HERO 👏 REVIEW 👏 | KIMMY IN DEPTH | Mobile Legends

oh no. i smell new main 🙁

music at the end credits to:

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SLaYeRZ D. GunShot says:

Meme review is the youtubes favourite show isnt it?

Bagas Smaradeva says:

Yep, this hero is *broken the meta.* thats why I will buy her, but sadly she will be ban on ranked. Trust me :/

Gunleibi Haobam says:

Can’t buy on original server

Nay Chi says:

Are you a nine year old too?

Kirito says:

Is it just me that only buy heroes I find cool? I dont care if its OP as HELL, if its lame I will not buy it!

4w4k3n says:

“the new cancer” lol

Kim Albert Libre says:

Can we copystrike hero review?

Broen Gabrielle Barut says:

are you using emulator bruh?

Ezekhg 2 says:

Me: Kimmy, do you love me, are you riding?

Everyone: No, Just no

John Niel Wenzel Terrado says:

Hello Maggots I’m your Faptain today and the name you want to search is Kimmy Granger.
Feast your eyes maggots!

R0yaler says:

Saving up for Harith

Itz Me Rex says:

Thx for the review I’ll try using her to rank

Snowxfalls says:

Hanabi + Ithriel = Kimmy

I guess they lesbian LOL

Fabrizio Buenfil Rivero says:

Hanabi or kimmy? Answer quick pls

Jim Carlo Alcantara says:

It’s not available yet on original server

Khairul says:

I dont care about kimmy, what i want to know who singer that japanese song. Give me her name n song

Ice Queen says:

Irithel or Kimmy? Which to buy?

Itz Me Rex says:

Gladly I got 32k BP to buy Kimmy

Cronos Joe says:

Wait, so if her s1 makes her basic count as skill attacks in dmg would this do the same thing hanabi used to do on endless battle where each attack dealt true dmg too?

zem0ku says:

Time to take advantage of this “Balance” and play her on ranks

Kousuke Ueki says:

Dont worry.. i will go forcing dev to go nerfing kimi by reduced attack speed or rate attack.. if i went it with serius business..

Danforth Vista says:

surely is an asshole

Nofan Felani says:

Please *gimme* some recommendation of good item builds for *Kimmy*

Heherson Landingin says:

Thanks for the info.

Omai Wa Mou Shindeiru says:

lolita laughing in the back

Mac n cheese says:

Oww a new hero
*sees ultimate*
AP jinx???

My name is Jeff says:


arthyzontwitch says:

She wont be my next hero

수연키미 수연 says:

I have bought and used Kimmy but Claude is better….. ^_^

Jae Wolf says:

I was so disappointed she wasnt released on tuesday. I bought lunox instead. Wasnt disappointed

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