Lifeline – iOS Game Review – 5/5 buy it

Go buy Lifeline. A new take on the choose your own adventure idea that makes you care about your little astronaut Taylor. 5/5
Lifeline on the App Store – – Full review here –


Crow \ says:

the ending i got was “i didnt think it would hurt so much” and bunch of message things showed up and he died. what does this mean and how do i win?

Project: Decent Gamer says:

So many spoilers dont read past this comment

Li Cloris says:, really fun!

Gill Tomlinson says:

Taylor is definitely male, a woman can multi task text and do things

KS Chong says:

How is the game compared with Hyper Rift, another interactive sci-fi fiction?

Red James says:

on a ipad mini?

Haduken Dev says:

Finished it in about a day? I’ve been actively playing for 4 days and I’m still stuck in some cave with comp… No spoliers lol.

Back to Panda says:

Please review also the GOD OF MAGIC choose your own adventure game :))

genaro granados says:

It so scary when u play at night i died like 3times then i beat it

Helena says:

I think I got a happy ending!

I tapped the first choice when the moon was cracking instead of the “Ignore their eyes” and the rescue team sort of punched her (lmao ikr) and she was.. I guess saved? Because she “blasted” off the moon to the earth. Though the “aliens” still remain on the moon.

Tech says:

I swear escaping the aliens is so hard. You have to guess on what you should say because the choices are so similar. I also wish there was a save feature so that I didn’t have to do everything all over again.

Jeff Daniels says:

My first play-trough came to an abrupt halt when the character died because of my (carefully considered) choice!! And that sort of depressed me :/

Lance McMillen says:

I felt like the game was poorly written poorly executed. I honestly think I could have written a better story in about 5 minutes. I’m sure if I took the day off work, I could come up with about a thousand reasons why you shouldn’t waste your money on this, but since I have pizza bagels in the oven I’ll just give you three.
1) The Character. 
I found the main (and only) character annoying and uninteresting. I was not compelled by his plight, nor did I find him very believable in the first place. His personality was not relatable or endearing at all, so I found myself totally unconcerned and disconnected from him emotionally. And his narrative voice was totally out of harmony with the gravity of the dire circumstances.
A main character should make you identify with them. You should feel their pain and want to see them succeed. This guy just annoyed the crap out of me by making a thousand corny jokes while he’s stranded on a distant moon, just buried all his closest friends and is every moment facing certain demise. What the hell? That’s not believable for a second.
2) The Plot.
This is something I could have written in the fourth grade. An astronaut crash lands on a distant moon with aliens that crawl in your mouth and control your body? A distant “peak” that has apparently nothing but a single control room designed to bring down passing ships? How did the control room get there? The computers to control the whole thing were salvaged from wrecked ships! How did they start bringing down ships in the first place??  If the little alien monsters are smart enough to build a giant particle cannon, why do they need to steal parts and computers from passing explorers to make it work? And why would it all be in English? What alien race would program human languages into their computers? This whole thing is one giant plot hole and I paid $0.99 to walk right into it!
The character at one point references B grade horror films and that’s exactly what this felt like… Without the entertainment of getting to make fun of horrible acting. Nooo, I had to read the whole thing in a thousand contrived little text messages! Waste of my life!
3) The Game.
The mechanics of this game, while an inherently good idea I thought, ended up being more frustrating and annoying than anything. I have to sit and wait hours before I can continue with a bad story? I understand the concept and I do think it could have been something much more interesting if utilized properly. Any suspense and drama that is gained from waiting for a story to unfold in real time is completely ruined by terrible character development and plot (see above). Then, when he does start talking he’s describing everything in way too much detail to be close to realistic. Is he saying these things as they’re happening or typing them? If he’d typing as he’s going through all these harrowing experiences then that has to be the stupidest thing ever conceived… but even if he’s talking out loud into some sort of communicator that translates into text for me to read, the dialogue is still so unrealistic and contrived that there’s no way anyone with a brain could find it remotely believable.
…AND when he does ask me something, only about 10% of the time does the decision actually make a difference.
TAYLOR – Should I explore the east hallway or the west hallway?
Well as it happens, it has no bearing on the story whatsoever because both hallways lead to the exact same thing, soo…
TAYLOR – I have an idea, do you think I should throw a glow stick down a dark hallway so the strangers will think I’m nice? (which, for the record, was about the dumbest idea I could have imagined)…
Well go ahead. Why not? It doesn’t change a single thing. They’ll still walk into the room and stare at you blankly while you slowly foil their plot to inhabit the corpses of astronauts.
TAYLOR – The visitors are getting close, what should I do? RUN or STAY PUT
TAYLOR – No, I think I’ll stay here. That’s a much better idea.
 Why have a player make decisions that have no effect on the story whatsoever?! It’s mind boggling!
And what is this guy even asking me for advice for anyway? What moron who crash lands on a distant moon ask a guy safe and sound back on earth to tell him what to do? How should I know what you should do? YOU’RE the one who’s there and can see what’s going on! Why would you listen to ME?? IT MAKES NO SENSE!!
That’s better. Sorry guys, had ta get that off my chest. In conclusion, DON’T PLAY THIS GAME! IT SUUUUUCKS!

