HERO 👏 REVIEW 👏 | ALDOUS IN DEPTH | Mobile Legends

Is Aldous and his giant fist worth it? Time for Hero Review!

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Jocelyn Arguelles says:

Why I here dogs?

shucks ey says:

Sorry imma late MINA SAN

Hunnan Hussain says:

Already bought already disappointed .

Daredevil 125 says:

Great video And nice tips

mobile legends gaming says:

Greedy mo lesley hahaha

C says:

For me i only play Aldous when roger and zilong is picked on the enemy side since his 2nd skill is immune to basic atk and becuz theyre tanky.

mobile legends channel says:

Shimen u crazy alsous is fcking op if he get buff will be like lancelot before furst nerf

FanRWBY: says:

So basically Farm 1st skill, don’t get fucked, get to lategame, avoid CC heroes?

Tobirama 1937 says:

One punch

Gerry Rodriguez says:

Where did that “ouh!” came from anyway?!?!

Shadow Guy says:

Gonna have a bad time°>°

DNSEA Zuku says:

Used him 6 games 100% winrate in smurf grandmaster accnt, he’s really good for high elo players cuz most high elo player know his quirks unlike in gm where no one really cares. Even with 50 to 75 stacks he’s good enough for fights in midgame. I find it easy to last hit minions in gm rank cuz I am a mythic rank player, the trick to last hit when you’re lvl1 is wait for the minions to be 1/4 hp before using 1st skill. After 10 stacks you can do 1/2 hp minions as long as they aren’t the tanky ones. When you get 25 stacks you can almost one hit minions just do a basic attack first, for tanky minions its 2 hits.

Just don’t lane with heroes that takes all the minions like vexana and you can farm enough. Early game he is very trash but know your strength, don’t fight in early game without your team or just tell your team not to fight too much and just focus on growing that fist.

Mohd Najmi says:

too late shinmen I’ve already bought him 🙂

RavenTheGreat 72 9 says:

I am having a hard time with him now
When he was released I already bought him and I got 70% win rate now I have 50% because of stupid teammates earlier because they always steal my last hit

jackychin76 says:

I can’t get any stacks, team mates takes them all~ XD

F34R Creed says:

Greedy mo lesley hahha

Crazy cow says:

I’m fast as fuck boiiiiii

Feel Free To Subscribe says:

I think your dog wanted to be in the video.

Huge Kato says:

Too OP huehue

G D Sardar says:

Thnks man.. i bought but could not use

Op Man says:

Will belerick be a free hero that we need to obtain in a future event or he is obtained through bp and dia?

Zord Xros says:

Aldous is OP if use in the right way,

1: always farm Don’t go to a team fight unless you have 30 stack

2: if ultimate is unlocked use it just like what shinmen told in the video

3: always push, why? Because if you have 30 or more stack just attack tower using first skill

4: always use ultimate on marksman or assassin and after you hit them use second skill first and use his passive

5: don’t go alone always stick to team in early to mid game

Nataly Kawaii says:

His ultimate is so slow to ride but angela’s ultimate is so fast to like teleport and aldous is like very slow ride

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