Injustice 2 – Mobile Game Breakdown And REVIEW + Tips And Tricks!

Have you played the Injustice 2 Mobile App? If so what do you think?
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Anonymous 35 says:

How do you unlock challenge mode

Edward Walker says:

Hi there, great tips for anyone just starting out.

UnknowableForce says:

The google play store and injustice site says it only realeses in may 11th.How did you get it?

busterkitty 27 says:

how do u get legends

DOC. Phock says:

Anyone able to help me? I accidentaly linked my google account and I want to unlink it so I coul link my WBID
But I find no success everytime
“Unable to unlink account please try again later”

Scott Barnes says:

how do i sync my account with my xbox?

shafik sheikh says:

this game is fucking cash grab

Thomas Butler says:

How do you get the game early because I thought it came out on the 11th

jrod120573 says:

Hero Chest don’t unlock a hero… it gives you 10 shards of any hero. I have been playing this game since it came out and I still only have 4 characters… This is a rip off by WB.

Darkflames1978 says:

I thought it launched on the 11th?

moonfog pineda says:

is a good game but for the gear they asking wayyy to much money just buy the console game and play that one is fun as shit better you spent 60 bucks and you have the whole roster already

J S says:

Please answer me this cause this is very important to me. Do you need to be online to actually play it or can you play it offline also like the first game?

Ultimate KillerKombat X says:

Awesome video bro.

big weld says:

do you think you Will be able to buy the ultimate edition shaders later on? bc i cant cancel my standard edition pre-order

para 711 says:

what about the long loading screens and no option to press retry ?

Christian Kennedy1115 says:

What country’s is it out in

Reece Day says:

wow ive only just got it, came out today in the uk

NinjaStar Games says:

how did you download injustice 2

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