Injustice 2 Mobile. Power Girl Gameplay + Review. Female Doctor Fate. Is She Worth It?

Injustice 2 Mobile: I got Power Girl from Raid Rewards and SHE IS AWESOME! Power Girl Gameplay and Family friendly review in Injustice 2 mobile, she is the prettiest female character in the Game! I also have a maxed piece of Powergirl gear! Do you guys have Power Girl in Injustice 2 mobile?

Reverse Flash in Injustice 2 Mobile:

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Just Leo says:

This man is really talking about a comic book hero boobs …you must get all the girls

MakeThe GAME says:


mago lago says:

no shit she’s worth it

Reptile says:

Love you star

Memes for days says:

i think i was third or fourth…. whatever. lol

LAK ARA says:

its gonnna wreck fatal battle

936 Jay says:

Bruh first you said Harley was the prettiest character then starfire, and then catwoman, now her just make up your mind dude

Nick Pick says:

Her special 2 is almost the same with Multiverse Flash special 3

Manlio Espinoza says:

Put doctor fate and power girl in the same team

Airick Bautista says:

She got boobis

I am aGamer says:

Why u always choose Robin to do super move of Power Girls???

Jonathan Gabriel says:

Hey star can you do some raid gameplay and rewards please?



EMazingEverythings says:

Love your channel Star

Ajinkya Bhutkar says:

pls do more on Pc series can’t afford game as I am student so I become happy by watching your videos pls consider request


She’s hotter than the devil with a fever.

Vidhul JohnZz says:

u ar so silly great vedio dude keep it up

Nicholas Dunn says:

She has large breasts because her writers wanted a more feminine superhero, and she uses her bust as a symbol instead of an actual symbol

Fadi Ghazele says:

You were actually wrong about her passive, for every 12 seconds, when you replace her with A DIFFERENT character while she has low health. When you use her again she will have 36% more damage on opponents.

I hope I explained it good enough for you to understand it…

Ajinkya Bhutkar says:

pls do more on Pc series can’t afford game as I am student so I become happy by watching your videos pls consider request

Fadi Ghazele says:

And tbh in my opinion the prettiest character in inj. 2 is Multiverse Supergirl

LAK ARA says:

try a team of mkx kintaro,
jade and tournament quan chi

Kanish N says:

Supergirl is cousin for Superman .. Basically older sister .. But this one power girl is supergirl from earth 2
This Power girl is Karen Star .. Not Kara Danvers

Scorpion MK says:

DAMN!!! Her boobs are bigger than my future!!!

soumyadeep mukherjee says:

How could you get so many characters and i cant even get a gold one.. Please give some tips to get better fast. #STARINSKY

Ajinkya Bhutkar says:

pls do more on Pc series can’t afford game as I am student so I become happy by watching your videos pls consider request

ImSamhel says:

What device do u use? And what do u recommend to use in 2018? I need a strong but not too expensive phone 🙂

Petar Dimic says:

They say said she has two supergirls too… Now i believe them.

PES_Master Mobile says:

Its compounded at 1 percent not added

Jimmy Huynh says:

Her Face Kinda Looks like Super Girl

Jeremiah Longoria says:

Who loves five nights at Freddy’s and Friday the 13th the game

Oasis says:

Quick question, on MKX can you get thunder god raiden in elite pack/challenge pack?

I am aGamer says:

Cousin….. yeah

Michael Löeser says:

More realistic boob bouncing!

Jose Romero says:

Hello,Shadow Fight 3 new chapter 4 coming next week.

OJ020789 says:

Awesome video! You did some really nice comments about ‘you know what’s! Anyway which one of the three raid characters do you think is the best one? PG, RF or JSGL

Daniel Ude says:

Stop objectifying Power Girl.

Logan Merphy says:

Power girls original artist grew her cup size by one each issue and it was unnoticed until her boobs were huge

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