Kings raid!! Review!! This is a Mobile game!!!??

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My apologies for not uploading this sooner this is a really good game it deserves some attention.
Here’s the link to the game if you want to play.

Love you gals and guys


Bill Schultz says:

Good review, but I think you were a little over the top. Almost sounds like you were paid for the review because of all the raving you did. But overall, a very helpful review with good information that I was looking for. Good job.

Shane & Dark Shane says:

the game looks so kool

Jisoo's Husbando says:

You almost got my line up which contains Frey, Dimael, Cleo, Morrah. Have fun in this game its the best! IGN: BPink

Xene says:

i played this today. i coundnt get it at play store so i had to download the apk. I must say. this is better than war if crown. better than seven knights. its absolutely amazing. thank you for the review wraithking

Loco En El Coco says:

I love how you play the perv in this video. Very well done ! And it brings back memories of master roshi

Gorgon says:


gg ez says:

Beleive me this game is shit now..the dev also a joke..if u are newbie glhf…p2w game….before it was great game now is trash tier game

leech gaming says:

I am now going to get this, thanks for reviewing it, t opens up so many more options, especially when I am as bored as i am.
Have you played bleach brave souls, chaos chronicle, guild of honour, or evil bane? They could be of interest

Helbindi says:

Ok Someone’s trying to kill WraithKing with Unnatural Bleedout, If he’s found dead In A pool of blood I’m blaming Obama

TBluemon says:

Yeah I love this game i play this game and go to enjoy it but every minutes it go back to my home page is a pain of a butt but yeah I like it.

yung tuna says:

warning: after chapter 7 update this game is not newbie friendly at all.

In Flict says:

You forgot to mention the awesome/beautiful song in the intro

Francesco Piromalli says:

Is this a mobile game? Not this is a mobile game?.

Naian Paints DarkHeart .Jekyll on Hangouts. says:

I’m playing this game now, which I did but I have to RED DOWNLOAD IT BECAUSE MY PHONE IS A PAIN! Anyway, My nick name is Paints, if you want to friend me

Lps FlowingWaters says:

Is this a game made for for girls or boys ???

Rekksu says:

nice to have you join the squad Wraithking!

Miguel Angel says:

this game is not available globally

BellowD Gaming says:

Oh I think I’ve seen you on the chat on channel1 you naughty guy. Glad you’re enjoying the game. It’s really a great game and the devs are so cool they uncensored the game gave swimsuits for the ladies and gents and very fair balancing of gameplay. Whales or money hordes though are damn strong in the arena but they need to work for their unique weapons

Akshay Yadav says:

sir I m live in India up an plzzz tell me if we download in vivo v5 so we not having any type of problem in my mobile phone like storage memory problems and others plzzz tell me plzzzzzzzz help me sirr

Nishi XCIV says:


greatsweetnice says:

You’re hilarious. If you make more vids about Kings Raid, I’ll watch. 🙂

reyreaper23 says:

Welcome to KR!

MitrasH says:

You sound like tobias fate hahaha

Edd san says:

U late for play this game wraith,,,,,join our guild if u play in asia server


hahahaha… i love your intro XD

shiro einz says:

Welcome to kingsraid
You can add me if u want

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