Guns of Boom Review – Its This Game Pay To Win? + TIps & Tricks iOS Android

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altoidyoda says:

“This help me a lot of time to kill enemy and not spent time waiting reload to finish.” Lol wat?

Lepepelepub says:

This game is pay to win. MY ID: LaFEAAS I have a kill ratio of 1.45 using just my Hans Machine gun which is a beginner weapon and I am still holding my own b/c I avoid straight confrontation and steal kills when I can. TIP: The machine gun are great for low level players b/c the auto aim lets you dish out tons of constant punishment while moving back and forth which will save you a lot of time by throwing off the aim of other players.

It is common to run into people with payed weapons and they wreak everyone pretty easily. AT my low level there is a sniper run that one shot one kills people b/c we all have low health and few armor…unless you pay of course. The scariest weapon is the Ranger shotgun which is one of the top shotguns, people buy the speed increase pants I think and they run you down and one shot you from close range. I wish they would put all the pay players at higher tier games b/c they are wreaking everyone and it isn’t very fair.

Saving up for at least a mid tier weapon, but after 4 hours of playing I still don’t have enough cash, I probably have to play at least 30 more minutes at least to get the required 3000 thousand bucks b/c I only get 150-300 bucks each match despite winning 67 percent of them . I have zero medpacks after using it very sparingly and it still goes away very fast and in total I probably received maybe 15 total medpacks from the giveaways and that is it. I also only have few grenades b/c the game wants me to use G currency to buy them. I save them for desperate situations. I literally have bought zero new weapons, I have bought 1 jacket for 100 armor b/c everyone is lighting me up unless I get the jump on them. You can look up my ID: LaFEAAS if you don’t believe me.

MagnumDB says:

Thank you for the review! Your grammar is a little off throughout the review – were you reading something written by someone else?

Outragem says:

Thanks for this video it made me realize more things on guns of boom 🙂

XxUncle DrewXx says:

Great Video but whats up with his grammar

Hexagonical :P says:

Oh god the broken english with no accent is KILLING me!!!!!

King Tutt says:

Does anyone know how to connect an XB1 controller to an Android phone, without Bluetooth.

JKSbeast11 Josh says:

Why do you skip words when you talk?

Dinesh kamath says:

For all of you guys – Regarding shotgun , dont hesitate for buying these ones :-
1) brawler
3) onslaught
4) porcupine
5) traitor.


what is your legs, armour, and helmet? please answer (sorry bad spelling) 🙂

Nghia Tran says:

It’s a pay to win at lv 16 they offer the shotgun “Ranger” which is OP and you can use it on the wait to lv 32. At this point if u want cheap win u have to upgrade your weapon to either Porcupine(the godlike shotgun) or Jaugunaut(the monster assault rifle) If you don’t want to lose 70% out of your games.

mohamed ailam says:

Great game…. Love it

Deepender Kashyap says:

I reached level 22 but I have a level 4 death dealer and all enemies keeps Remedy , browler etc. What I do ?

xNICHx -.- says:

Stupid people who call people noobs are the noobs!!!

Huzin says:

Yes is sp much pay to win Dude. They by hydra lvl 1 and everything


hey is the sting better guiltonin

Dinesh kamath says:

Please give me your insta id. Where i can ask you questions regarding it, if possible.

DPR Productions says:

Anyone know how much cash or gold the lvl 34 guns cost or the upgrades to lower guns at lvl 34? I’m lvl 30 with lvl 14 armor, and my best 2 guns are Remedy*2 shotgun (Main Gun), and Lifestealer*1 Automatic. I have a Hurricane*4 Machine Gun but not going to waste the Gold to make it *5 when the Remedy is so much better and I need to save for future guns and armor. What I’m super annoyed by is the extremely misleading power ratings on the cash guns when lower tier gold guns (ie: Destroyer, Ranger, Cerberus) will almost always outperform their cash counterparts a tier or more higher (Lifestealer, Remedy). Right now, if player skill is equal, I see max lvl Rangers getting the most kills. I don’t see too many (but yes some) players over lvl 34 yet so only a few top tier guns here and there to fight against. With the Remedy*2 I can dominate everyone except Rangers and occasionally Cerberus or Incinerator gets me or a rare Porcupine or Juggernaut. The heal on the Remedy is disappointingly weak, and fires slower than Ranger or Cerberus, but I get mostly headshots and use Dark Stalker headgear for bonus headshot dmg. I can hit close to 2k max. Was using cowboy legs for armor regen but switched to Panther for speed at lvl 28ish and get more kills and captures than any time camping wasted waiting for armor to regen would have. This game is too fast paced and closed course for me to enjoy sniping, but I love to flank and take out snipers! Let me know how that Liquidator is if you get it, sounds like it may be a guaranteed 2 shot kill regardless of enemy HP or Armor.

