Mobile Legends | Mobile Review

The Black Hokage shares his thoughts on the mobile 5v5 moba known as Mobile Legends. Not to be confused with Moba Legends from a previous review.

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Jovan Lee says:

After a year. The game now and then is like 2 different game

best indo gamers says:

The old mobile legend it was shit

Ophelia says:

I play this game!
wanna play a match?
I’m a pretty decent support~

Amal Edward says:

i am a ML player mainly becoz is on my phone! and it was really easy for beginers,

shmack says:

Def half ass

Jerry says:

half ass 3

Leo 30122 says:

Why are u swearing straight away in the intro

Marc Jordan says:

Is everyone gonna ignore the fact that this game looks just like league

Godliketr0ll says:

ffs you’re an annoying cringe faggot

ThePugWizard says:

Yay hero’s of storm ripoff

Speedy Memes says:

This game is a fucking joke…

Bill Nye The Nazi Spy says:

Who else got a mobile legends ad before watching?

Hayuin says:

Does this game get challenging though? So far 3 games all MVP matches, KDA so far were 14/0, 19/0, 11/0 on Zilong. I was a Yasuo main at one time so he was a little too perfect for me. Usually my team fights just to killsteal me. I’ve even went 1 v 3 and came out fine even wiped 2 of them and scared off the last guy. If anything, my enemies were probably mad at how broken I was…not even kidding.

Clouse Smith says:

Review “Champions”

Bulba2be says:

the main thing I see in ads for this game is a chick turning on voice chat are they false advertising?

York says:

wallpaper pls?

KangarooEgg says:

you’re the whitest sounding black person ever

mehmethan buyukdag says:

there is voice chat its the ! sorrounded by waves

endless theorem run fermat says:

I like how clint points his shotguns? Or rifles like a pistol

Jerom Jose says:

I tried this game, played 2 games and got at least 15 kills to like 1 death. Do u playa with bots sometimes

gasmask entertainment says:

Well if its as shitty as the quality of the ads its going to be horrible

TryHard Samich says:

Vainglory is wayyy better lol

Elemarac says:

how bout crisis action

gabriellewey03 says:

Gah this is so hard to watch

Niranjan Mishra says:

what’s the name of that emulator ? is it iOS emulator ?

Silent Youngsters says:

ugh i played this game i might be addictive only because there some even there but if you want to buy skin “ahem’ you need to wasted diamond which means wasting your money expect seasonal skin best one,so that why i stay with vainglory

nieveskid95 says:

TBH if you’re into card based games that require strategy i suggest trying magic 2015…you can also try yu-gi-oh duel links although in my opinion i feel like it lacks lots of features

I am Lars says:

There was a mobile legends add when I was watching this video

Kelly Knight says:

lmao like i said i had a good feeling about this game defeat! haha im dead bro xd

Elemarac says:

i got a mobile legends ad.

Vynz cruz says:

The program or emulator foe iphone where can i get 1 please

Tallulah Blue says:

You’re a shit player lol

Maldus Alver says:

Mobile MOBAs sound sounds like the shitiest shit to be shit out of the shithole of shit ass mobile gameing.

jorjeca says:

is he playing mobile games on his pc or what? Sorry I’m stupid

Ethan Dedicatoria says:

Rip off

Spencer Tomlinson says:

fake ass fans not subscribing to the GI channel

Noel Shaw says:

Shhiitt you got a lot of games, how many gigs are in that iPhone ;0;

GD/TF2 Fan says:

the game actually looks like the ads? wow

mehmethan buyukdag says:

there is voice chat its the ! sorrounded by waves

Dope Ass Nuts says:

i get the mobile legends bang bang ad like 40 times a day it is the single most annoying and shitty ad out therev

Zacharias says:

The game is a blatant ripoff and the ads for it just piss me off

jeffoxe says:

finally some respect for us mobile gamers

PsychoRabit says:

Review Sword Art Online Memory Defrag

Pain Fries says:

skin it to win it!

Sandro Das says:

Shitty game… Childish gameplay.. Better download DC UNCHAINED.. ULL note the difference.. Best RPG.. GAME.. Till date..

Kaleb Reddick says:

Try monster saga I think you’ll like it

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