LGR – Fallout Shelter – Mobile Game Review

Gameplay and commentary on Fallout Shelter, the first official mobile game set in the Fallout universe! Direct video capture from the Android version, though this review applies to iOS devices as well. Played on a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

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Music used is from the Fallout Shelter and Fallout 3 OSTs


Pul5ar says:

Ballsack McDude XD

halcyonknight says:

Oh wow, I figured the lag when zoomed in was just because of the custom kernel I was using at the time. That… really should not happen in a game like this, especially with processors in the Snapdragon 800 range.

Glacion Ninja says:

Recently, I published a game on Google Play called Swipe Defense. Would be great if you review it, or at least check it out and give feedback: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.UltraGlacier.SwipeDefense

Kalis Varkrom says:

They have this for PC now. And it only lets me buy Nuka Cola.

Hans Wurst says:

this game was fun first … than it crashed on my android and all my saves gone !!!! then i deleted it !!!!!

Brandon x22 says:

this game is boring i enjoy tiny tower and monster inn more

The Sneaky Strangler says:

I’d rather see a port of fallout 1 because that could probably work really well

Dr D00MBLADE says:

Forget this wacky game I wish they would put the OG Fallout games on mobile. I’ve never played them since I started with F3. But you can’t tell me it would be impossible to put F1 and 2 on mobile.

airidosas252 says:

After watching this review, this game dropped my expectations. It’s like a casino – whether you do correct move, you will become rich, but… If you fail, you will be in the ruins of bankrupcy. Yeah, fuck transactions.

dickkickem says:

My first thought when I saw this video was “SimTower” lmao

limp buisness says:

The slavery thing would be awesome! It would be even better if you could buy slaves too

Triple fife says:

My biggest problem with this game wasn’t game play, but that every time I got on my resources were lowered from where I left them and a whole minute of gameplay and I got attacked immediately via deathclaws. I honestly just got tired of having to fight the deathclaws over and over again as well as resurrect the guys that I had placed on the top floor which were mainly scientist types so they weren’t very strong versus the deathclaw wave I would get everytime I started the game.

TheCTcarkid says:

Review Game Dev. Story! It’s fun! And no micro transactions!

sungun Jo says:

Android Game Sacred Stones! Please review!

EJ Estonactoc says:

I have been playing this game for a couple of days and right away i had to buy lunch boxes.

Box of Frogs says:

I always enjoy your honest (and often amusing reviews.) This has been recently released on Steam. I think that it may have been updated since you did this review. For example, you mentioned haircuts and I notice that there is a barbershop (I have yet to unlock). There is basic weapon and armour crafting and quests: where you can take your little guys off to an area to explore and follow a storyline. I’m finding it kind of addictive (though it is only day 2 of play for me). Wonder if it is worth another review?

Micheal Hudgens says:

I really hate some of the enemies in Fallout Shelter.
For example I don’t really like Deathclaws because they really get to board and they just run off to the next room.
Like what the hell man, usually deathclaws finish what they started​.
And Radscorpion are the freaking worse, they do similar things compared to a Deathclaw.
I’m going to tell you what makes Radscorpion worse, they will go into random rooms if they get bored.

And my God that is so annoying!

Senshine says:

I set goals for myself. Got to 100 dwellers. Then got irritated by how many were sitting at my gate.
Too many people to keep track of. Just stopped playing after awhile.

Israel Brandon Garcia says:

Bethesda destroyed my vault :c

Efren Martinez says:

I tried this game…. 2 times and it was just mind hurting , quit it in the same day, both times.

GroovyVideoGames says:

Did Bethesda make this too?

Howsha Fern says:

might its a newer update, but u never mentioned quests.or side quests outside the vault, taking place in other locations.

Exotic Butters says:

The PC (Steam) version of the Fallout Shelter at least has no real time events, everything happens in a matter of minutes/seconds

XxTaiMTxX says:

They actually added in a Quest system… and a barber’s chair for giving your dwellers makeovers.  So…  There’s that.

LorcaMiMi says:

My 74 year old dad rates this illustration very fabulous =)

Skywalker Gaming // TQ says:

The game has changed sence then

creepingnet says:

Looks like an upscale version of the Citadel from Fury Road crossed with Sim Tower, hehe, might have to check one out.

Andrew Dupuis says:

its not bad game i have it for LG phone

Armesis P says:

microtransaction bullshit, stay away.

