MKX Mobile. Bo Rai Cho Challenge Review. Diamond Erron Black Class Madness with BOSS Bo’ Rai Cho!

Mortal Kombat X Mobile Dragon Breath Bo’ Rai Cho Challenge review. Playing with Bounty Hunter Erron Black against Bo Rai Cho Boss is crazy, all the class immunity, Erron is the worst card for the challenge:) Finally a fun challenge in MKX Mobile, have you got Bo Rai Cho already?

Best Bo’ Rai Cho teams:

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Scorpion MK says:

Starinsky my favorite youtuber that I like to annoy him with my comments.

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dickbutt b says:

i got him yesterday

Musab Ashraf says:

Anyone want to buy an account for mortal Kombat for£15

152 6931 says:

This was my first challenge character I got. The challenge is pretty easy.

Brian Duenas says:

There is no Jason Vorhees pack on iOS as of 3/9/18

galib,s house says:

i open one jason pake and get a joson

ThatAsianDude says:

What to do if i got suspended for doing glitch

Boomster 305 says:

When i fought boi ra cho i thought he bugged but you need other class characters

cidi berbati says:

star please can you do a jason kombat pack video

I'm Mr.krabs says:

Yesterday slasher Jason was on sale on mkx mobile store

Jose Junior says:

i’m Eminem

Blodershade ttte and others. says:

i finished the chalange before u.

xydouble 2k18 says:

My freind got slasher yesterday on his 1st try

Фанат RomVite novecy vibivu says:

Кто русский ёпта

MS Rumon says:

i replied to your twitter post with a youtube link, very interesting thing about boss bo’ rai cho. please go check it, you will be utterly surprised i bet.

Michael says:

I got jason on my 3rd try usdgfaeeaijuhqrfhwefvvfiwedhwieygydojwvpjwfwhejr

Fuzion Design’sTM says:


thedestroyer_ says:

i have been saving 1400 souls for Scorpion’s challenge to fuse him some times but then i checked in the store and there was slaser jason pack…(the only netherealm character i was missing).to sum up i spent 1300 souls to get him and manage to fuse him once!!anybody knows how much Scorpion will cost in souls?

Gabriel Palma says:

I did the hard difficulty

Oskars Ivanovs says:

No he got a shild?

Beno Gaming says:

What i beat him easy with mileena

jonny90987 says:

I don’t have the Jason pack wtf help

wEstRanger filmz says:

I just opened a jason pack and got slasher jason!

PhoenixLord66 says:

There’s the gold spec ops pack available for 250 souls. No joke, check it out.

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