Funny OSRS Mobile App Reviews (1 Star ratings) Oldschool Runescape

[PART 2]

The funniest 1 star review’s on the OSRS app store about oldschool runescape mobile. Oldschool Runescape Mobile recently got released and with that, a new influx of players that write the funniest reviews.

Shout out to for updating the community with these funny reviews! Make sure to check the sub out for prime memes.

A lot of players that used to play think their accounts are saved on oldschool runescape, because they played back in the day. Put together the funniest ones from reddit and searching myself. Hope you had a laugh.

Play Oldschool Runescape here:

or Download OSRS mobile on the App store IOS and Android.

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Levi Roch says:

God this made me laugh. . . Honestly, i have no idea what jagex tech support is like. . . Ive never had to call them, game is to well made, its just stupidity that causes fuckups lol

HellboundKIU King says:

Today I made a runescape account. I asked someone to come with me to the wilderness to protect me and I would mine rune ore for them. They agreed but then lied to me and pk me! Shame

Robby Demole says:

Only one I really agree with is not being able to use your old account on old school lol

dha12oks says:

Could do better with an actual human being narrating… but lmfao

Gigely Strudels says:

This is so funny…

Levi Roch says:

These people have been playing triple A and mob games and just been spoon fed everything. . . Put a little effort in, and u shall be rewarded handsomely

Epic Lightning says:

PSA: _ANYONE_ saying they played this game “in the 90s” is a lying piece of fucking shit who should be hog-tied and beaten. The original RS game didn’t even release until early 2000 so fuck off bitches. lol

Sherry Anne says:

I feel sorry for the guy who gets stuck in random event page limbo.

Matt Ordiway says:

Reminds me of ask the murloc…RIP TotalBiscuit <3

Morghan Nedrich says:

this is sketchy…

b1O15 says:

Played for 20 years when it came out in 88. I tried logging into oldschool scape and it reset my guy. i dont even have some of the skills. The years wasted on invention..

҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉ says:

the game kills my battarie…
its all too tiny… we need a lupe.
the grafics (on pc) kill me. why not use rs3 grafics also on osrs? i wanted osrs for gameplay and not for the shitty grafic…

rick fone says:

LUL @ the guy who ragequit over maze

Stewie 5.6k says:

Bruh I remember for the first couple months I played RS I never went to varrock because I thought it would take a Week to walk there. I feel that mans pain.

Sayef_Li says:

My old account was permanently ban for using bot in 2017 even though I didn’t even played it since 2010.

Joseph Whitaker says:

They’re all basically “Waaahhhh, hold my hand and tell what to do, I don’t want to have to explore and think for myself!”

Chris Y says:

Id be careful with the robot voice before the savage army finds out . #25buttholes

Londonnester says:

R.I.P Stephen Hawking rest in peace

Anduardo Yolo says:

Got the “a friend” easteregg. 😉

duck poop says:

RS3 is better then Old Runescape. Think about it, lots of people quit playing Runescape in 07-08. It’s insane to think that piece of crap you left is going to be any better now. It’s just nastyalgia.

SquawkImABird says:

5:02 i remember a time i accidentally made an account with the wrong gmail. Lol xd

Turtle Frow says:

Keep plebs off gaming

Dirk Van de poel says:

When I was 7 years old I started playing, (about a decade ago) I wasn’t able to read and write English, so I constantly asked my parents “what is this is Dutch” “What does this mean”
After a while of asking and looking up I learnt English because of games (also Call of Duty, Farcry 1 and 2, etc.)(Also because of movies and reading English books and ofc my education but all that was after I learnt the basics) Now I passed with a 9 out of 10 on my exams for English and only a 6.1 out of 10 for Dutch hahaha

Uriel Arellano says:

Make another part LOL!!! Or I will no lie ima start making rs videos my user is skrillxx
I was dying when that dumb B put her logging info on a link given by a stranger… lel serves you right
That’s one of the most important rule in osrs… or in general

Bub1029 says:

A real deserving 1 star review from me (though I still play): I started playing Runescape in 2004 in elementary school. I was a dumb kid and every level felt like a milestone because it was so much harder to advance back then. I remember when I first got a membership after asking my dad for a while and how much of a miracle the change was. I played so muh and so often because I loved the world and all the different amazing things you could do and get. In high school, I focused more on my studies and the membership lapsed due to expired cards and never being re-updated. When I got to college, I went to check out my old account free to play for funsies. It had been banned because the password was hacked out of the database during the big bot scandals of the early 2010s. Every thing I had gone thru and experienced was gone forever. I contacted Jagex and informed them and they said “Once you’re banned, you can’t come back to the game on that account and we do not make exceptions for any special circumstances.”

There’s mine

Boltyzzz says:

got a runescape ad while watching this

yoruichixX says:


Mary Offutt says:


P1ER R says:

the usernames thing is kinda true they are all taken jesus christ

Statistically Challenged says:

Watch Part 2 Here!

SATRN says:

All the instant gratification fiends don’t understand the meaning of working towards something FeelsBadMan

NZ BORN says:

6:57 why he just not Tele to lumby? Lmao

Mister Checkers says:

it takes me MAYBE 5 minutes to get off tutorial island xD

Everkush says:

lmfao this is awesome

Fré-Jan Wills says:

meanwhile just try to understand the peoples situations, maybe they could ask.
And for the girl who’s account was stolen well scammers are a great plague on rs or atleast were.

Peter Russo says:

always nice to see papa franku poppin up. A man is only truly dead when his name is no longer spoken.

MrMCW Bojak says:

runescape 4ever

Very Ape says:

Holy crap, poor retarded children.

Christian Romaine says:

Aww you know,what was hard having to figure this shit out as a kid without anyone really knowing what to do. Now you can look everything up. Also i was kid and figured it out. These are clearly adults and they cant figure it out.

Kristjan Link says:

These people are confused. They need some help 🙁

DoktorKebab says:

Yo but that second one was kind of legit you know?

duck poop says:

thats why reddit’s gay too, you think taking peoples statements and changing them is right, humiliating people who had no interest in this game. The Runescape community is some of the most ass backwards, mentally unstable, autistic, immature, delusional, unhappy, toxic, suicidal, garbage ass people. That’s why you need to be on discord to met people cause you cant communicate with normal people in real life, so you got a new world to live in and that’s hell.

ClutchClick says:

Dear lord this is fuckin hilarious lol

SCUBA ST3V3 says:

spakas everywhere

jacob green says:

That one about the phishing scam hurt my heart

ikkentim says:

It’s always a bug in the end-user

escala 85 says:

my character name is notavaivable xdxdxd

Reed Radke says:

lol this is the best, thank you , old school Runescape is a great game

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