us.

So what is this game all about? I will do a quick review and showing you guys the gameplay on this game.

There will be a giveaway code at the end of the video, stay tuned!

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Official Web: http://bravefrontier.gumi.sg/


xGunter says:

Hey milko try kingsraid. if u want subs

Winsly Argentum says:

Le me guess
Ushi told u to play this game

Icon OnFame says:

soooo like how do i try the game if i dont even see it in the app store? i have both iphone and andriod and both doesnt show when i search it…

mystyllean says:

UI definitely can use some optimization and repositioning other than that looks quite nice

Mohammed Shayan Garewal says:

Hey, Is this on Android only right now? No version on iOS yet?

Silver Celius says:

Add me pls XD

rendy hadianto says:

Bro, cara nya maen di ios gimana ?

Aditya Parab says:

You can redeem only one code either Ushi or Milko.

ashe1928 says:

This is not showing up for me i’m in USA.

EufoniuzMusic says:

the only thing i dont like about the game is that its difficult to get the whole set… i got a headless destroyer at the beginning then a different one on my next summon.. the result was, tho they are both S rank they are different in colors and look.. my character look like a crap… XD

Badboyy Sama says:


Badboyy Sama says:

What app did you use to record the game?

Naldrek SWGOH says:

Yeah would have loved to play this as am looking for a decent new game rather than joining games that have been running for over a year.
Unfortunately it is not in the app store for iOS UK, really tired of developers doing this.

Joash Casuga says:

What is the code can I try it?

Xcell says:

Hi everyone, can anybody add me? my ID is DA7J7S3K7T. Everyone welcome.

Really appreciate it. Thank you.

Silver Celius says:

Quest even adventure of dark dragon (quest 1 you need to reduce the dragon hp to 50%,quest to keep attack until it clear the only thing in this even is keep survive reward is rank A weapon type sword and shield )

Yolo Nega says:

milko please help what units to bring in mildran boss its really really hard!!

Clout God says:

Hey milko ,love videos ur guide on brave frontier help me out with a lot of stuff oh yea u should play a game called king’s raid it a very good game

Wilsoni Otaku says:

hi milko, i also play this
for the summon its better to do 10 summon the animation is fast also, and the summon rate is really something so its better to do 10+1 summon
and i really like the introduction video you make 😀 it explain all the mechanics of the game

Onlyjohn gt says:

Wow I just play is cool like brave frontier

Teoh Yee Xian says:

The game action looks similer then monster hunter explore Is amazing

Watta Al3v says:

I love how Milko get free op shit for free when we have to pay and grind for all of them lol

Badboyy Sama says:


David j says:

I can’t get past the loading screen where the girls ask , “So you’re blahblah, you look like a weak hunter ” or whatever.. after that talk it stays black forever with a dragon in the bottom left , just flappin his wings.

Paradox Fox says:

They should get toggle map to show just players or show only enemies or only show treasure something like that

andrew jounathan says:

milk whats ur main job dude really curious

Obitobi The8th says:

Aye Nikotin I followed you haha. My ign is ObiTobi. See you around my town

Der Chris91 says:

How is it possible to play it in english? I loaded it from QooApp and i can’t find an option to turn from japanese to english.

Soul Fuxion says:

I can’t find the game on Google Play Store

Yusei255 says:

the UI looks poorly Positioned

Meow Meow says:

Yes it’s possible to get other tablet from other rooms.. i got a SS from 1 room

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