Injustice 2 Mobile. Classic Superman Gameplay + Review. AMAZING SPECIAL 2! Is He Worth It?

Injustice 2 Mobile: I finally unlocked Classic Superman and he looks AWESOME! Classic Superman Gameplay, review, gear showcase in Injustice 2 mobile, he is the coolest looking character in Injustice 2 game! Have you already unlocked Classic Superman in Injustice 2 mobile?

Powergirl in Injustice 2 Mobile:

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Gamer carl Marcus arsenio says:


Jeremy Prasetyo says:

Mkx mobile please

Nerasonn Stuff says:

Ive never really got into Injustice, but from what I’ve seen it looks pretty fun!

Diamond Gaming says:

I have got knightmare Batman after. I opened a chest

Everybody Hates Rod says:

Been wanting to get into playing Injustice, guess sitting back and watching a pro is still a start. Haha

Jamasios says:

star hello plz try this 2 mobile games : Dandara or The Silent Age its same as Mortal Kombat : Mythologies plz just try ❤️

mark max says:

I don’t like him

Tanmoy Sharma says:

So real cool..,,,

Austin Bolton says:

His infinite combo is crouch multiple times

Aditya Dalvi says:

mkx is not responding

suomi xs says:


Wake A People's Organization says:

I also have classic superman

Radwan Rj Jim says:

plzz sf3 ,s vidio launch I am waiting for it

Matthew Kwee says:

Join my league and help me out-MysticFalcons

Reece Wilkes says:

I have nearly got classic superman too

KingMatt One says:

I have Classic superman in 3 stars and he at 50 threat at lvl 60 treat

Th3 Choz3n 0n3 says:

This is so messed up

Ghaith Kefi says:

Play mortal Kombat please if you can

Benjamin Puello says:

Congrats cuz you got 100k subscribers

KFC Bucket says:

I wish theyd put this superman in the console version

Nadia Levi says:

I actually just got him

ReTrO Ryan says:

100k congrats keep it up

Data Support says:

Shadow fight 3 = THIS GAME IS A LIE

k sekar says:

Nice video bro. But I want to tell you one thing. I saw you in shadow fight 3 in duel I am so happy to see shadow ivy did you fight with me my name is DEEPAK full capital in shadow fight 3 And I can say your equipments yes First my equipments I wearing mind control legendary helm and I have shadow diving suit and my weapon is razor edge my ranged weapon is epic shrukens remind me you defeated me shadow ivy is best I forgot to wear my best Items but I fight with you in today now you equipments you have that box helm and wearing shadow diving or anything I dunno and you have Sakura weapon and harpoon too bye remind me please

Adithan R says:

When you use classic super man special 2 they can’t block for a while

nightwing st21 says:

I’ve waited for this video so much classic superman

ahmed mido says:

If you keep on quiting matches people will unsubscribe !!

SayHelloTalle NG says:

I have 38 shards of him xD

Lucy The dog says:

I’m not used to seeing you with 100k subs. It’s really cool

I'mAlEsbian says:

I got him at 5 stars, he’s pretty good tbh

I am a Weedle says:

Look up in the air, it’s bird it’s a plane its….STARINSKY

Allen Hunt says:

im kinda done wit this was fun but a waist of time .

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