Hogwarts Mystery Mobile Game Review: First Impressions | @laurenfairwx

I’ve been playing the Hogwarts Mystery game for mobile and I have some thoughts on it. I am still playing despite my frustrations with the game!
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My Life as Me says:

I’m Morgan Granger, a ravenclaw

Rachel Ann says:

I’m still playing, but I have many of the same frustrations. I’m in second year and the story is getting more interesting even if the general gameplay is about the same. I’ve noticed another inconsistency as well is that when a character is supposedly not around story-wise, they’re still in class because they’ve only set up one variation of that class. It’s relatively minor, and I find it hilarious, but still an inconsistency.
Overall, I’m going to keep playing because now I’m invested, but I’d also love to see an open world Harry Potter PC game one day. That doesn’t feel like Pottermore 3.0.

Karla Triplett says:

Yes like wow how much fun would that be!!
The energy system sucks!!

Leilani Allen says:

I was hoping for Hogwarts meets sims game. with 100% customizable characters at 1st. like height, weight, disability and so on. and the sorting hat was a joke in my opinion. it basically asked me what I wanted, then gave it to me. I couldn’t get past the freaking devil snare. I had such high hopes for this game. and the weird faces the characters make when the “talk” bug me. I mean, they always look worried or like they are on something.  I wanted to interact with Harry and everyone from the movies. I wanted to fight in the battle of Hogwarts. I wanted to be in the tri wizard tournament.  I wanted a game that let me be in the world of Hogwarts.  I had this game for 2 days, and maybe played 20 minutes. I don’t see me downloading it again.

Bianca devr says:

I totaly agree. I have to push myself to play the game. I love HP. so I dont want to delete the game, but it’s kinda boring.

Katya Tveritinova says:

Harry Potter and an Open World RPG

Madison Lynn says:

I want your shirt

TheDAPler says:

I agree – but.. Haven gotten a bit further into the game, I have gotten more into the plot of the story. That is the only thing that drives me forward in the game (have not and will not use any money on it, though).

Madisyn Bowen says:

I agree! An mmo rpg would be legit. Play during Harry’s years at Hogwarts, but have time travel ability after a certain level or quest to go to marauder era, founders era, or even epilogue era potterverse. So many possibilities. I mean, I understand why they went mobile since mobile surpassed desktop, but I hate playing games on my phone. The only one I really enjoy is Pokemon go, but that’s because it immerses you in a completely different way.

Its also annoying when you are in the middle of a high action part of the game and you run out of energy.

lordcoyote2000 says:

I’m genuinely confused about something said in this video. What is the context of the blackboard statement? Again, not trolling, or being snarky or anything of the like. It will probably be one of those things that as soon as it’s explained, the lightbulb will come on.

hurleygirly629 says:

I also am not a fan of the energy system, but I’m still playing because, Harry Potter.

Thomas Walder says:

I am so with you on the Harry Potter MMO RPG. I also wish I could work on such a game, but my skills and resources are lacking.
I have strong opinions on how they should realise the Hogwarts Castle to try and capture the magic of exploring like they did in the PC games, and bring it to the life in a way that faithfully represents the books and movies.

I kinda want to make a model of Hogwarts based on people’s analysis of the books, but including the aesthetic of the movies.

I am further along, it is both better and worse. It’s good in ways, but gets annoying all the little errands which basically amount to clicking on stuff.

Miguel A Salazar Jr says:

So true Martha can I create this game you can move your character around you can walk you can talk when we were your energy goes back I don’t get it why they don’t have this

Rebekah Rocha says:

I like it so far, I wish they would change the energy portion of it. Also, I dont like how you can only go to potions, charms, and flying. I get that the other classes open later, but I was really looking forward to transfiguration or defense against the dark arts. I think it would be cool if they had your day set up like Hogwarts going class to class. And it’d be nice if everyone could have their own quest instead of everyone fighting Merula. I do like how the characters arent discriminitory to other houses and such. It has a lot of work that needs done, but its not the worst version I’ve played.

Alisa W. says:

I know this sounds ridiculous but one of the thing that bothers me the most is while your character is having conversations with friends in the Great Hall they’re eating SANDWICHES! We read so much about the excellent food at Hogwarts and they’re eating diagonally sliced sandwiches!

AceyMo21 says:

It’s a bad game in my opinion. I’m in year 2 but it did not get better. I completely agree that they should make an mmo rpg. There are however so many more mobile games out there with the same energy system who are doing great and are fun to play. The creators should’ve invested more time in researching what the fans want, instead of how to earn more money. I promise, the moment they make a cool game, I’d be happy to spend $5-$15 on the complete game, one I can play for HOURS and hours! Ok. Need to stop before I get into a real rant. Love your content;) I’m so happy you’re going on tour btw, enjoy the experience!!

bookworm1412 says:

I’m really glad that finals kept me from playing the game immediately because then I had already heard about some of the game’s problems. It’s rather disappointing, but I do like being in Hogwarts classes. I wonder if Snape is still as mean if you’re in Slytherin.

We Imagine says:

Fun review. We are totally in love with Harry Potter, too. So, now we are going to be going thru your Harry Potter playlist. Of course we are now fans of your channel. We found you through your creator videos.

