LESLEY 200% GUIDE BY MYTHICAL GLORY /w Text Review – Mobile Legends

DAMNNN Lesley finally here, well this guide took some time, I hope you guys will take all this information and soak it in before diving
Into playing her ! She is powerful in the wise hands 

I play on PC using Nox, check the video that explains how here :

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Intro : Panzoid, Song : La Bicicleta – Shakira
Songs : NCS 2016 Best of compilation

Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends bang bang
Mobile Legends bang bang
Mobile Legends bang bang


Christian Alex Odon says:

ID: 125618528
IGN: *xander.d.great*

Cytnix Gaming says:

She is kinda like Irithel. Crits make her strong and doesnt have that much mobility unlike Miya. I like her, she is strong. Ended up spending money just to buy her. And 0 regrets.

Usher IV says:

10:08 …Gemik wow you are proooo …kappa …nab -.-

mathis parascandola says:

Personnellement je préfère ton ancien format car on pouvait mieu ce concentrer sur le gameplay. Sinon super vidéo =) je pense que lesley sera utilisé comme assassin en allant par derrière comme tu le as dis Gemik 🙂

Nicky Lalhmangaihsanga says:

im on youtube because im a lazy reader. yet…. still…

GoggleHeadGuy GHG says:

Gemik why did you put 200% on the thumbnail it should be 100% right?

Silent Scream says:

Bring that voice back. Pls….

Clark86 says:

Aww now I miss gemik’s voice :((

ৡۜ͜͡GIRL_ LOVER says:


Skyline - Agario says:

Its a classic

Ashu Raghuvanshi says:

She has an disadvantage in her ult u can block her bullets if u hide behind a tank

Roasty Toaster says:

The accent is what makes it good tho

Cytnix Gaming says:

My 3rd and 4th time in ranked, I got 2 MANIACS OMGGGG HOW WTF i guess luck and Securing Kills
K s

Syed Amirul says:

give me skin please? 🙂

Aga Cabrera says:

Is alpha viable. Why i see him in mythical glory rank always.

Allen Battousai says:

gemik add me as a friend please i wont do you any harm hehe
id: 80529287

Kinda Ordinary says:

It’s rather difficult to focus on the gameplay & reading the text at the same time , I still think ur old format is amazing! (Maybe bcz I don’t like pausing lol)

Nel Garcia says:

Nice guide bro to use lesley, more power to your channel…

Nept The Gamer says:

I bought her today and got a maniac almost a savage but that STUPID Balmond got away!!!!!

Elle GT says:

My second game ever with her I got 12-0-2 in solo mythical ranked (today)

Tanweer Khan says:

I prefer your voice insted of typing… reading that text is not fun while watching a vid…

That comparison though Rambo n Micky lmao!

Layla Bot says:

good shit mate, sad that you gotta leave out the voice tho

Damien Lee says:

Wouldn’t thunder belt be awesome on her? Since she is spamming her first skill most of the time and following that with a basic attack

Valentinus Jovan says:

Gemik im sorry but i actually play lesley directly to ranked but it actually is good at lvl 7 i did about 1400+ damage and u forgot to say that lesley is really good with berserker’s fury

Joe Friel says:

guys i m in germany and i keep getting put into the asian server lately everygame 280 ping help??

Yonko Shanks says:

iam pretty sure lv12 layla has more range

Light Gaming says:

I can,t see the gear because of the text

rogue skywalker says:

u talking better than fkn reading

Tomasz Świercz says:

Me loprex frend ok?☺

Yonko Shanks says:

couldnt buy her needed lance first -_- But i dont fully regret it i Hit Mythic with him

Rafid Tertiano says:


Jauce Lin says:

Since she has lots of move speed then shouldnt the spell be purify? So she wont get fucked up by the stuns or slows

Samuel Winata says:

nice guide. i like the idea of using text, but adding your voice is not a bad idea too

Ray Melchor says:

I think you need to master any heroes before you do a guide? Cause like in this gameplay, you use the ulti so early, so you re missing the time to deal more damage using first skill and just normal attack, and then ulti if they run away,. The ulti is just so awesome and helpful when fanny is so low and try to run away lol

Dhia Bha says:

guess what? i’m that Johnson 😀 ( I focused Fasha)
GG Gemik <3

Reinard Exelio says:

are those 2 berserker furys stack? i thought you will still get only 40% critical damage because it is unique

Porygon-Z says:

So should I buy this hero? Or should I just wait for Gossen?

Or neither?

Cerdev says:

Thanks gemik for add the text 🙂 but can u still add ur voice but the text is only for the main point of ur review about the hero. & Why choose CD boots instead of Aspd boots or rapid boots ?

I mean I knew her speciality is a poke but her energy will regen after hit. Have a little aspd, can make her fill up her energy so fast.

And uses B7S & Malefic at the same time, is that malefic is enough to hit enemy who has high armor? B7S no longer has Aspd effect (but still usefull for enemy who has low armor).

So I think Scarlet/DemonHunter/Windtalker (these 3 passive items can deal more damage if combo with Lesley passive) can replace B7S. How do u think ?

Mobile Gamers says:

SKIN:Cyclops elite skin
(liked and subcribed)

NSHacker1 says:

Every new hero OP then nerf. Lol

Clever Never says:

Yo Gemik, you should leave the texts a little bit longer on screen, sometimes I can’t read it all 😡
And I don’t like to replay or pause the video every3 secs

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