Injustice 2 Mobile. Red Hood Gameplay + Review. My Roster is FULL Now!

Injustice 2 Mobile unlocking Red Hood, now I have all characters in Injustice 2 Mobile game. Red Hood has amazing super move and special attacks, he works great with Doctor Fate. Do you like Red Hood in Injustice 2 Mobile?

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anu Radha says:

do this team starinsky it’s my dream
klassic reptile
klassic mileena
day of the dead kirana
I hope u can do this team starinsky
because I didn’t have this team to play
I love your videos so please play with this team starinsky

strangesomeone says:


Muhammad Ali Shabbir says:

I think a new superman is coming

Raymond Liao says:

Can you a review of maxed out Red Hood ?

Aidan Gc says:

I just realized starinsky was a hearthstone youtuber

gamer boy36 says:

I had epic

ShadowNinja 2845 says:

Doctor fate totally reminds me of ermac

Egemen KÖROĞLU says:


Willy Kevonne says:

Yeah boi be sure to subcribe to starinsky and Coryxkenshin

unknown collector67 says:

Wanting to see this vid but why dant many people have him?

samueltc says:

Do more injustice 2 mobile

spec plays says:

Sub zero team/ice team
Klassci sub zero and tryborg sub zero and grand master sub zero

Ratatoule says:

Upgrade knightmare batman special ability to lvl 5

Yoop Noop says:

Starinsky do u have any idea what is coming in the next update?


When he said going to play like god plays like noob

zilot exa says:

I thought this was pornhub but this is better

Max Headroom says:

Lets all be honest here, Redhood kinda sucks in this game. His sp2 is terrible (maybe the worst in the game), his passive is pretty useless(u lose 20 seconds in battle building the power for his supermove anyway which basically makes the time buff a wash bc ur not using redhood as ur main damage dealer so ur wasting all that power for 20 extra seconds), the buff to resistances is dumb (with addition of the common resistances talents now adding 20% will be barely noticeable and pretty useless as well) hes incredibly expensive to acquire(unless ur super lucky and get his shards in raid rewards), he has no armor pierce specials or buffs to his basic dmg, the only thing he has going for him is that his specials and supermove looks cool ,that’s literally it other than that he’s pretty useless. That’s why you never see him on top tier teams in arena or ever see him in people’s videos using him on raid teams. I love the char Redhood don’t get me wrong ,hes one of the coolest comic anti-hero’s ever but in this game he’s pretty useless which sucks bc he had so much potential.

rossdaboss 73 says:

Can u do poison team noxious reptile and klassik reptile and cyber sub zero

lego minds says:


majko sipos says:

Guys help me please i thinkin about buy Captain cold special offer for 25.99 dollars, what you think ? it worth it or no ?

Edward Dem Powa says:

I got JL Aquaman! I have 2 JL characters, so I’m happy! GG Star for full roster

Immanuel Raj says:

Good one

Milan Biji Mathew says:

Omg red hood is badass❤️❤️

Zeref- Lbw says:

How to get many xp capsules star?

[NS]•MeetYourEnd • says:

“Pockeemons” – SMH

Daniel Oliva says:

Starinsky I hope you reading this ,I want you make a video showing all available characters in mkx mobile because I have grind since the game came out and I am really want to see what characters there is so I can see what characters I am missing (I think I have mostly all the characters) but please make a video showing every character in the game

Shadow Claw says:

Hi Starinsky one more thing there is a Nightwing series on YT try it and maybe there is a movie as well. It’s cool. Good luck.Bye.

Betzivanu XD says:

Thank you for making those videos! I love You! You are the Best on this tipe of Games!
But I have a question, who is the Best, Blue Beattle or Red Hod?? Both of them almost have the same passive!

Carlie & Conel Perez & Perez says:

What do you mean xray that’s in mortal combat its supermove

salhi abderahmane says:

Aplay to( gamer un the sky) league

EMazing says:

Who’s your favorite character?

Lil Saint says:

Get his full 60 level gear set

S.K 101 says:

Play fifa pls

Cosun Zhou says:

Star in sky you are so ass at injustice lol. Play someone harder your content is so boring

S H says:

Red hood!

Let's go Takeda says:

Hii star. Plz can you play dragon ball legends?

Thanasis Moderat says:

star pls upgrade your knightmare batman’s passive to lv.5 u left it at lv.4. After the upgrade you’ll have 75% to REFLECT DAMAGE and your knightmare batman will be even more OP. Im still trying to get him at 4 stars tho :/

Al Fox says:

How were you able to get the gems you had in your hacked account without getting banned on the moment?

FifaLegendHD says:

StarInSky I Love You Videos

Kaveessh Kuhan ninja tzu says:

Hey bro thanks for new injustice 2 video please shadow fight 3 and mkx

Jose Hinojos says:

All i want in this game is the ninja turtles like if you agree

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