This guns seriously good, and not just because of the numbers. It’s got a heap of recoil but it goes almost too reliably in just one direction, and thats a recipe for a perfect spray pattern.

I hope you guys enjoy this one and really get some love out of your G36C time.

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Mark Bardosh says:

No sensitivity link

rutu amaliyar says:

which map

Hisoka’s Dad says:

Bushka do you think aim assist takes the most of skill out of pubg mobile ?

Saß Aß says:

So is it better than m4

DeLaw says:

The first time I tried this gun it felt really good. It’s better version of M4 right now because it has lower recoil otherwise it’s just like M4 (damage, rof).

Juuso Kariluoto says:

Yeah all 5.56 AR’s fire at the same speed but the armory isnt wrong, youre actually wrong about the armory

Ian Whelan says:

Bushka if all 5.56’s are equal with damage and firing rate which one would you say is the best or is it much of a muchness?

Manpreet Dhaliwal says:

@theBushka can you please make a video on 6 hour limit in India and if there is any way to tackle this thing

castlevina says:

I swear i was talking with my friends about this gun if they add it in pupg…
Be4 the beta of g36c released because i know this gun is very op …from the experience in the different fps games like cod mw3 and 2 and so on ……
Now look what i was expecting from this gun is the same …..im not here to make people give me a like for my greate expectation ….im here to tell you..if you left this gun behind you …and you got killed don’t regret about it
This gun is known for its multirole in every thing that ar can do
For me it’s and compact mk14 but with different mechanisms

Stew Pidasso says:

This thing is smooth, no doubt!

WorldWide Paige says:

Ayy! No wonder a guy killed me with G36C long range spamming. Eh, sorry who ever he is, a report is a report. Lol

yinsen says:

Do I see the quickscope button?

Sudhin John Samuel says:

QBZ too has very good recoil control. But the only thing I hate about it is it takes too long to reload.

B Blessed says:

Without shooting with a mouse pointer of dot in Dev options then showing and explaining recoil is useless


Look like I can’t find one in vikendi map and I see I kill everyone using G36C except me maybe I am unlucky person

Min Kha says:

The sound is the same if u put suppressor or not

Taylor Carson says:

Opened YouTube with the thought, “I wonder if Bushka has a video on the g36c.” And it’s the first thing that popped up.

Mark Thomas says:

Bushka, could you do a video on Aim Assist?

Ivan Teo says:

Solid observations!

Ashiqur Rahman says:

Reload speed on this gun is crazy fast.
As always great video Sir ❤️

Alex 9 says:

Best weapon ever…now wait for nerf… :((

Pew Zey says:

Dont normally comment on videos but I had to give you big thanks! I have gain so much understanding about this game and the different engagements and my playing has improved.

Thnks man keep it up!

Parth The sama says:

will you pick this thing over a good ol m416?

High Five says:

Bushka, I think they just copy patterns over from “big brother” game and from my observation the speed of the bullet, while spraying 100+ meters, is inferior to m416. Dps, my be the same, but it feels, just feels like a tiny notch lower than 416. I’ve outgunned players carrying g36 with my 416 + 4x. Still testing though;) Great review btw)

FaderSkate says:

Bushka can you explain if converting 6x to 3x so you can spray a recoil glitch or not? When it was introduced it was said to be glitch


3 hours from upload.

Stu says:

I’ve won every gun fight I’ve been in with this gun so far…. It’s been good.

akhil mohan says:

I didn’t have a good opinion on this gun yet I only played few game with it feels weird let’s see

HockeyRup says:

With the .556 ARs all doing the same base damage and having the same fire rate I can see only a few things things to choose between them.
1. Recoil pattern (seems the G36C is a massive winner here)
2. Reload speed (bullpups like the AUG and QBZ lose out)
3. Damage drop off. Do all the .556s have the same damage over range as each other? Possible video?
4. Iron Sights (YMMV)
5. Sound (If only the mutant hit as hard as it sounds. Love the QBZ sound)

Another good video. Time to hit the snow.

Vigneshwaran Parthiban says:

It is a good gun… But I need damage… That’s why I have set up sensitivity and gyro sensitivity to use beryl… It’s a shredder… I have got good with the beryl to use it around ranges of 70 to 90m…
Nice video…


My observation on G36C:
– Better Recoil than M416
– Recoil pattern similar to UMP9
– works without a compensator or a grip

Akshay Kumar says:

I’m telling you a sensitivity secret.

The ADS sensitivity works when you that fire button.
When you aren’t clicking it, the CAMERA sensitivity is in play.

If you want to test my claim, go to the training grounds, and put your 8x camera/ADS to max sensitivity and move the screen first while clicking and second while not clicking. You will see that my claim is true.

Request you to see this and correct your perspective.

hiiamragu says:

Always M762❤️

Soubhik Das says:

Bushka why is your quickscope button so far and small

Umar Kabz says:

the dp 28 of 556 ARs

bipin249 says:

Best grip in the game is light grip.
Try it and spray 500 -1000 rounds,and see the magic!

ΞXISTΞNCΞ __ says:

Hey sir bushka
do younknow about the new pubg patch 27.

Richard Rhineberger says:

Where are Bushka’s fire buttons?

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