F1 MOBILE RACING | Pocket Gamer Review

Codemasters has brought its newest Formula 1 game screeching onto iPhone and iPad this week. F1 Mobile Racing combines the impressive visuals of console racers with the one-on-one online battles of Clash Royale. Is it a match made in heaven? Or is this one the pits?

APP STORE: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/f1-mobile-racing/id1343820018?mt=8




Able2 win says:


Iain Hartley says:

Did you see how dirty the driver was?

IMStarbuck says:

tbh, it looks like shit. it’s 2018 ffs!

Stegiand says:

great review, right on point

Sideways Inc. says:

Its absolutely terrible! F1 2016 was million times better

BlackFox22 says:

Crash Sim?

rok kozu says:


starkalarm says:

Games that have to be online are either not downloaded or deleted within a day

enrico pesare says:

when does F1 2018 come out?

LegendarySnipez 7000 says:

Better than F1 2016

captaincrunchamerica says:


Eliseo Rocha says:

I’ll never support F2P games that locks any form of progression to multiplayer or having to draw several kind of the same card to unlock the card because the moment that happens is the moment it becomes pay to win and the multiplayer is not fun at all.

Rahul Sharma says:

Can we play it with our friends ?

kavindu thathsara says:

Still it’s looks like the real racing 3 have the better graphics and tracks when comes to realistic racing games, it already have the formula e and it would be nice if f1 comes to RR3

Mujtaba Ibrahim says:

looks meh…
f1 races in real racing 3 looks better.

Squantle says:

I don’t look for online mid/hardcore games on mobile at all. If I want a full gaming experience on the go, I can use my Switch. I’m put off by always online games and much prefer short burst, score hunting games. But maybe that’s just me…

BoomSwish says:

This review hit the hammer on the nail. It has potential and worth downloading but not quite where it should be yet

Prabhu Dutta says:

It’s not a pay2win right?

Ricky Tomczyk says:

I can’t believe this game don’t support game controller…

enrico pesare says:

Mobile ?

Robin Raphael says:

You have no idea how annoying this game is when it glitches out all of a sudden 100 AR driver’s with swerve and crash in front of you to make you crash and make me dnf absolutely appalling how retarded this game is it should be up to par what the hell happened whoever made the game should be ashamed I Still Play because I’m stupid I really wish they would fix this game quickly eventually I will lose interest stupid ass glitches need to go it’s not that hard to make a game that works obviously we seen plenty of them

MVCPremiumGamer says:

More like Forza Horizon 4 toned down with noobie lobbies, but at least it’s on mobile.

itsamemario says:

kind of dissapointed by the game, it has a lot of potential but just the fact that it has two different currencies already makes it a mobile game f2p pretender, just like clash royale or any other

Shan Michael Escasio says:

As usual, 6 android.

Kidslovef1 says:

Will they add a career mode?

Great Jamie says:

Online’s completely screwed. People just charge straight into me! No championship, you can’t even play all tracks or any drivers at the start, and easily P2W. I’ve seen games like this dozens of times before. Awful

Egon Mellemans says:

Can you unlock different tracks too

Border Cosette says:

The graphics look pretty good for a mobile game. Might give that game a try.

beastpwnr says:

Is this game less pay to win compared to real racing 3?

gaming explorer 1 says:

Is this online or offline

Ottoman says:

Not on Google Play?

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