Gamesir Z1 Review (Mobile Bluetooth Keypad)

The Gamesir Z1 is a next generation mobile keypad for Android and iOS devices. This gaming keypad will enhance FPS games, as well as Battle Royale games. It is fine crafted for the future of mobile gaming, complete with customizable button mapping. Is it the best gaming keypad on the market? Find out on the latest Tiny Little Games. Please subscribe to support my channel and share this video on your favorite social media sites. Thanks for watching and enjoy!

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Golden Greed says:

TBH i want this keyboard removed
Cuz it will be unfair for mobile players that are using touch screen

Bogdan Gheorghita says:

Are you excited for Adventure Time pirates of enchiridion?

Tiny Little Games says:

This thing took my mobile gaming to the next level. Although its rather pricey, it may be worth it for the hardcore FPS fan.

Raylight says:

This product seems to be worthless, totally, gamesir is creating garbage lately, staring with the G5S, terrible

Bogdan Gheorghita says:

Does that work for consoles?

Golden Greed says:


J. Wolfe says:

What’s better? This or the Razer Orbweaver Chroma?

Who xD says:

Very good review ^^

Trollsofico Verwindung says:

Just love the mbg in the video xd
Btw, i want your opinion about Blackberry key 2. I play sometime in the phone but not all time, so i saw some review about the phone and i just miss the buttons :’v and its android system, it has 6 gb of ram too, so i dont know if im gonna get it but i would like your opinion

Eric Caraballoso says:

This could change mobile gaming, at least for those who want to play some older PC games on their phone. Really cool, but a little pricey.

white with an attitude says:

excellent. I think I’ll buy myself one for my birthday

Bogdan Gheorghita says:

U have A SNES CLASSIC EDITION?!?! Would u mind making a review because I want to buy it but im not sure

Shin Zi says:

Wow, can’t believe it actually exist

Madalena Lopez says:

I honestly don’t think I should get this because I’m not primarily a mobile gamer anyway, but I can imagine when fortnite mobile comes out that one guy in the match that uses this thing and plays pc, that’s gonna be a nightmare. Oh and I love doctor strange, he’s my favorite super hero.

Rono Islam says:

Did they gave this ton you free

phoenixbluex says:

2018: Playing mobile games with a keyboard and mouse.

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