MKX Mobile 1.14 Update. Vengeful Shinnok. Gameplay + Review. X-Ray. 200K Damage Special 2!

Vengeful Shinnok in Mortal Kombat X Mobile 1.14 Update. AMAZING SPECIAL 2 – 200K Damage!!! X-ray, special moves, passive, gameplay, review, Faction Wars Battle and more. Vengeful (Wrathful) Shinnok definitely has the best Special 2 in Mortal Kombat X Mobile 1.14. It can kill anyone even if blocked! He has a pretty good passive, this shinnok is a good addition to MKX Mobile Kollection.

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Jojje4567 says:

Ravenous Mileena and Klassic Raiden better watch out, this guy will rek them.

Pavlotsky Felix says:

Shimai wa mu ondairu!! (Uses shinnoks sp 2)

Raidex says:

Do vengeful shinnok and tournament quan chi and another character of your choice

agustin palacios says:

Found a good simple team Hat trick KungLao,shaolin Kung Jin,Monk (bronze character)

DeadBat Gamer says:

can u please do challenge previews for all new characters ASAP

Antonio Reyes says:

Kung Jin’s intro always gets me! Lol! He’s a savage.

Code Neo says:


Eli maybei'mcrazy says:


Shadow-Moses says:

did you do the card opening yet to see how long it takes to get one of these new cards

Shah Rizal Norzali says:

My account was banned 🙁

Mattimon CH says:

Shinnok too op

Robert Williams says:


tomas makos says:

Shinnoks special 2 deals 200k damage n when blocking 80. It may be the best special in the game but in challenges where the opponent has about 100k health its better errons black special. If u hit more than 90% it will be unblockable so it deals 100k and kills the opponent

S.I. Sumon says:

couldn’t find any of this characters in the store… where are they?

Tayrell Ely says:


sarmad sarkawt says:

star in sky hack the game so he can play the new characters so the only to get all the new characters is wait into there challenge come

Mayukh Mondal says:

A god damn hellspawn scorpion
Which takes half damage died of shinnok sp 2

Which means, its atleast 180k plus damage…… Erron deals 120 to put it in perspective

Jeremy Caamal says:

Nice video when do u think u can do a pack opening or something cool when u hit around like 6000

Qasim Mohammed says:

Wow start u did 6 video is one day and all of the m more then 10 minutes and nice video too as allows. Soon will get to 60K

Hemant Vanmore says:

Seriously you don’t know how to play if you have your Liu Kang with complete special 2 bar why the hell do you care to snare the opponent using special 1 just do your special 2 with 100% critical chance at the start of match you’ll easily kill one opponent at the start of match

Jason Kruegger says:

Vengeful Shinnok
Freddy Kruegger
Jason Reletlees



Shadow-Moses says:

imaging hackers having all these new characters.. because of hackers i’m start hating this game

Lim Kang Ling says:

StarInSky I got an idea for the team :
Vengeful Shinnok ( for special 2 damage )
Punk Cassie cage ( for power drain )
Elder God Kenshi ( for his passive )

Please do it !!!

Like if agree

ShadowFender says:

Prepare to be patched

David Pelosjan says:

Tip for the video: best special 1s and 2s in the game

Mike Boss says:

Love your vids man

PoundingGorilla 88228 says:

*sighs* mkx mobile was just deleted from my phone but thank you star for making me feel happy making me experience the best game of my life and thank you for still allowing me to feel the mkx flow

Rasha Omar says:

Ur saying shinok so wrong u kinda sound like my sis

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