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“Adventure Meme” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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RedEyesBlackDragon0 says:

Minor nitpick, davinator. Neither of Mai’s voice actors are in the game.

Jose Hidalgo says:

I got a powerful dick

Gerardo Rodriguez says:

If you loved the classic yugioh dueling without synchros xyzs and pendulums this game is for you. I’ve been having a blast with friends

bubba bojanglez says:

this game is so shit gameplay wise, it’s casualised to the point where the game is really different..since there’s no main phase 1 2 or standby etc. monster effects are heavily simplified… I much prefer the previous yugioh mobile game, but I’m sure konami will focus on this more

Davinator1212 says:

Lol…. ignore that freeze around 7:22…… Videopad blows.

Shadow Lugia says:

Thank you for the review, the fact you have to be connected to data basically killed what little interest I had in this game. The only times I would use it are when I am outside doing some chore, or similar situations, and I don´t want to use data.
Much better to stick to the world championship series on the DS or the GBA yugioh games.

darklyger64 says:

Offline is disabled because of hacks, I’ve hacked Duel Generation and you have to pay real money to unlock good cards. I appreciate the online version because it means it takes hackers a bit longer to hack(if possible, though hacking a server is difficult) the game(though I haven’t tried it), plus for those noobie hackers it becomes difficult to hack it because data is transferred through servers. I like how everyone is on equal ground and can obtain the same cards equally. Generation failed from casuals, because you have to pay real money to build real good decks, but will win through casual gamers. I’ve had friends that suck at playing Yugioh playing the game through nostalgia. Stupid AI is good for noobies and for those hardcore players we can always have the legendary duelist and PVP.

Stardust Silverwing says:

Hey it’s fun like you said! And I would like to see if you could beat the crap out of everyone in duel links

ChipDip98 says:

i like it alot, the only thing is the pointless changes to make it “more mobile friendly” as you put it. theres no reason to remove 4 card placers on the field when you can just drag yourself across the whole thing. and making the decks smaller is even more pointless. its a game that has tons of potential if it just wasnt a phone game. and even for a phone game its worse than it should be. duel links is very forgettable i’ll just save myself some phone space and play one of the gameboy advance games on an emulator. honestly with how little space my phone has this game isnt even close to being worth a full 1GB.

MrEffectfilms says:

I assume this is Konamis answer to Pokemon Go. If so it’s a decent effort.

bobooneeightzerosix able says:

I’d like it if they had heroes. Early ones were pretty fun to play with.

Asiel Romo says:

tea’s battle theme is the only reason I haven’t dropped a toaster in my bathtub

Awesomesausegameing says:

I found the AI to be fairly sophisticated from time to time mixing negate attack with the gravity axe to keep enemy monsters in defense mods it was interesting.

Leonidus McDonald says:

AI gets better at higher levels will you be making another video on this?

Daniel Amos says:

I’d highly suggest continuing to play a bit more, I’m at Stage 13 now and even now some of the random NPCs are giving me a hard time. The difficulty really doesn’t stay easy for long. For me they’re already playing much more tactically and I’ve lost a surprising amount of duels even with more built up decks. It’s worth playing some more if you have time and see if you still hold the same opinion. 🙂

Killian Sebastian Craft says:

choose a spell from your deck. its your skill… similarly, choose a monster its your deck master.

Bryan Kieth says:

If you keep going the AI does get better. It’s still got stupid computer stuff you can take advantage of, but they stop making fundamental mistakes.

