Miitomo Review | The First Dead Nintendo Mobile Game

Here’s my review of Miitomo, the first mobile game by Nintendo! This is also the Japanese version, which is practically identical to the English version so…

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Tomodachi Life (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYA5ZqIIQvM&list=WL&index=3)
Mii Maker U (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KSC-pSxI50&list=WL&index=2)
DK Arcade (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pp2aMs38ERY&list=WL&index=4)


Julius Alvarez says:

it’s too late……………

Ok Susceptible says:

Had no idea the game existed

Bell End says:


Gigie K. says:

This game literally was deleted today.

Lazy Squid says:


Just Another Animator says:

It’s also the first shut down mobile game

-marshiloo - says:

Now, *Animal Crossing.*

Cosi BABY says:

Miitomo died on May 9th… Can you review the end of miitomo?

StarfurTheWolf says:

Only if I had friends that would use this app ;-;.

STILL THE BEST 1973 says:

irl barf

Ally Carlton says:

This video is awesome I love miitomo

CandyDream says:

Nah, Nintendo still uses its devices, And way more than the phone. But the games on the phone are rather fun for a mobile game!

efwefwef frwfef says:

too bad i dont have friends

Choppie'sAwesomeVids says:

1:34 who’s dis beauty!!!

Nicolas D. Madsen says:

It’s shutting down today

robert smith says:

I cant find it

Agent Eight says:

Looking back at the death announcement 🙁

Proper Drashig says:

The only real useful about Miitomo is using miifoto for Mii profile pictures.

Cheezbunni says:

Yeah! Where is fantasy life 2

SoraFireSoul says:

i disagree i stop pokemon go for a week to test it out after a week i got bored of it and went bac to pokemon go i give Miitomo a out 5

Manit Kaur says:

If you get reported your in trouble

Catbaby2: Just Another Justin Y clone says:

And now it’s shut down.

Random Gaming says:

But what about Mario run…

Mr. Nick The Boy says:

1:21 I wouldn’t expect this from the Haedox… Vinesauce.

Jackal VonStone says:

5:17 Simple and Clean is the way that you make me feel tonight!

mashroob says:

Updates? Yeah… not going to happen. They’re shutting the app down 5/9/2018. 🙁 Oh well. It only offered 30 minutes of gameplay per day.

that girl says:

They’ve had some updates recently.

N U P A N E 4 S A L E says:


Despacito Spider says:


MollyTheFrog says:

rip miitomo ;-;

Kaiza Toshiyuki says:

It was never marketed as a game. It was always an app.

Chloe Ann says:

I have Miitomo. Even though it was a bit boring, I liked it. So hope Nintendo makes another game on smart phones soon!

Ahmad_J says:

You sound like a robot today

A Lot of Icecream says:

Miitomo’s dead

xXPink Fluffy GalaxiesXx says:

It was in 2016


Raymix da Silva Pereira says:


Xorus says:

I can’t find it anymore, I have an iPad 2017.

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