Mobile Game Review: Order & Chaos (iPhone and Android game)

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acjackson127 says:

Fun game but i can’t update it dont have enough space even though I oviosly do

FoxeoGames says:

Apparently as long as wireless is enabled 3g will work on my phone, even if there is no wifi hot spot to connect to

Jon H says:

I got it on samsung galaxy s tmobile it plays well and is fun

FoxeoGames says:

@MysteryManSpore Yes, after the initial period when you buy the game, there’s a monthly fee. It’s very low.

Samot R. says:

So two years later and its fully FREEEEEEEEEEEEE……

EQOAnostalgia says:

It’s such a total ripoff… I LOVE IT! It’s exactly what i wanted on a tablet, they even ripped off LoL with Heroes of Order and Chaos lol. Both of them are amazing games and total ripoffs. I think they ever ripped off hearthstone XD 

uni vlad says:

I fail to understand why people choose to play such complex games on their phones…

MaximumRideMaster says:

There is NO MONTHLY FEE!!!

Zach Campbell says:

How much content is In the game? How many hours of gameplay do you think I’d have?

FoxeoGames says:

There is no LEGAL free download.
We just assume that everyone knows pirating is wrong and we don’t offer that as a viable option.

shane hubbard says:

I would buy it but I looked at the comments and noticed you said that there is a monthly fee, that turned me down from it. But thanks for that heads up about the monthly fee

FoxeoGames says:

Yes this is on a Samsung Galaxy S. Plays very smooth

Tyler Dunaway says:

The gameplay is salad in this game. Tasty, healthy gameplay. Mmmmm

Nikki The Boi says:

Is this free on Android??

Nikki The Boi says:

do you have to pay every month to play this??

To Twizzy says:

Wow Foxeo I didn’t know you did reviews lol I subbed to you because of dark souls and I love ur content so much, keep up the awesome work!!

FoxeoGames says:

Have they changed the pricing plan? When I reviewed it (check the date of the video), it was $0.99 a month or something like that.

David McGovern says:

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JoshMan7700 says:

It doesnt have a monthly fee anymore 😀

MonsterDroiid says:

are u playing on android? it look soooo smooth

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