Mortal Kombat Mobile. MK11 Team Gameplay and Review. New Fatal Blows are AMAZING!

MK Mobile playing new MK 11 team: Diamond MK11 Scorpion, MK11 Raiden and MK11 Jade. This team is so good, new best team in Mortal Kombat Mobile? Awesome Fatal Blows, crazy effects and special attacks, I love MK11 Team in MKX Mobile Update 2.0!

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Iṡһ Bяȗṅȏ iṡ sѧṿѧɢє Official Channel says:

In My Main Account I Had Quran Chi Kombat Pack Excluse Cassie Cage Assinaint Kitana Kung Lao Sooo I Lost my Main Dang It!

Luis David Galindo Gasca says:

Yur noob

Sad Boi says:

Wow to think this game was dead…. re download!!!!!!!

Cristina Poenariu says:

It would be GREAT for them to be on sale for real money.

Yova Testa says:

Soy el único que me esto en inglés v:

Kata Kerek says:

Hi my carekter mortal kombat11 baraka

Yap Hao says:

I just fight a hacker at fraction wars .Damn really, the team take no damages from basic attacks, but I manage to win it from special attack.

Alex Arana says:

The game is so boring all you do is tap tap tap

Pangestu Prime says:

Rip for Hackers :v

Pogi Batiquin says:


Name l says:

Can I have that account?

Midnight says:

I honestly thought they would’ve made a whole new mobile game…but nope…same crappy game.

I did enjoy playing it in the past

Dima 1944 says:

I lost everything.

Məhəmməd Abışov says:

Fhoentes kanalına abone olun

King Nugget21 says:

I didn’t even realize but I accually faced that exact team. WTH

Marol891 says:

How did you get the game?

Andrew the Cosmic Guardian says:

In the MK11 Pack, I got Scorpion. 😉

ReRunDown says:

I’ve been watching for 3 years and I have a team for you!

Hellspawn scorpion (with maxed out bloody tomahawk and wraith hammer)
Klassic Liu kang
Bounty hunter erron black

Scorpion gives a bar of power to each martial artist so erron and Liu kang get one and scorpion gets one. And with maxed out bloody tomahawk he gets a second bar and with the wraith hammer he gets x ray on start. Erron has cripple on SP1 and Liu kangs passive lets every tag in be a cripple. That means they can’t use specials. And always use Liu kangs SP2 to stun them so they don’t hit at all. Also use stun gear so they can barely attack.

This is the Flawless AKA Unhittable team. Your vids are the best!

Its_JayKun Junior says:

Did you notice this
Look at the enemies level
Before After
2:53 6:22
One like one illuminati confirmed


Holy lemon how many soul you have!!!!! :0 you should give us some

Ryugaonblitz says:

Them bitchasses removed the characters from store. Fucking graphics are trash. And now there is a glitch where if you check the damage of special attacks, for a maxed out card, it shows 5000 damage. Moronic update ruined the game. I quit

OverDose Dequillo says:

My favorite .. cyborg team

patrick malang says:

how can i transfer my ios data into my android phone? i want to play mk mobile in my phone too! my ipad is too damn big to be carried all around. i cant find any guide online, and when i try to load the wbpay account in my android, it just loads for a lifetime. 🙁 help!


My game is not saving progress ! Help me plz

Raul gamer#1 says:

I can’t login to my wb

h0m0ph00bic yes says:

Dude I’m getting a mk11 pack *now thats epic*

Muhammad ilham says:

I don’t like this update

xI_SL1MSHADY_xI says:

How do you get it mine keeps on resting

cadthegreat #1 says:

His damage boost whenever he gets power drained is OP!!!
He does 100K+ DAMAGE to opponent!!!
Whenever he fights against Injustice 2 raiden (the raiden siphons power), HE DOES EVEN MOOOORE DAMAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (200K+ DAMAGE)
His passive is now unbeatable, and his SP2 does too much DAMAGE

muchyourself coolboy says:

this update sucks we cant even buy who we want from the store anymore. also the mini games are harder to score on and factions wars got way too easy

Ashmit Puttur says:

Bro is it online or offline…
When i enter in the game ot says MORTAL KOMBAT NEED AN INTERNAT CONNECTION wasn’t it suppose to be offline plz help

David Sculă says:

Special attack of jade broke bones if is over 90%

Alonso Farias Bonnin says:

Like si sigues jugando mortal kombat móvil

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