MY FAVORITE MOBILE GAME REVIEW! (MMOARPG) – Era of Celestials 2018 Gameplay!

Discover Divine Power! EOC is a MMOARPG that brings you the groundbreaking experience of Celestials Evolution. Download the game here:

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Jingwei says:

can u teach me how to fight zed by akali, i actually don’t know how to do it 🙁

tate is a potato says:

This is such a lol rip off the intro has garens e and luxs r

Professor Akali says:

Sponsor money will go towards the 500k subscriber giveaway! What do you guys think about the video? I honestly think it’s amazing awesome especially considering its a mobile game

Linkedwaffle says:

Sorry nigga saw title put adblock on you’re channel again lmao

Alexis Martello says:

There´s nothing wrong with a sponsored videos,but making a whole entire video about a game you don´t care about? That´s where it goes wrong. Stick to YOUR content don´t let anyone tell you what to do man like.. cmon

Ramoach Gamestream says:

Dude, you sound like you can’t wait to be done with this review XD. I hope the money was good.

Lionheart says:

looks cool game!

Jaleel Lawal-Raymond says:

i mean there is nothing wrong in promoting a game you like sponsored or naa and it looks like he has spent money on the game with that many gems and stuff -.- so he clearly enjoys it and puts time into it

Aweryn92 says:

No more of these kinds of videos please.

Armand Assante says:

Made it to lvl 105 in around a hour in a half. Auto’d the whole way, no idea what the game is even about, no idea what my skills did. I love Professor Akali, but he up sold this game way too hard.

Mental Challenger says:

Damm.. that’s disappointing..

Martin F says:

This game is p2w asf I already played it

sammy says:

sadly they ask u for permission about literaly everything u could also just give them ur creditcard number (they probably have it already lol) the game was nice if u like mmorpg’s but they just want to much permissions of ur phone

Like calls pictures adresses microfone camera… hell no

Bunthan Sephieroth Kong says:

I’m enjoying let’s see how far I’ll play it towards the end you said level one million wth

OmgFtWoW says:

Well of course the game is fun when the developer throws free stuff at you, like VIP 7.

Ruben Sterling says:

I guess youtube is not paying enough, anymore

Jovan Dragojevic says:

Try modern strike online mob. Game too, or mobile legends

davidhcefx says:

too much intro zzz

Dragonspheres says:

I hate dishonest reviews, I do like the game. But if you loved it so much you wouldn’t have quit already.

Blet Sid says:

This game is very bad!

Aeon says:

I played a whole bunch of these mobile games, but can never play for longer than 1 week because of how mind numbing the daily/weekly quests are. They are so incredibly repetitive. It’s the main reason I gave up Guild Wars 2. I mean you may argue LoL can get repetitive, but at least it doesn’t have the “please complete 10x boring quests to progress to something meaningless”. Becoming either Pay to win or becoming so mindnumbing you want to off yourself.

Zirnek says:

i hate these games, where half of the screen is LITERALLY filled with HUDs, how the fck do you even play this?

Sheded says:

Looks fun spamming buttons non stop and not losing health what so ever so much skill

Euphoric says:

Who is actually going to watch all 12 minutes lol

StepmaniaRocky says:

Sellout unsubbed.

Tadas Sapagovas says:

Lineage 2 Revolution so much more better

アロンアカギ says:

Man.. I can barely see the screen with all the button and sh*t! LOL

Hellia Heaven says:

Did you just said *Diablo?*

*Downloading it right away*

Niko Vänttinen says:

Hmmm… 200 dollars worth of gems and VIP 7 well it’s no suprise that he has progressed so much… this is probably a really ingenuine video and the game is basic mobile rpg pay to win bs.

Zwarte Piet says:

Fuck off

Erik Mitchell says:

Professor Akali aka the biggest sellout on youtube lol

Kappa Pride says:

Sellout bitch they all start money grabbing as soon as they get enough viewers. Disliked and unsubbed

The USB says:

You are retarded.

Roi DEMON says:

That the last time i Watch ur videos xD

innerbloom says:


Raïzel鴉 says:

came here just to dislike

Yaman Akman says:

man you changed like akali did, not in a god way tho

HSalik says:

Looks interesting, definitely going to give it a try

Adam says:

Cmon man I thought you were better than that.

yasser mahjoub says:

hmmmmm ….

Jakub Humpal says:

i need to wonder how much did they pay you to promote this shit

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