Aaron m. says:

reminds me of the sims

Jack Mehoff says:

So a little over a year later, don’t suppose the “boring” aspect of this review is shoved aside a bit with the addition of quests? In the video, it’s stated there wasn’t really anything more to do past the general 50+ dweller point. Well quests essentially fills that void pretty nicely I think. Gives end-game people a nice challenge.

Mshojat says:

There’s so much stuff that is missing from the game which *could* have made it good. (or rather better than decent, since it is a bit fun for a short while)

The biggest problem is how terrible the SPECIAL stats mechanics are. The only thing luck helps with is caps gain in the wasteland and rush success chance (personally I’ve never needed either really, it’s just a little bonus you can get on anyone if you really need it). The only thing strength, perception, intelligence, agility are useful for are there respective jobs; perception and agility being particularly bad since they get replaced by Endurance once you get 100 dwellers. Charisma is almost completely useless; it’s only significant use is a radio room, and radio rooms are terrible since they are slow at bringing in recuits, waste your current dwellers on useless jobs, and they never level up your dwellers.

That leaves us with Endurance. Endurance is the most important stat in the game, since it’s the only thing short of leveling up that increases one’s *health*, which is *the only stat that can help deal with enemies and fires*. I’ll say that again: *health is the only stat that can help deal with enemies and fires*.

95% of what matters in the wasteland is health and weapon.

 What’s the worst of all thing? You can have 17 endurance and still have dick-all health if you didn’t have that endurance when you leveled up. Meaning if your dweller is max level (50), and he goes from 1 endurance to 17 endurance, he gains a whopping 0 health. Literally no health. For maximum health a dweller needs to get to 17 endurance at level 1, THEN level up. This means that you can use *a single piece of +7 endurance gear to raise your entire vault’s health by a huge margin*. All you have to do is equip it before you level them up, at which point you can take it off again.

Ed Gepixel says:

I took Fallout Shelter as just a marketing tool for Fallout 4

Matthew Bubulka says:

Why is it that when I play Fallout Shelter I always manage to some how fuck up? I’m scared guys I feel like I am becoming a noob :O

NateSnivySmasher says:

eh, it’s a mobile game, so i didn’t expect much from it to begin with.
not to say that this is a terrible game, but it’s just bog standard mobile fare.

satanclaw says:

Once all my dwellers where max stats and max level, I quit… lol

alexmbrennan says:

The biggest issue with the game is that there is literally no reason to play – resources aren’t consumed unless the game is running so the only reason you have to check back is training. You are better off leaving the game for a couple of days than actively playing it.

Th Nexus says:

I’ve played it and its a fallout game mixed with a sims social type. In other words its hard and boring

se7ensleeve says:

To me, this is the best kind of mobile game. It isn’t invasive, it doesn’t push microtransactions, and I can play it for five minutes at a time. I like working towards a goal, and currently it is to get all 200 dwellers to max stats and level 50. It kind of does it itself, you just have to manage the dwellers a few times per day. And you can name your dwellers Benzoil Wayne and such.

Roy Jewkes says:

the recent updates have added more stuff to do on the game like being able to go on missions.

bringoutthelegos says:

Well they added quests

kassie2k4 says:

this sounds about right for this game, it’s the first tablet/phone game i’ve ever had much interest in trying out, ill definitely get it when i get a tablet, nice to know it doesn’t treat the player like a gold mine and rip them off, thanks for this honest and fair review

James Jackson says:

you should come back to the game and give it another look they’ve added more stuff including actually being able to explore the wasteland

TheCiscoKid2112 says:

I think this game has improved a lot since it first came out. The one thing I’ll keep saying though, is that it needs a time passer. The first 6 hours or so are such a long grind.

meme kun says:

one minute i go to the pool next minute my vault is fucked

DrSylvestreMatuschka says:

They recently updated the game. Now you can also scavenge for pieces of junk as well as blueprints in the wasteland as well as given you three new rooms to play with. You can craft weapons and outfits/armor using the junk and blueprints you have gathered (as in Fallout 4) or give your dwellers new haircuts in these new rooms. You can also upgrade said rooms to allow you to craft rare weapons and outfits/armor.


Why is it that whenever I get to about 20-something dwellers my vault goes to shit

Synthra Official says:

I like how the game is about keeping the Vault Dwellers happy when that is literally the last thin that the vaults are concerned with.

smashrhythm says:

I think you should revisit this game. Bethesda recently updated this game in great depth. You can now build your own suits and weapons. The best update is that now you can participate in exploring the wasteland in many ways. It is now a very fun game.

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