LosingLara says:

Yeah I’m kinda bored with it. Right now I’m waiting for a QUEST. Not more energy, no, a quest which is 6 hours from now. Or if I want to spend some gems I could do it now… and that annoys me. They are not even letting me PLAY unless I spend something…

meowtamorphosis says:

I keep playing because I am interested to “find out the mystery” and the story. But the energy thing is annoying, I feel like it gets a little better but not much. The thing that frustrates me the most is I want to build friendships with some of the other characters available to me but it never gives me the opportunity to interact with them. It’s usually only Rowan and in order to choose a character to go on a particular quest with you, you have to have a certain level of friendship with them but again, it hardly ever gives you opportunities to build your friendship meter with them. The same goes for your courage, empathy and knowledge levels, sometimes it won’t allow you a specific response if your level of that trait isn’t high enough, sometimes it needs to be ridiculously high which is annoying because sometimes those are the better response options. So that’s what frustrates me the most (btw I’m in the middle of year 2)

Gipsonwands says:

I’m curious did everyone get the same acacia wood wand? I almost wish it linked with Pottermore so i could get my House, wand, and patronus.. but Alas, ear wax.

Gracie says:

The worst for me is that they make you break the rules and even if you choose not to lie to the teachers, you have to refuse to listen to their advice a lot. It’s like they’re forcing me to be a very specific type of Gryffindor. (I’m a Slytherin.) Also, why do I constantly have to try to convince my friends not to be afraid to go on adventures with me? And why do I only eat GIANT sandwiches?!

mairimka says:

Rather than WoW, I would really like a Harry Potter game that follows a similar concept as Guild Wars 2. It’s buy to play and there are events all around the world that range from catching a farmer’s rabbits and returning them back to him to slaying a dragon and saving the map from destruction. There is also a “personal” story to play and regular updates that introduce new story content and keep the game alive. I would really love a real Harry Potter MMO with a great concept that doesn’t break the bank.

Hiba Khan says:

Where did you get your shirt? I love it!

Britt Weasley says:

Haven’t played it yet cause my iPhone won’t do the update I need for it.

Annie Lovell says:

Currently at the beginning of Year 3, but at this time at least that’s all the content there is to it. They have this sign saying “Please Be Patient” while they make the next four years of the game, but it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It really is a quick cash grab.

PS: I was really disappointed about the lack of glasses at the start of the game as well!

Talk Thought says:

Cool video Lauren.

CuriosityRocks says:

Totally agree about the glasses, I managed to afford the basic glasses when the game randomly gave us a bonus 100 crystals

PumpkinMozie says:

ooohh your hair is looking awesome!
Regarding the game: I’m still on the fence about whether or not I’ll download it…it doesn’t really sound very fulfilling. The whole point of a Harry Potter game I think is to feel immersed in the world, and I just don’t see that being possible for a mobile game.
As for the Flitwick joke…this might just be a cultural difference but I think Americans are a lot more sensitive with their sense of humour xD the English are a bit more crass about it and tend to prefer taking the piss out of people.

My Life as Me says:

Make a reaction video of you playing the game

Haley says:

I 100% agree with the glasses as someone who wears them too. I couldn’t see myself in my character at all until I saved up to buy the glasses, and I really feel like they should be available from the beginning for those who wear them. They could at least give us one basic kind of frame and then open up other kinds of frames later.

I agree with everything you said. Honestly, I don’t know if I’m going to keep playing. If I do, I think it’s more out of seeing more potential of what the game could be than what it actually is.

Alessandra Vianna says:

Lindíssima, falou tudo.

Isaac Lloyd says:

The game is just a tool to make money. It was super boring and super limited. If they would really care they would do an Online Rpg game. Maybe with a singleplayer mode in the beginning for the introduction. Also with better graphics and more love for little details. I loved the earlier Pc games where you could wander around the castle and search for Bertie Botts Beans and find secrets and you learned spells by doing little adventures (HP3). It just had far more charme. I am super disapointed and a little annoyed that Harry Potter is getting more and more destroyed.
Also, just for me personaly I couldn’t take my real name, because the brothers name of the main character is the same as mine, so my letter was not that great. Make him a cousin or an uncle or something, so everyone can have a personal connection. It could have been sooo cool!!

Amber Opsincs says:

I am right there with you. You use energy SO FAST in Mystery, you’d end up spending tons to play very little. I am so let down.

This reminds me of how I felt with Cursed Child, like it really favored people with money (or connections) as being able to experience a new part of the story. It just wasn’t available for everyone to experience the way the books are, and neither is this. Pay to play and here the story, or don’t pay and never get to know. I dunno, it seems really not in the spirit of Potter.

E.V. says:

I have actually cheered while making a sandwich in my kitchen when you said “why can’t it be like World of Warcraft”! Wizarding world is so awesomely detailed it would be very well suited for MMORPG. I understand they take a lt more time to make…but I am still going to want to play it when I’m 40, so I can wait 😀 Speaking of “it’s real for us” – my son is a big fan of your Prince’s Tale album so we had it on repeat for a few days…And it so happened that we’re re-reading “Prince’s Tale” chpater at the moment. It was so weird nd cool noticing the lyrics matching with the text!!

whylime21 says:

I agree with a lot of what you said! I wish there was a better Hogwarts RPG and hopefully there someday will be. However, I am enjoying Hogwarts Mystery. I’m over halfway through year two and there are more sidequests so you have some more options of what to do, and theres more duels (which don’t use energy). I think its fun for a MOBILE game. Something to pick up every few hours and check on, but definitely not something I’m going to pay for. (much more excited for Wizards Unite coming later this year from niantic)

Laura Martens says:

It just makes me sad that they just can’t seem to get harry potter games right lol (the best ones are the hp Lego ones which I absolutely love) like this franchise has SO MUCH MONEY why have they not managed to figure out the right formula with the right team

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