Voltage gamer says:

this game is pay to win i’ll tell you why:i play this game since it was beta i had the death dealer level 1 when the game max was 3 levels and i had the sting level 1 aswell when this game came out i installed it on my android i started to save money i bought the hurracaine and upgraded it to level 3/5 and bought destroyer with the gold i kept winning matches intill i reached 2000+ trophies and after the update of the controll points mod this game became harder everyone is having armors level 10+ and everyone is using op weapons with camos like cerberus or life stealer thats why i unnistalled the game it sucks now full of pay to win pricks

3ndernet 90 says:

Basicly i’m a pro but all of the team that i play with is a noob well what can i do about it,nothing?


Hey nice video and good tips but I want to learn how to get gunbucks fast

Dropout's Production says:

what is the price of porcupine?

Josh willis says:

wtf is this english

bilal benyoucef says:

what about now ? after the last update the game became shite

Ben Mayo says:

Hi, I have a question. I play guns of boom often, and in the past I have bought a “jacket” (armor) and haven’t upgraded it yet. I don’t like the design of the level 1 jacket and I don’t know how to change the design. Is there a way I can change the design of the jacket by upgrading it or something? I’d like the design of the jacket to match the helmet that I bought.

Donator HD says:

Thank you!! 😀

Lemy Lemy says:

You posted this video in June this year. And since end of July. This game became so P2W.

Nox noxxic says:

Trust me guys it a pay to win game it’s super fun but there is no way to save money or gold eventually you’ll have to buy or upgrade guns or armor I put no money into this game and I’m at level 22 and can’t even get any quests done because I can’t get a kill off maybe I’m wrong if I am go ahead and tell me why I did wrong peace!!!!°

Vain Legacy says:

Best Counter strike alike mobile games. btw how to remove the blunder buss from the load out?

Tsim Tsim says:

Lolol it’s soooo pay to win are you kidding?

meguell2 says:

When you get to level 24 and up, you will not survive without paid weapons. So when you start you can play like this guy in the video here, but when you get up in levels, you can’t compete without spending real money. I’m sure he knows that know since it’s 6 months later. Don’t let this video fool you.

Gorilla Face says:

I really do enjoy the game. But with me not spending money, I get into a game where people have maxed out high tier weapons, maxed out armors, etc. And it feels like there’s no way to kill them. When someone is doing twice your damage per shot you can’t do much against them. When you don’t get people like that against you, the game is fun though

Andrei Limpiada says:

Are you ok?Its because you didnt even reach lvl 34 bro!!Almost all players there are pay to win player!!

Aman Singh says:

This game is shit, i just started playing this game and i use level 2 blunderbuss, i faced remedy, destroyer, thanatos players. They were standing at our spawning area and constantly killed us, i deleted the game after that

Vain Legacy says:

Lets fuck Supercell with this game cause I’m tired of it.

bloody sniper elite 244 sniper says:

I play it

Automated Response says:

It is pay to win. Firstly they charge constantly for health kits and grenades that run out fast, the two creates they offer for free don’t last.

All the guns that are powerful are expensive and most require gold rather than ingame cash. It would takes weeks to grind for a weapon at 50k or higher considering the payout is weak.

Players with big pockets can max their armour, guns and buy the best weapons at low levels. Normal free to play players can only afford to save up for one weapon, take months to get all other weapons for different classes, like shotguns, machine guns, snipers etc

Ron Moshe says:

Great review, it really helped me to understand the basics of this game,still need to practice though as I’m a bit clumsy even with the auto aim

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