Christoph Hurley says:

I miss Dueling Network…

Cesar Rivera says:

I really like this game I do have two big complaints though and the first is the requirement to be online it sucks because there are times when you are in a spot with a bad connection and if you could play offline then you could still play while the servers are down which happens quite a bit. My second issue is the 4k LP in a way it’s good because games go by quickly but on the other hand let’s say you didn’t draw a monster or a card to stop the opponents monster at the beginning well if he has an equip spell there are times when at the very beginning of the match you could be down to 1500 LP and they didnt even have a fancy card it’s just a basic monster with maybe 1700 attack bumped up due to the field affect to 1900 then he equips 1 card and is at 2400 and finally he activates banner of courage which everybody has and bam he just did 2600 damage to you directly. It kind of evens out because it works in your favor too but still maybe 6k LP would have been better.

siegfried greding says:

because i can only have 3 monsters and spells i will pass this game .and wait till they fix that part .

Chuck Hackett says:

Eventually the first name only duelists become trolls. But not until you progress through the stages and it stinks

Linch Lord says:

god this game is bad

BanMonster G. says:

The voice acting almost ruined the game for me. I never play with the volume on because of it. It makes the sound feel too cluttered.

Drakoman says:

thanks for the review and well i like it too bad for the part of 3 monster and spell/trap card, i hope in the future maybe upgrade the space to 5 also more monster and i dont know maybe more slot for deck

Meat Dragon says:

Pay to win

theblackwingangel says:

I’m at stage 28 and running a badass water deck as mako tsunami. love the new deck and play vagabond for a challenge. I find him hard from time to time. NPC duels do get harder. right now I beat most of them in a few turns but I’m expecting towards 30+ it will be harder

Jonathan Asencio says:

I’ve been playing for about 3 months now, gonna disagree with you on the AI deal I’m at stage 52 and decks at this point are pretty well structured decks with good cards like magical arm shield, and card boxes are being added about once a month or two months

Joseph Rodriguez says:

this game blows it’s so simple and easy that it takes the fun out of things

TheLazyWanderer says:

The AI actually becomes better as you progress through the stages, it’s pretty challenging by stage 20

Angelbeat18 says:

Anybody from Chicago that knows where people play Yugioh?
i’m new in town 🙂

Geometry Flow says:

This game is dope AF

Jehovanny Garcia says:

wait so what is the gold used for? I’m still confused about the gold.

Gone Awol. says:

I feel like they only have the old original decks for the old lameos. If this shit isn’t up to Arc V then it ain’t worth installing.

aryzo says:

Stupid german version has no voice actor 🙁 love the game tho <3

robert carfang says:

Pay to play virtual Yugioh cards? You can already Do that in Real Life!!! I’ve been Paying to Play yu-Gi-Oh since 2001! LOL!

magichat66 says:

I see what your saying about it being Grindy but as someone who played yu GI oh as a kid and went back to it with this game I didn’t find it very Grindy as I was able to learn the game and test things to relearn the game without being punished for it. good review though well spoken. will you be continuing to play duel links ?


I dont think the artists needed to redraw the monsters. Im pretty sure when the art is created they are formatted in a way where the monster and it’s background are separate. Kinda like different layers in Photoshop or something. Im pretty sure this has to be done this way for us to have different rarities and stuff. Also if you search up “YGOPRO 2” on youtube you’ll find an unofficial yugioh game with a similar effect.

Maxx Nieves says:

Yeah, it’s fun for what it is, the dumb ai is very annoying at the beginning. My biggest gripe is the card selection, cuz even buying packs, there are very few very powerful cards and most are the highest rarity or you have to wait and cross your fingers hoping the card trader has something good(my first day they had some strong stuff like Cyberstein but I couldn’t get it and the last 2 days it’s been mostly useless stuff) but it is still surprisingly fun.

Josemi1234 says:

Just a game for nostalfags

Harcion Gaming says:

Surprised you didn’t mention the character named David with the same haircut as your icon.


The Angry Yugioh Nerd

Giovanni Gilbert says:

The A.I gets harder the more you progress

Baogar says:

The main reason why I won’t be playing this because they changed the character names. Changing character names is just wrong no matter the media.

hypeboss69 says:

i hope they add no xyzs or sychros or whatever this new shit

Satan's Cow says:

Modern day: 13 sets

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