OH HEY… my pizza bagels are ready!

TheAlFowl says:

What happens at the end? I didn’t want to start over and I didn’t know you could rewind it so deleted it like a dummy :(((

Bandung Football Club says:

*SPOILER* Survived on my first playthrough . i wanted Taylor to be as careful as possible ( Stay at the peak until the 4 ships came to the hallway ) ( never once came near the rats or interact ) ( never stayed back at the control room and head to the rescue ship while the 4 crew were in the hallways ) Thats it .

I have to say the app deserves to be animated by Telltale 😀 !!!

Michelle Sierra says:

It was aight

Ash says:

i love this game. I got really attached to Taylor (def a dude.) I thought about him during the work day and worried. Lol!

Paxio Games says:

Great vids! started creating some games myselve, what do you think?

Adam McGuire says:

I don’t seem to be getting those interactive notifications on the lock screen, all I’m getting is [Incoming Message] as a notification and I have to enter the app to respond, anyone else experiencing this?

HDC says:

The concept behind the game is great and I enjoyed the first 30 mins of gameplay a lot. Unfortunately the writing is so so poor, with the author not fully grasping if Taylor is texting by hand or speaking with voice (the execution is a mess). The content is cliched, unoriginal and very child like… a constant barage of OH MY GOD highlights the authors lack of means to express himself throughout. The humour is also average and far too predictable.

One of the most dissapointing is the ‘choices’ you have to make while playing. Little but illusion of choice and sometimes straight up boring (choosing between ‘are you ok’ or ‘what happened’ is frequent and painful). Most have no real impact bar from a few extra dialogue pieces. I found myself shaking my head so many times at this cringe-ness and amateurism of the story and Taylor was a very unlikeable character (huge pussy), he really was…I had nothing but joy when he died the first time. I don’t know, maybe this is a kids game and I’m not the right audience, but I had to stop playing. I can’t be the only one to see through this, surely?

Persus says:

i finished the game and this was the first game that I played that made me go out of words! WOW! Amazing Story! MIND BLOWN! WOWWW

Red James says:

how do you turn fast mode on

Anthony Ebiner says:

So Far I’ve found two “good” endings
Spoiler: one when you escape, and one when you blow up the mountain… Are there any more endings u guys know about???

Lovre Alviž says:

I think that Taylor is he

iiTrexii says:

I told him not to go to that place but he did and he died

JRV1109 says:

What happens when you don’t respond quick enough?

Mercy Sturges says:

my dad and his friend made this game

solmyr2 says:

Game and story are kinda meh. Sure if you are a kid you would LOVE this.

LifeIsKrazy says:

Can you please explain how to get fast mod. I beat it once but never got fast mode.

Derrick Shen says:

How is it a SHE

Erendira Ceballos says:

Is there an ending to this story? * spoiler alert* I left off when the “aliens” started coming off the ground. Taylor ended up in the shop & her/she said “this is cadet Taylor, formerly of the Varia, signing off.” Then the game said this ” [connection terminated]” did your game end like this?

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