Fortnite Battle Royale Review

Fortnite Battle Royale reviewed by Austen Goslin on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and iOS. Also available on Android.

8 Fortnite Battle Royale Tips from Pro Streamer GernaderJake:

Fortnite on iOS Gameplay Livestream – IGN Plays Live:

Fortnite Graphics Comparison: iOS vs. PC:

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Megalodon says:

This rating sums up the entire species as a whole.

Sushiyoda says:

“Unlike anything else in competitive multiplayer gaming”
Have you ever heard of this little game called Minecraft?

Roni G says:

Fortnite is free but a lot of microtransactions, no vehicles, corny dance moves, no weapon attachments or chicken dinner? PUBG for life

no says:

Witcher 3 – 9.3. A game that has about a hundred voice actors, tons of beautiful areas to explore, loot, story, customization, lore. Ties up the trilogy and hints about CDs other games. Memorable characters, dialogue. Took 4 fuckin years to complete. Masterpiece and well deserving of it.

Fortnite – 9.6. NO IGN. I’m drawing the damn line.

Jin Furukawa says:

Lmao so this is better than cod and battlefield? IGN riding the hype train

LTPS Fitness says:

All the people hating on the score are the same people who haven’t gotten a VR yet

WowSoOriginal Entertainment says:

Let me just clear this up for you guys .

*_Fortnite IGN: 9.6_*
*_Fortnite Me: 8.5_*

IGN, I know the game is very fun and well done but it isn’t a “9.6/10”. To me it deserves s 8.5 because, of how boring it can get when you keep doing the same thing over and over again. With friends it could be fun but, when you just get backstabbed out of nowhere, you just feel unsatisfied about it. Overall, the game is fun with friends but can get frustrating when you do the same thing over and over. The definition of Battle Royale games. I feel like Fortnite is in a good place but, the game is not above Uncharted 4 or Alien Isolation in any way.

*_PUBG IGN: 9.5/10_*
*_PUBG ME: 7/10_*

I have played the game for over 4 hours and I regret buying game that should be free to play. It has so many glitches, there’s not Americans only Chinese people (No offense), and hit registration doesn’t work some the time. Also, PUBG does the same thing that Fortnite does but just does frequently. What I’m saying is when you get backstabbed and you’re in like the top 10, you get unsatisfied very quickly. Overall, this game does not deserve a 9.5 in any way, shape, or form. Unless they fix the glitches, regions, and the guns, it could be a very fun game.

Kingzy says:

*not enough water 1/5*

Avatar Mono says:

This is an 8.5 or a 9 at most

KSA KeenanStormAlex says:

Its higher than uncharted

FreshAfroman says:

Liking it

Philippe Paul says:

its the biggest game right now and there hasn’t been this much hype since mw2. yet people want to hate on it because it looks like a kids game

CT2 XD says:

I think ign is being more kind with the scores. It’s as if they understand that they can’t just compare it to a better game and give away lower scores because of it.

So instead of setting the bars higher every time a one meets expectations this time they mark the fixed location of a 10 out of 10 for all the other games to reach.

KSA KeenanStormAlex says:

How is this rated higher then basically every story driven game its absolutely ridiculous this game deserves a 6 its rated higher than call of duty

K.K.Productions says:

It mast be 2,179352

MrL4000 says:

I cannot wait for when this game dies in a couple of months

Joshua Minke says:

never played a battle royal game, and dont plan to, just not a fan of the genre, but if i was to play one, it would probably be PUBG

daferrett says:

not a 9.6, more like a solid 8. tis a great free game but no masterpiece like the last of us or the witcher (which the score basically compares it too)

Xierra Marron says:

I hate the building system in Fortnite, it makes me less able to use my usual shooting genre experiences to my advantage, and forced to adapt to the more wild approaches to PvP battles. It’s a turn-off for me, and I don’t play Fortnite anymore, but I will admit it’s one of the charms of the game, and so I guess it should be kept.

Alexander Dobrian says:

PUBG Clone

Batfastard14 says:

Lol at all these people getting salty at the rating, get over it. There is no doubt that this is the most fun and addictive game in a very long time for a lot of people. That’s how I rate games, by just how much fun I have playing it. This is a top 3 game of all time for me just because it is the most fun I’ve had playing video games since MW2 when it was in its prime.

Conor Lehmann says:

Hahahahahahaha better than Witcher and horizon , sure….

SlackAlot says:

Good to see that check from Epic Games finally arrived, IGN.

TokyoPrince7 says:

They’re taking shots at PUBG lol

★ Korbi CSGO says:

This game should be called “Building royale: the rise of scared gamers” since you can’t engage in guns fights it’s all just sissy building competitions and trying to find cover cause your s sensitive little kid and don’t wanna die.

oliverpage83 says:

So it’s like Minecraft but a shooter!?

Nick Nick says:

If it wasn’t free nobody would be playing it

TheNinja545 says:

I’m never watching a IGN review ever again.

XxBuck_SlayerxX says:

9.6?? 10/10 IGN

K.K.Productions says:

Not goot revjiew

JoshAyyy says:

9.6 the hype is crazy good for this game

KassioMassNukeOp Postwarlizard says:

Fortnite is a decent game but it’s SOOOOOOOOOO overrated.

Nizam Ahmed says:

could have been 9.9 but ok

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