New One Piece Mobile Game Review | OPTC Replacement? (yeah right..) | One Piece Bounty Rush

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Luna Phoebe says:

New sao game looks decent tho

Raul Cantero Hoyos says:

Tier 5 game

RestnPepperonis says:

It looks ok but i wonder later in game is there any strategy to it optc started off with no strategy but it gets intense. I

BoxingOP says:

Got 3 legends: Luffy, Yasopp, and Gin (all 4*s). But, i cba so i deleted the account. lol

Jaideep Desai says:

Don’t even try this one. It’s a shitty version of Thousand Storm with new words. That’s it.

Shar3an Kremm says:

What is the reigon you picked seka maybe that is the problem when i enter the mode instantly join me with other players

Axortis says:

Even thousand storm looks better

RestnPepperonis says:

They need more content

YuShintai says:

A very unattractive game, 3/10 it needs some polishing. I do not recommend Bounty Rush.

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Chris G says:

how many did you get paid to promot this shit ?

Guts says:

6:18 I’m farming the same content like we don’t do that on optc LMAO

Revolution says:

It’s trash

Rager Sold OUT says:

Just get OPTC a PvP mode and it would skyrocket when other players actually join and the farming would make some kind of sense with a pvp based ranking system an such. This game does not really seem to be a replacement for anything.

hi59103 says:

looks fun as a concept but the character pool seems a bit dry and 3d graphics look ehh

Fragiskos Gianniotis says:

Hell no

Carbon Bonds says:

look like trash

Srikar D. Govindarajula says:

Wasn’t this game on the Japanese app store for a while? Anyway, this game seems pretty cool.

Hecubusx says:

looks like another shitty OP game to throw on the stack.

El Paquito says:

Looks like a 2005 game

StoicSwordsman says:

20 legend account .Looking for *Judge* Friends captains on *global*. Add me pls : *638-493-778*

闇Sosei says:

I like how they are trying to take the action-rpg route im a bigger fan for this genre , but they should really learn a thing or two from klab’s bleach brave souls ; in terms of graphics and playstyle

Khvote Windrunner says:

What the fuck

SS sagemode says:

Bandai probably reused the same sfx from OPTC in this game.

Braandon NR says:

Definitely not its replacement

scale crafter says:

dont like the game and its already 2 or 3 days or old i want say its too old

Ian Henderson says:

looks bad man

Arslan Tsang says:

Only 4*s? terrible game smh

Nikita Del says:

Am I the only one who noticed that the Ship in a Multi with a 4 star in it is Golden? Guys its so obvious haha

Rafiq Animated says:

It’s an interesting Game, different to OPTC and plus for a mobile game, it’s not bad really,graphic could be better but it’s pass able,reminds me of Pirates Warriors game. Im enjoying it so far and I’m looking forward to more of this game in further updates so they can polish it even more.

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