Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Review

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery reviewed by David Jagneaux on Android with a Google Pixel 2. Also available on iOS.

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Rescz Gélic says:

3.5? nah nah its 2

Lien Shing says:

It would’ve been better if it lets you do the actual spells

Variasam2 says:

Why isn’t this a 0? No merit deserved whatsoever.

Carlos Javier Alarcón Cabañas says:

you call this A GAME? hahaha, sad how people are starting to forget what videogames are.

Sunny Mitten says:

The game should have been rated 0.0.

Spicy Timr says:

It has a little something for everyone 9.7/10

sajji syed says:

Pacifically lol. It is specifically.

Our Lord and Saviour Nicolas Cage says:

Microtransactions ruined Star Wars, now it’s got to Harry Potter. Is nothing sacred anymore?

Reuel Enerio says:

Best IGN review evah

AnimatorNinja says:

I honestly couldn’t keep going just being in a Diagon alley after looking at that Sims 2 animation

Mr Faceplant says:

I’m not surprised.

kremit the frog says:

The game – tap tap tap

*waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait* tap tap tap

Team Star says:

Damn IGN told it as honestly as they can be

Team Trees says:

I only wish the music for this review was louder.

EdiGamer103 says:

Is it just me or is it a little hard to hear his voice over the music?

Severiel says:

I agree with everything in this video except the end

Jim giannou says:

“How about a review of fortnite battle royals?”


Alexander Chippel says:

A crappy game based in a crappy children’s book.

Commons Gaming says:


Afaque Mulla says:

They ruined it

Swordviper says:

is it possible to give a negative review?

Super Kool Awesome says:

Who else is a POTTERHEAD

PerrySport says:

Duh. All games do this

oklad's gameland says:

I agree igive it a 1.03

Christian First says:

292 dislikes were the people who bought 3,000+ gems

TaKevinT says:

Whys it look like a bad disc rom game from the early 2000s lol

jacob caswell says:

Tell me this does not look like the sims?

StormKing3 says:

“Pacifically” – Whoever is doing this should be burned at the stake

Niceness_of_Gemini says:

Say what you like, this game isn’t bad. I’m honestly in it for the story…plus Tonks is hot and can sing.

LegoMatthew Vids says:

Game: use 5 energy to take a break
Me: but taking a break should give you energy not using energy

mimi // says:

only ios users are bothered

Simon Biedler says:

Yea I agreed 100%

Vold Ravenclaw says:

I would have recommended a small quiz with coloured questions, so you can get the house you want, or the one you fit in.

Alexander Ruiz says:

Ehhhhhh played. Clash of clans a lot, so I got time to kill, energy doesn’t really bother me, but I understand where people come from

Trenify says:

They got this right but not Mass Effect Andromeda like wtf

Aaron Obyonek says:

This game in one word?


Grow Lockin says:

3.5 not enough ps1 Hagrid

MRVukable says:

3.5? Dude its a clear 1. Why are you so generous

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