Mobile Ads NEEDS to be Stopped! (Important)

Mafia city ads have gone too far, lords mobile
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Jarred Frenser says:

I was watching this vid and got an mafia city add lol

The_ Crazed_Whale says:

Thanks for making my unpopular opinion popular

Arkaane says:

On the first how mafia works the words are French lolololol that’s sbire, tueur à gages et je sais plus

Hayden Schmidt says:

Hi YuB

Shelby-Ann says:

almost every boy in the high school I went to played those Lords Mobile type games… LITERALLY ALL OF THEM!

RacistHokey69 btw says:

12:54 had me dead

Admin End says:

12:54 I see the pain in both of their eyes. The girl is cringing so hard lol

RacistHokey69 btw says:

2:15 thank me later

Xinthos says:

The most annoying ad is WISH!!!!!

Admin End says:

13:07 Wait a minute, why is the the dog’s headphones on his cheeks but not his ears?

Cyka Troll says:

They are people who make faked testimony. There’s a website where everyone can order it.

Soaring Titans says:

Wow talks about bad game ads but never does a Sultan ad that’s like talking about bad presidents of America and not mentining Donald Trump

Born Slayer says:


꧁༒STRICK•FF༒꧂ says:


Tokofa says:

Hi I’m like, and this is my girlfriend
*Ear rape anime voice*

ToxicUser says:

Clash of Clans, Clash Royal, and Boom Beach are OG. The rest are rip-offs.

mayco dougras gb says:

eae sou br bando de gringo viado

FallFull says:

2nd song?

Kieran Brosnan says:

I got 2 mafia ads

NATen Mumba says:

Comment like and dislike if you Got Cancer after this

cubedog86 says:

I no joke got a mafia city ad on this video

Fish UWU says:

Why am I getting mafia ads (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Center Epic says:

ur headphones are messing with the green screen lmao

Jordan Rauschkolb says:

I love it when I make “the cream of the pie” ads

marvel boy 61 6 says:

lets sub pewd so pewd can get 100 milion sub .

OG4R Gaming says:

Bruh no joke I got a mafia city add

Raptus2 Wolf says:

I got loads of mafia city ads on this vid

Noah Collins says:

You know if it is a good game when there’s a guy screaming on the thumbnail of a game

Onions Have Layers says:

when I came to watch this I first see a mobile add of mafia city.. and during the video I see another one.

Danchik YT says:

Да вапще

Marf & barfs Channel says:

WHAT ABOUT the help me take my clothes off and Bath or dinner?

Quarth Quarthington says:

3:41 “Yes yes but what if the gun shot THE WHOLE BULLET, CASING AND EVERYTHING”

Barraj87 PL says:

I have got a mafia city add while watching this

ClaraPlayz says:

You’r right! These ads are awful!

(I hope you see the mistake)

Maris Staff70 says:

3:44 How come the entire cartridge was fired instead of just the bullet?

Edit: Fixed the time stamp

Maris Staff70 says:

I got a Mafia city ad on this video

A Frikin Communist says:

I actually got a that’s how mafia works add on this video

Wannabe hype beast Wearing Walmart clothes says:

Who else getting mafia city adds while watching this

H1KITOS says:

_In nutshell:_
*”All games and apps ads sucks”*

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